7 Best Duck, Goose, and Waterfowl Decoys Reviews


The most important part of the game is the decoys. Duck, goose, and waterfowl decoys can help in creating an illusion that there are ducks in the target area, enticing the real ducks to come over. Hence, it is important to you, as a hunter, to choose the best duck, goose, and waterfowl decoys.

Some intelligent birds nowadays can already identify what is fake and what is not. That’s why it’s important to choose quality decoys that will not break and can maintain its realism under harshest environmental conditions.

Today, we are going to take a look of the best duck, goose, and waterfowl decoys available in the market today.

Best Sellers of Duck, Goose, and Waterfowl Decoys

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1Avian-X Floating Mallard Duck Back Water Decoys

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The Floating Mallard from Avian-X is one of the most realistic mallard drakes we’ve found in the market so far.

Thanks to its ultra-realistic paint schemes, you can entice an entire production line of ducks towards the target area without hassle. It is made of top-grade materials to ensure superior durability in the long run.

Also, check out its realistic features that include an advanced weight-forward keen with an integral swim clip that will secure the birds while they are “swimming.” Its impressive realistic swimming motion will make it look like a real duck swimming peacefully.

Each of the decoys is slightly bigger than usual to quickly catch the attention of other ducks, measuring approximately 14.5 inches from its breast to tail.

Paired with the best hunting blind and this decoy, rest assured that you’ll be able to catch the target ducks in your next hunting trip.


  • Ultra-realistic paint schemes can easily entice ducks
  • Superior in durability and strength
  • Can perform realistic swimming motions
  • Oversized for attention-catching looks
  • Affordable price


  • Problems with the stability in the water

2MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Decoy

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In Louisiana voodoo, the term MOJO means magic. Here we have another product from MOJO Outdoors that will allow you to take that magic when it comes to waterfowl hunting.

Allow us to introduce this entire line of motorized ducks from the same manufacturer. Each of the decoys is powered by a direct-drive dual-shaft motor that can run in an impressive RPM speed.

You’re not going to deal with any belts, pulleys, or gears anymore. Its first extended motor shaft also allows you to remove the wing without having to disassemble the body of the decoy.

The sides are made of heavy-duty materials attached with thumb screws. Rest assured that all decoy bodies are resistant to water and all snap closed. Compared to the previous model, it has a slightly smaller size for an economical package.

You can monitor the waterfowl in your area by installing an Ltl Acorn trail camera and using this decoy to entice them.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Utilizes advanced technology and easy to use
  • Easy wing removal
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Reasonable price


  • Stability problems in the water
  • Cannot perform realistic swimming motions

3Lucky Duck Lucky HD Motorized Mallard Duck Decoy with Remote

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The Lucky Duck Motorized Mallard Duck Decoy can help hunters in improving their duck hunting techniques. The decoy is durable and has realistic spinning-wing decoy features rugged EVA plastic construction for superior strength.

It also has a built-in chest mount to fit securely on the included three-piece 42-inch stake.

This decoy’s intense spinning wing action can entice other ducks towards the target area. Also, its vibrant high-definition color scheme will catch the attention of most ducks for an increased number of captures later on.

The package comes with a rechargeable 6V battery, allowing you to use this decoy all day long. It also features an HD remote control to make it easier for you to activate the motion wings of the bait.


  • Realistic spinning wing duck motion can entice real ducks
  • Can be controlled using a remote control
  • Vibrant HD colors are eye-catching
  • Impressive battery life


  • The remote control is sometimes unresponsive

4Avian-X Topflight Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys

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Introducing the new Avian-X Topflight Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys that can take your duck hunting to a whole new level. Thanks to its constant innovation, goose hunters can increase the number of their captures in just one day.

Each decoy mimics a natural swimming posture of honkers on the water. They also have a high tail to showcase their white undersides. In that way, even birds passing from a distance can easily get attracted to these decoys.

Thanks to its technologically-advanced plastic materials, these decoys can work even in the coldest conditions of the woods. Compared to other floater honker decoys, this decoy has a factory connected the head to prevent the risks of an in-field disconnect problem.

Its well-balanced weighted keels will allow you to enjoy the natural ride even in the roughest conditions. The set includes one sentry caller, a swimmer, and two sentries.


  • The premium quality plastic material maintains a flexible nature
  • Provides realistic anatomy and body positions
  • Realistic and soft feather details
  • Head is designed to stay connected
  • No more stability issues

5Lucky Duck Lucky Flapper Canada Goose Motorized Decoy

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If you want to add some realistic motion to your goose spread, you might want to consider the Lucky Flapper Canada Goose Motorized Decoy from Lucky Duck.

This decoy is the size of a real duck that features a flocked head and mighty flapping EVA wings to mimic the realistic movement of geese.

Setting up and taking down the product is a breeze. Thanks to its durable magnetic motor and body connections, you don’t need to be an expert just to set up and use this product.

You can control the decoys through the provided switch, or you can use a remote control (included in the package) up to 100 yards away. In that way, you can keep a proper distance from the target area while waiting for the decoys to lure your potential preys. You might want to equip yourself with the best outdoor edge hunting knife upon purchase of this product.


  • Innovative technology adds realism to the spread
  • Mimics the nature and size of a real goose
  • The remote control can work up to 100 yards away


  • The battery drains fast
  • Stability issues of its metal tripod base

6Dakota Decoy X-treme Floating Mallard Decoys

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The oversized Dakota Decoy X-treme Floating Mallard Decoy is one of the best-selling decoys in the market so far. Thanks to its multi-step paint process, determining which is fake or not is near impossible.

The decoy has a head that can spin 360 degrees, made of polyethylene blend and a weighted keel with a cleat. It measures approximately 16 inches. 12 pack includes seven drakes and five hens.

Its flocked-head styles can help in eliminating reflection. This mallard decoys with its vivid and realistic appearance can easily entice birds from a distance.

Rest assured that with proper use and maintenance, these decoys can serve you for many hunting adventures to come.


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Made of top-grade materials
  • Durable and built to last
  • Impressive lifelike appearance


  • Stability issues in the water
  • Head spinning 360-degrees seems unrealistic
  • Too heavy for a decoy

7Avian-X Floating Mallard Duck Open Water Decoys

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Lastly, we have the Avian-X Floating Mallard Duck Open Water Decoys. Thanks to its incredible realism, it can quickly catch the attention of birds to your target area. Its lifelike paint schemes and superior durability are everything you could ask for when hunting.

It features weight-forward keel with a built-in swim clip to secure the birds while they are mimicking the swimming motion of a real duck. Rest assured that no breeze or current can flip your decoys over and reveal the thing.

Each decoys are more prominent than usual sizes of ducks to catch their attention quickly. This set of decoys will help you to increase the number of your capture and also helps in improving your duck hunting techniques with the endless opportunities that it can provide.


  • Superior in strength and durability
  • Can perform realistic swimming motion
  • Built to last
  • Decoy does not waver in the water


  • A bit bulky
  • Time-consuming set up