Moultrie A30 Review


Product Description

Moultrie MCG-13201 A30 Game Camera 2017 All Purpose Series is an innovative design that has a built-in 2-year warranty. The product has a 12-megapixel image resolution providing you clear photos.

This affordable trail camera allows you to capture clear images of the wild game even at night with the ilumi-night sensor that will give you an extra pair of eyes for actions and activity of wildlife lurking around your post taking place at dark.

Features and Benefits

Moultrie A-series Game Camera has a trigger speed and efficiency of fewer than 0.7 seconds that helps you catch fast movements or activities.

The product’s flash contains 24 LEDs and 850 nm nighttime infrared technology that can capture movement clearly from up to 70 feet away, even when in total darkness giving you wider possibilities in capturing live wildlife action.

You can control the image quality and the storage as well because of its dual resolution settings.

The first setting is the low resolution which is 1920×1080 and high which is 4608×2592 and the camera also shoots 15-second videos that are high definition.

Similar to Bushnell trail camera, this product also comes with a sturdy plastic exterior case that is weatherproof. The case also comes with a standard 1/4 inch 20 threaded insert on the bottom, and a 72-inch mounting strap.

Moultrie Game Camera works with SD/SDHC, this product can handle up to 32 GB. The battery to be used to get this camera working is 8 AA batteries.

This product can capture exactly 16,000 photos. This game camera is compatible with Moultrie Mobile system for wireless connectivity.

Pros and Cons

Moultrie A-series Game Camera takes great photos and gets the job done. This product is easy to use. The camera doesn’t release aggressive sounds and is not easily seen so it would not scare or distract a deer or a forest creature in any way at all.

The rapid shot feature is useful especially when you are fond of motion in a picture, it really gives the photos life. The camera is really easy to set up, it is not bulky and is small so it is really convenient.

The camera is also useful for security purposes as to getting to know the creature creating the activity in your garden.

When unknown creature keeps invading your garden or yard and you would want to know what kind of creature is out there, you can just install the camera to see for yourself so that you would know how to act against these creatures.

The camera takes sharp photos at night as well; with the right angle and lighting technique.

It can take pictures of small creatures which is useful because some cameras can’t really take photos of smaller animals than raccoons.

However, the memory card is sold separately so you would need to purchase it separately. The product does not have a battery meter. It may not satisfy your standard of quality but it works well.

The pictures it takes could be pixelated and a little bit blurry, it could take low quality daytime pictures and also night pictures can also be so fuzzy that you could not distinguish what it has captured.

The infrared feature seldom works. At night, the night vision becomes blurry from 10 ft onwards and the pictures become too white as the animal gets closer.

Sometimes, it takes random pictures of small movements because of its sensitivity but there are also instances when the sensor is not sensitive enough to capture creatures in motion leaving gaps in the time interval.

The instructions that come with the camera is not very understandable so you would want to ask help from a friend that has experienced these kinds of cameras.

Some products only last for 3 weeks or less. It captures smaller animals clearer when the animals are closer so you might not capture anything once the animals are more than 10 ft away from the camera.

The camera can be slow at times. Issues would be addressed as soon as possible.


You can, of course, buy another one of this or even a pair to expand your view and space where you can capture pictures and videos. It is advised that you use lithium batteries to extend the camera’s battery life.

Sometimes, you would need extra batteries for convenience in case it runs out of power at exciting moments. Although there is no battery meter, you can just check from time to time when you feel like checking to continue the fun.

You can customize the camera’s resolution according to your liking giving you maximum control of your camera.

There is no time-lapse feature but the rapid shot is a great feature as well. Moultrie A-series Game Camera is perfect for outdoor camps and adventures, it is also useful as the personal security camera, or when you just want to have fun and take pictures.