13 Best Turkey Calls Reviews


Turkey hunting is different from hunting mammals. Turkeys are more sensitive to sounds and can quickly escape if you miss one beat on the field. Hence, it is essential, as a hunter, that you establish an excellent hunting technique that will allow you to make the most out of your turkey hunting experience.

For instance, investing in a turkey call instead of generating your sound is a practical choice. Turkey calls are affordable and the most efficient way to entice a turkey. Educated turkeys wouldn’t bother responding to a poorly-generated sound especially if they didn’t recognize it as one of their languages. Paired with the best turkey decoys, rest assured that you’ll be able to lure them to your direction.

Hence, for today’s post, we are going to present the top 13 best turkey calls available in the market today. In choosing a turkey call, it is essential that you consider the following factors: portability, upfront cost, quality of realistic sounds, and construction of the product. Only then you can find a turkey call that you can use for your next turkey hunting trips.

Best Sellers of Turkey Calls

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1Woodhaven Custom Calls Carbon Crystal Friction Turkey Call

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Let’s get started with the carbon crystal friction turkey call from Woodhaven Custom Calls. This pot call is designed with WoodHaven’s proven vision cup construction that delivers a higher quality of sound and feel.

Inside the special American Walnut cup, you will find glues and screws and acoustic grade carbon disk to the sound posts, allowing you to stabilize and tune the call according to your liking.

Thanks to its durable construction, the temperature when you are going to use the product doesn’t matter. It can survive even the harshest environment in the woods or farmlands. It also features a crystal calling surface that can reach a broader range with high-frequency calls.

This realistic sound will quickly capture the attention of the gobbler and will come looking for your direction. It comes with three strikers allowing you to enjoy versatile use in just one call. The package also includes a conditioning stone to keep the turkey call on its full condition.


  • Unique pot call design generates realistic sounds
  • Made of American walnut for extreme durability
  • The tune is adjustable in any temperature
  • Ideal for high-frequency calls


  • Inappropriate size

2Woodhaven Custom Calls The Vision Crystal Friction Turkey Call

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This model is one of the best waterfowl game calls that you can find in the market. Check out this proven crystal friction call from the Woodhaven Custom Calls. This Vision crystal call features a new and improved design that can produce sounding turkey call.

It features new interior design, a fresh cup, and a more durable construction compared to the previous models. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can generate a high pitched sound of the fused crystal surface.

Now you can produce a realistic tone at all ranges. Thanks to the Vision Crystal can deliver high front ends and kees with powerful backends and strong midranges.

It also has a profiled edge that makes it easier for you to hold the product while on the field. Enjoy optimal comfort and convenience in your next turkey hunting with this Woodhaven turkey call.


  • Features an improved design of Woodhaven’s proven crystal surface call
  • Can produce realistic sounds in a broader range
  • Ideal for higher pitches and long distance calling
  • Comfortable to hold and provides optimal comfort


  • Not ideal for beginners in hunting

3Zink Calls Wicked Series Box Turkey Call

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If you are on a budget, you should consider this Zink wicked series box turkey call. It was developed by the Marlin Watkins, a grand national champion in National Wild Turkey Federation.

The manufacturer combined the traditional style-call with bloodwood and poplar. In that way, you can achieve a realistic and natural turkey sounds even from a distance.

It also features a two-sided design that allows you to adjust various tones, manipulating the number of hens that you’d like to sound with your call.

All these features and great versatility in just one product. The handcrafted and hand-tuned call allows hunters to improve their turkey hunting skills in the long run.


  • Can produce realistic nasal front end to raspy low end
  • Features a traditional box call
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Bloodwood construction is durable
  • Impressive craftsmanship and hand tuned


  • Discomfort in handling the product

4WoodHaven Custom Calls Cherry Classic Crystal Friction Turkey Call

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Next, we have the Woodhaven Custom Calls cherry classic crystal friction turkey call. It is made of the quarter saw cherry that can generate a natural nasal and throaty tones. The manufacturer also utilizes the Crystal Surface that allows you to achieve a long distance call even on a high pitch.

If you are a serious turkey hunter looking for the best turkey call for your next hunting, you should consider this product. The package comes with a Surface Saver lid that can protect the calling surface.

There are two matched strikers for calling variety, and it includes conditioning kit and manual. These time-tested turkey calls are the best choice for hunters who wanted to improve their technique in hunting turkeys!


  • The quarter saw cherry sounding board produces unique sounds
  • Surface saver lid provides extra protection
  • Can offer a variety of calls in just a single surface
  • The package includes a conditioning kit for a variety of calls


  • Difficult to use
  • Not suitable for beginners

5WoodHaven Custom Calls The Real Hen Custom Box Turkey Call

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If you are a fan of handmade turkey calls, you should check this product from the same manufacturer, the Woodhaven Custom Calls. It can provide raspy two-tone yelps, cuts, and clucks. This turkey call is tested and proven for its efficiency while you’re out in the field, hunting.

It can also provide great consistency, and it’s easy to use, even for beginners. You can choose between walnut wood or premium cherry for its one-piece box. It also comes with a versatile lid that works together with the table to generate high-pitched calls on a broader range.


  • Can produce realistic turkey sounds
  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Can deliver high-pitched calls
  • Tested for consistency and durability


  • A bit bulky

6Zink Calls Wicked Series Slate Call

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Are you on a tight budget? Check out the Zink Calls Wicked Series Slate Call. It’s a custom-grade turkey call that sports a classic look and sounds excellently.

Thanks to its durable construction, rest assured that this turkey call can last for a couple of hunting trips in the future. The stabilized Brazilian cherry makes up the custom pot and also includes a Dymondwood striker.

It can handle the harsh elements of nature without compromising the sound quality in the process. If you want to achieve a true turkey sound without draining your bank account, this product is for you.

This turkey call also features a slate calling surface that can generate a full range of hen turkey for impressive results. An integrated striker tip will maintain the quality of your product.


  • Custom built and durable construction
  • Features a slate calling surface
  • Stabilized cherry pot produces realistic sounds
  • Integrated striker tip for little to no maintenance


  • Difficult to use
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Can be a bit bulky

7Zink Calls Power Hen Slate Friction Turkey Call

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For hunters who wanted to achieve an excellent long distance calling, you should check out this product. Thanks to its soft and subtle calling traditional slate pot call with the Power Hen Slate Friction Turkey Call, it can produce the most natural and rawest of sound even in a broader range of distance.

You can also use this turkey call for a close-range soft calling that will give you the opportunity to shoot your target.

Each striking slate surface features a hardwood walnut pot with an integrated E-Z gripper no-slip rubber to provide full control while you are using it.

On the other hand, the power hen slate has a flared-tip Diamondwood laminated wood striker and slate specific conditioning pad for optimal convenience.


  • Ideal for exceptional distance calling
  • Provides greater control with its no-slip grip ring
  • Features an integrated striker tip reconditioning area


  • Too bulky

8Tom Teasers Custom Calls Dominant Hen Box Turkey Call

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Another budget-friendly turkey call that we’re going to feature is from Tom Teasers Custom Calls. It comes chalked and ready to use for enticing gobblers anywhere you want.

This handcrafted turkey call is a combination of a one-piece through-style box that’s made of premium walnut. You can choose between a purple or pecan heart lids.

This turkey call is designed to help hunters achieve two-tone realistic and raspy yelps, cuts, clucks, and cackles while you’re in the woods. This Dominant Hen is the perfect turkey call that you’d want to own by the next hunting season.


  • Compact design is easy to carry
  • Impressive craftsmanship
  • Choose between purple or pecan heart lids
  • Delivers realistic two-tone sounds


  • Not for heavy-duty use

9Lynch’s Fool Proof Box Turkey Call

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Eyes on the price! This affordable turkey call from Lynch will help you to increase your chances of catching a turkey this coming turkey hunting season.

It’s hand-assembled using selected straight-grain mahogany. In that way, you can produce a pure turkey sound anytime you want.

Thanks to its simplistic design, you will never have difficulty in operating the turkey call.

It’s designed to help you achieve desirable results in the long run. The Fool Proof features a pivoting lid that can generate an exceptional and realistic hen yelps.


  • Can produce realistic turkey sound
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Made of top-grade mahogany and hand-assembled
  • Can be tuned using hands


  • Too bulky to use

10Knight & Hale Wet Willy Waterproof Double-Sided Box Turkey Call

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Lastly, we have the Knight & Hale turkey call. For hardcore hunters who will not hesitate to go to the woods and hunt even though it’s raining or snowing, this product is for you.

This product is designed to last for a long time; this turkey call is everything you could wish for. Since the coating surfaces are waterproof, you don’t need to chalk it anymore.

It also features two calling surfaces that can produce two different sounds. The one-side produces a high pitch hen sound while the other hand is reserved for lower-pitched that can mimic a mature hen.


  • Made of 100% waterproof materials and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile calling in just one unit
  • Does not require any chalking


  • Wears out easily