Primos Easy Cam Review


Features and Benefits

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Primos Easy Cam lives true to its name! It is a friendly user camera that is made for all types of users. Both beginners and professional photographers will find it easy to handle and operate because of its one-switch operation.

Similar to Browning trail camera, it can capture razor-sharp images with a stunning image quality of 5 megapixels that is supported by its built-in 12-night vision IR LEDs that can cover even up to a range of 30 feet distance. It is economically durable and weatherproof that can withstand harsh weather conditions for optimum usage.

The body is well manufactured from high-quality materials which make it sturdier and compact. Also, it makes the camera easily hidden in from big bucks and thieves.

It also provides an ID stamp in which the time, date and moon phase are imprinted on the photo. However, the user can customize this feature it can either be turned off or turned on as desired.

Primos Easy Cam can support up to 32 GB SD card that can hold and save thousands of photos without fading the quality of the images. It is best used as a surveillance camera and only requires 4 pieces to 8 pieces of AA batteries to work. It comes along with a trendy strap that makes it convenient for you to carry around during outdoor activities.

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Primos Easy Cam is manufactured to collaborate and optimize your wildlife hunting, trailing, monitoring and or surveillance needs with its distinct, unique offered features.

  • Hard to Seek- Because of it physique size and design it can be easily hidden beneath or just around the bushes. It works silently that won’t disturb the natural habitat. Also, it would be hard for the thieves to steal it since it can be thoroughly hidden without being noticed.
  • Unique IR filter- Primos can get astonishing shot both day and night coverage giving sharp, balanced pictures. It provides vibrant colored images during daytime and black and white themed photos during nighttime. The IR filter enables a color shift to preserve the clarity of the image’s details.
  • Compact Design- With its sturdier hardware it is capable of adjusting to the different weather conditions. It is a water resistant game camera and can work at its best even in the midst of a not so friendly environment.
  • Light Condition- It can function perfectly fine without anticipating lighting conditions. Photos best achieved in both daytime and nighttime. Such that it can work without any lighting restrictions. Because of its automatic white balance and exposure that adjusts to compliment the setting and lighting.
  • Batteries and SD Cards- It only requires the user to provide 4 pieces to 8 pieces of AA batteries that are way cheaper than others. The camera will notify if the memory card is full when it stops taking photos.


  • Battery Life- Since it only needs up to 8 pieces of AA batteries; it would not last for more extended periods and thus requires the user to have extra batteries ready to keep the camera function. Its battery life varies with the operating temperature and the number of photos taken over a period. Also, it has no battery indicator and does not notify the user whether it is still full or not.
  • Motion Detection- It is programmed to take snapshots as soon as it detects any movement within the distance range, it does not take photos when there is no identified motion nearby. It has a weak sensory detector that cannot recognize light movements within the area of coverage.
  • Photo Resolution- Wildlife photography might not be best achieved with 5 megapixels resolution images. Although it provides vivid pictures, it has a lesser megapixel than of the others.

Product Details

Primos Easy Cam 63051 has a trigger speed of 1 second which requires up to 8 pieces of AA type of batteries and supports up to 32 GB SD card. It has a built-in IR LED that has a low glow or red infrared flash type that can filter out the under color mode when there is more than enough light.

This ensures that the color is accurate and not distorted to red. When it is dark, and the camera struggles to see with every last bit of light, the filter sets to let in IR light, and shift to black and white mode to avoid the color shift. It has the image sensor type of ¼ inch CMOS and a sensor resolution of 1.3 megapixels.

The lens built-in in this camera has the lens aperture of F=2.0 and an effective focal length of 7.6 nm. Primos Easy Cam has an approximate continuous running time of 2 mo. (+/- 1 mo. depending on # of photos using LED flash) and power consumption of less than 200 Ma or less than 600 Ma when used with LED flash.

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Who is the best customer for the product?

This game trail camera is satisfactorily made for those who are up to do constant monitoring and surveillance at home or during wildlife activities and game hunting. Primos Easy Cam helps hunters to call for elks, deer, turkey, predator or even those naughty who wished to trespass your premises. It works more than just surveillance, but also it somehow let you feel secure having seen what goes in and out of your premises.


For wildlife enthusiasts, trail cameras provide a way to document and view shy or rarely seen wildlife such as bobcats, ocelot and mountain lions. If you are looking for a cheap yet smart investment that could help you leverage your wildlife experience, then Primos Easy Cam might be the solution.

It works perfectly fine in any conditions without lighting restrictions and does religiously as it is tasked. It has installed friendly-user software for everyone. Primos might be small enough to make it hidden yet strong enough to dive in and capture the phenomenon of the wild.  Hence, if you are looking for higher resolution images, then Primos Easy Camera might not be the one for you.