Apeman Review


Product Description

Apeman has just designed a new trail hunting game camera with an infrared night vision.

This camera can take an excellent image and has an amazing video quality, it has got an 8-megapixel image resolution that enables it to captures crisp and brightly colored photos each time it detects wild game motion during the day, and it switches to black and white during nighttime.

The game camera can take up to 9 photos per detection, and it can record clear video and audio that ranges from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

It also got an impressively fast trigger speed of less than 1 second ensuring that each game motion is detected and captured quickly and accurately.

The short trigger speed & Long trigger distance also makes your documentation in real time, and it will enable you to shoot up to 20m. Users are guaranteed never to miss any of the action.

This game camera also has a low glow infrared technology meaning it uses black LED’s to take fantastic images that will not produce bright flashes of light to scare away animals when taking photos.

Other excellent features of this game camera are its 2.4 inch LCD screen, and spray water protected design, six months long battery life and passive infrared sensor.

Its easy operation process makes it user-friendly and along the package contains a detailed and useful user manual.

Aside from game hunting, the user can also use this camera for home security, surveillance and wildlife monitoring.


The Apeman Trail Camera Hunting Game Camera makes recording and capturing your game easier because it will automatically switch between infrared and regular color pictures depending on whether it is day or night.

Setting the camera up is easy and straightforward, and you also get a quick start guide and instruction booklet that will break down all the different options and settings.

This camera also has a mode that enables the burst mode so you can get multiple pictures when the motion sensor is triggered.

It is equipped with an 8 MegaPixel camera and full 720p, and It also comes with a micro USB charging cord and of course the camera. The camera is housed in a camouflage housing box which easily blends with the background during the summertime.


When you take photos with this game camera, the pictures already include a date/time stamp and also include the temperature so when you look at the photos you are presented with a clear data.

The Sensors works adequately great, and it can capture images that are very clear whether it is during the day or in its night mode. This game camera is also very user-friendly and very easy to operate, and the size is not too bulky either.

Aside from being easy to setup, it is also affordable. It also has LEDs which are black, so whenever you take a photo, it does not flash noticeably.

However, a great thing about this game camera is its password lockout option which stays in memory even without the batteries, a great thing about this feature is that it makes the camera useless to anybody who does not know the password this feature makes sure no one will try to claim it falsely.

It also has a colored playback screen that will allow you to scan pictures quickly and you can even zoom up to get a better look


This game camera can only support SD cards up to 32GB so whenever it passes the storage capacity it will automatically overwrite existing memories so if you want to keep some files, then you should check on it occasionally and save some files you may need on your computer.

The package does not come with a memory card and batteries, so you have to buy your memory card and batteries. Another downfall of this game camera is that despite it being mostly for outdoor use, it isn’t waterproof so any moisture inside the lens might give you distorted images.

You might have to buy a waterproof bag to place your game camera in or place it in an area where it will not be exposed to extreme weather. There are also complaints of a black bar in the middle of photos and videos.


The Apeman trail camera can capture great photos and video, and with all its Pros it has got a very reasonable price. It is also very handy since it isn’t too bulky and if you want something that isn’t too complicated to use and handle this might game camera might be the one for you.

However, if you want a camera that can handle huge chunks of storage and data then opt for something else. If you want to know more about this game camera, then click here.