6 Tips and Tricks When Using a Game and Trail Camera


6 Tips and Tricks When Using a Game and Trail Camera 1Trail Camera is one of the essential devices for a wildlife hunter. It may take so much time for the user in setting up this camera, but the image and video resolution would take away all the hassles. These game trail cameras are making its name and popularity in the technology industry.

It produces plenty of types depending on its uses and the user’s preference. Trail camera varies according to a wireless connection, solar compatibility, cellular availability, durability, and other features. Setting up a trail camera affects the results of the images and videos, it needs a good set-up for a better output. Here are tips and tricks for using game trail cameras for better pictures.

Label Each Cameras and Record GPS

In using a trail camera, you need to make sure that you purchased the perfect device that suits the kind of activity you are doing. It must be updated so it can prevent you from hassle before putting the camera on the tree stand. When you are using plenty of cameras in one area with different tree stands, you need to put a label on each device to spare yourself from confusion.

It could give you the organization of the photos when you get and view the SD memory cards. Some cameras provide a geotagging feature for an easy monitoring of the devices. To track the camera’s location, you need to record the GPS coordinates using a smartphone. During the hunting days, avoid setting up the camera on a beaten path.

Find the Right Angle and Face the Camera in North or South

Image washout due to sunrise and sunset could make the resolution of the picture bad. To ensure the best quality of images, always face the camera in a northerly and southerly direction for less light interference. In this way, the camera can be spared in temperature changing due to sunlight.

Another helpful trick is to angle the camera to the trail. It could trigger and capture an image in the broader window because of the motion sensor. Checking up the area is one of the critical factors in setting up a trail camera. You need to check if the place is full of grass and branches. It can cause a false trigger due to the wind movement. Ensuring a bright field of view is vital to avoid getting empty images.

Make Sure to Secure the Camera and Set into Time-Lapse

It is essential for a researcher or wildlife hunter not to miss any footage in the area. To record all the animal movements in the area, it is best recommended to use the combination of time-lapse and trail modes. In this trick, you can see the animal movements in a broad area. Another factor to consider in using a trail camera is the target.

You need to find or target a specific buck for a convenient hunting especially when you are using the time-lapse. In this tip, you can quickly determine where or when to spot your camera for the next activity. In setting up a game trail camera, you cannot avoid the chances or possibilities of camera thieves.

Security will always be a priority. To prevent this circumstance, you need to ensure and conceal the camera from any thieves. If possible, you can buy a camera with a camouflage exterior for lesser possibilities from thieves. You can also mount the camera higher than the eye level for the thieves not to notice it.

6 Tips and Tricks When Using a Game and Trail Camera 2

Mount the Camera Higher than Eye Level

Setting the camera in a wrong way could make the animals aware of the camera’s presence. It can be the noise of the shutter or the flash. Mounting the cameras higher than eye level could also be useful when it comes to camera flash. This trick is to avoid getting the attention of the animals in the field.

Aside from preventing the animal’s awareness, it can also prevent from the reach of the criminals as it is not noticeable to anyone. When you are visiting the spot of the camera, you need to be aware of your stench. Even the camera’s scent should be controllable. Everything must be clean and odor-free.

Human odors is a big no within the camera, and this is still to avoid the attention of the animals in the area. A pair of rubber footwear is best recommended when visiting the camera.

Avoid checking it Too Often

Checking the trail camera is necessary especially during rainy days. It could wash out the original stench of the camera and replace by the scent brought by the rain catch the animal’s attention. Avoid from checking it too often because it can change the natural habitat or behavior of the animals within the detection area.

Being patient is one of the most critical traits in using this kind of camera. By visiting the area often, you are giving a clue to the animals that could make them notice the device on the tree stand. Try to visit the place every 3-4 weeks, in this tip; you may not scare the animals, and you may not get their attention.

Another trick to capture the best image is to create a bedding area near the food sources. This tip is to encourage the animals to bed down in the zone instead of walking along the field.

Always Use No-Glow Feature during Nighttime

Animals would always be bothered seeing the light during nighttime. Thus, it is recommended to set the setting into black flash to avoid disturbing the animal’s attention. It is best to use a no-glow trail camera during night capture. You can also use a camera with infrared to illuminate the target animals at night.

When you are using a trail camera with a slow recovering time, better use the video mode to capture and record every detail of the footage. If you prefer to see the activity of every animal in the detection range, you can try to switch the setting into video mode. For a convenient hunting, you can use a cellular trail camera.

It is wireless and can transmit the images through mobile phones and email address. Aside from capturing the excellent quality of pictures, it can also save you from hassle in visiting the area too often as it can send photos to your mobile directly.

Game Trail Cameras are an excellent tool for wildlife hunting and scouting. It could also be a suitable device for home security surveillance. These could be helpful tips and tricks for you in setting up your game trail camera to produce high-quality images.

The quality of images would always be the top priority of every user. These tips and tricks could give you an idea on how to correctly set up the device because of set-ups matters in finding the excellent output of the camera.