Trail Camera vs. Security Camera: Which One is the Best?


Some hunters use their trail camera as a security camera. However, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. There are differences between the two and if you are confused as to what to buy for security purposes, allow us to be your guide for this matter.

Educating yourself of the differences between the two devices can help you to purchase the camera that is most suitable for your needs. Here is a guide that will help you to point out the difference of trail camera vs. security camera:

Trail Camera in a Nutshell

Let’s start with the trail camera or what they often refer to as “game cameras.” Most of the time, hunters use this kind of camera to capture their target animal. When mounted on a tree, the camera will capture any motion it has detected within its range.

Trail cameras can make the hunting experience more exciting. Hunters tend to study the feeding habits, travel patterns and anticipate the next move of the bucks with the help of the trail camera.

There is a wide range of options that you can choose from the market when buying trail cameras. Its cost can range from $50 to $500, depending on the features that you’d like to have in your game camera and what suits your hunting style the most.

Functions of a Trail Camera

Trail cameras function throughout the day. It can capture images from broad daylight to nighttime. With its detection circuit, a trail camera will send a signal to the system if it has sensed any motion within the proximity and will immediately snap the photos.

As mentioned above, it can also function as a security camera especially during offseason. You can install your trail camera in your property the same way you plan to install it in the forest and catch any trespassers or burglars that are trying to break into your house.

Features of a Trail Camera

Here are the following standard features that you will find when you purchase a trail camera:

  • High megapixels– hunters tend to study every little detail of their target animal. Capturing pictures with great details will give them all the information they need. It can also help them to avoid grainy and blurry pictures at nighttime.
  • Wide detection range- a wide detection range means the wider cover of your property that your trail camera can detect. This is important if you wish to capture passing bucks in your area.
  • Fast trigger speed- as you may know, the trigger speed is the amount of time your camera will take to send a signal to the system and capture the picture once it has detected a movement. The faster the trigger speed, the better. It means you have high chances of capturing the image of the buck in its full glory. Game cameras with the best trigger speeds is a sound investment.
  • LCD screen- this feature will allow you to view the images you have captured in the field. However, some hunters may say it is not advisable because the LCD screen adds to the bulkiness of the device. It may also tempt you to stay in the area longer to check the picture and spread your scent in the process.
  • Battery- lastly, your trail camera must have a longer battery life. You might want to avoid checking your trail camera frequently as it can alert the bucks of your presence. Checking your trail camera is only recommended once every three weeks, especially if it’s miles away from your home.


Here are the following benefits should you use a trail camera for hunting:

  • Monitor your target animal. One of the advantages of having a trail camera is that you can keep an eye to your target animal without scaring them off.
  • Can be used for prolonged seasons. For hunters who continue to use their rail camera even though hunting season is over, it can be beneficial for them as they can watch their target wildlife even winter. Some hunters also enjoy hunting during offseason when they can find golden opportunities.
  • Reduces the hassle of exploring. Imagine visiting the woods every day and hiding behind the bush for a long time, waiting for a wild animal to pass by. It can be exhausting and a lot of hassle, especially if your scouting area is miles away from your home. Visiting the field on a regular basis can be a problem in the long run.
  • Can be used for research purposes. Advanced hunters opt to study their target animal first before striking. By monitoring them using your trail camera, you can research on the animal that you are hunting and develop the best strategy to capture them.


  • It can be costly. Let’s face it; trail cameras are not cheap. Aside from that, if you want to have a broader scope, you should consider buying multiple trail cameras. In that way, you’ll be able to cover a wider range in the forest for any wild animal that may pass by.
  • It is prone to be stolen, tampered, and destroyed. There are lots of cases of hunters who got their camera destroyed by thieves in the forest. The frustration of investing a lot of money in a trail camera, setting it up, and waiting for weeks only to get stolen can discourage you from hunting.
  • It has a narrow coverage- if you don’t want to buy multiple trail cameras, you are most likely to suffer from tight coverage. Since you can’t determine the exact trail that the buck will pass by, installing a single trail camera in the forest can reduce your chances of capturing a good photo of your target animal.

Should You Buy a Trail Camera?

If you are looking for a device that can be effectively used for your hunting purposes, investing in a trail camera can lead to success in your hunting escapade.

And if it’s your first time buying a trail camera, a guide can help you to look for the best model that will suit your needs. Every hunter who has the right trail camera can dominate in the forest.

Security Cameras in a Nutshell

Home security cameras, on the other hand, are designed to protect your property and the safety of your family. Security cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor installment. Therefore, before you buy, you must consider first where you want to install your security cameras.

Unlike trail cameras, security cameras are visible from a distance. Some homeowners ensure that anyone can easily spot their security camera to know that their property is protected by the system. It will also keep the burglars away from their property.

Most of the time, security cameras require professional services for installment. The package includes all the hardware that you’re going to need for the installation. While installing it by yourself can help you to save money, professional installment of your security camera can ensure that it will function properly in the long run.


Here are the following features that your security must have to function accordingly:

  • Image quality- since we’re talking about safety here, you might want to consider a security camera with excellent image quality. In that way, when you review the captured footages, later on, you can zoom in on the face of the burglar or culprit to identify them.
  • Recording angle- the angle is also critical as it determines the range that your security camera can cover. For instance, a low recording angle camera can give away a free blind spot to the burglar that they can use to break into your house.
  • Indoor or outdoor type- as mentioned above, there are security cameras that are only advisable for indoor use. While outdoor security cameras are more durable. Most models are waterproof, rust and corrosion resistant, and can withstand the harsh elements of nature. However, outdoor security cameras are costlier compared to indoor security cameras.
  • Recording options- security cameras are designed to capture footage of your property 24/7. Therefore, you might want to opt for security cameras that can offer other recording options. Some security cameras have a slot for SD cards while others have Wi-Fi connectivity. These high-end security cameras can send the captured footage directly into your cloud storage, allowing you to view the footage directly from your smartphone.
  • Power supply- lastly, you may want to consider the power supply of your security camera. You have two options with regards to this matter: you can either plug it in or insert some batteries for the security camera to function. However, the latter will require you to replace the batteries now and then. But it can save you from instances of black-out to ensure that your security camera will keep on recording footages.


Here are the following benefits of using a security camera:

  • It can serve as a crime deterrent. The court will recognize any clips or photos from a CCTV camera system evidence. Therefore, installing one in your property or small business can help you to resolve any case immediately.
  • Keeps your property safe- another advantage of using a security camera is that it keeps your property safe and secured. The security system may scare off potential burglars that are planning to invade your property. Installing one can reduce your chances of being attacked by burglars and thieves.
  • Monitor your property- this is important, especially if you are planning to leave your house for a few weeks and you’re miles away. The last thing that you wanted to happen is finding out that some of your belongings are missing with zero clues of who broke into your house. Installing a security camera may help you to monitor the condition of your property even if you are far away.


While it has a lot of advantages that you can enjoy, there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider:

  • It can spark an issue within your employees- if you are installing a security camera system in your small business, it can upset or offend your employees into thinking that you don’t trust any of them. Aside from that, there are legal requirements that you need to consider before you can install a CCTV camera in your office. You also need to explain to them the importance of this security system in your office building.
  • It can be costly- security cameras, especially models with advanced features can be expensive. The price itself is high and maintaining the CCTV camera means separate expensive. Aside from that, the manufacturer may sometimes persuade you into upgrading your old security system to improve your privacy.

Should I Buy a Security Camera?

If you’re not going to use it for hunting, security cameras are your best choice. In keeping your property and family safe, this security system is reliable. It can help you resolve a lot of crimes and solve mysteries.

Security cameras are widely used in establishments nowadays, especially business operations that involve valuable items such as jewelry. Buying a security camera should be included in your business’ annual budget for your peace of mind.

Trail Camera vs. Security Camera

And to answer our question of which one is the best: trail camera vs. security camera, the answer will depend on how you are planning to use it. Installing a home security camera in the forest will not as be useful as a trail camera

Likewise, having your trail camera as a security camera in your property may not give you all the benefits a real CCTV camera can offer. Not all trail cameras can record videos more than 90 seconds compared to a security camera. Aside from that, the megapixels of security cameras are higher than of trail cameras.

Therefore, before you buy, you need to consider first the purpose of investing in such devices. Both are costly and requires maintenance in the long run. Choosing the one that is most suitable for you is crucial.

Trail cameras and security cameras may be used interchangeably, but each one is unique and is built for specific purposes. Checking out the best trail camera reviews may give you an idea on what to expect when looking for the right model.