9 Best Night Game Trail Cameras


Game cameras can be used for many purposes such as for hunting, for home security, and for surveillance. On that note, some people use game cameras at night as well.

It is important for them to capture detailed and crisp images and footages at night whether for hunting or surveillance. With this in mind, professional hunters recommend that you do your research first before buying a game camera for nighttime videos.

Your research will help you further your knowledge of game cameras and their different purposes. In line with this, this article aims to help you find the perfect camera for you by listing the best game cameras at night.

1Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera captures high-performance 12 MP image resolution and records 1080 HD videos with very clear audio.  The photos captured during the day are brightly colored, and at night, pictures are taken black and white. The camera takes three images for every motion detected.

Take pictures and record videos with the camera’s impressive fast trigger of 0.6s seconds. Also, take advantage of the camera’s 120 degrees wide detection angle that provides you an excellent shooting scope. With that, it is guaranteed that each detected movement will be documented in real time. It highlights its perfect detection and its wide angle lens that ensures maximum coverage of the documentation. The lens dramatically expands the monitoring and shooting scope of the objects.

The Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera features as well as the fully automatic IR filter. It has built-in 42 pieces 940nm infrared LEDs. The IR flash reaches up to 20 meters or 65 feet. It will not produce a bright flash that may interrupt someone especially if you’re using the camera as a security camera or surveillance. Also if it is for hunting at night, this will not scare away animals nor disturb their habitat.

Other than that, the device features its versatile applications and IP56 waterproof design. It is ideal for outdoor activities, and the sensitivity of the camera makes it very suitable for surveillance. It is equipped with sensitive PIR sensor. You are even provided with which functions you want to use. The options include the interval recording, time-lapse, timer, password protection, timestamp, and low battery alarm.

Moreover, the device is powered with 4 or 8 AA batteries. For 8 AA batteries, you can take up to 1 million images before the battery runs out of life.


  • It has a built-in monitor.
  • It is equipped with broader detection sensor.
  • It has multi-tasking photo and video mode.
  • There is a power saving option.
  • Offers complete features for a home security camera.
  • It can be installed within 20-60 degrees Celcius temperature.


  • As it stayed in the woods longer, it began to leak.
  • It takes thousands of pictures of nothing.
  • Overexposes images despite being faced away from the sun.

2Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential E2

Experts have made Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential E2 as a reliable device that gives you a satisfying performance. This camera offers top-tier features including the 12 MP full resolution images that bring you quality pictures. You can capture colored images during daytime and black and white at night. The camera also features its 0.3-second trigger speed that allows you to capture everything.

The Essential E2 is equipped with a day or night auto sensor with an adjustable  PIR that is activated out to 80 feet. It takes 12 MP high-quality photo resolution and 720P for videos with sound. It supports 32 Gb SD Card, and it is powered with 8 AA batteries that will last for one year. Moreover, this camera can change modes like multi-image mode which can 1-3 pictures per trigger. It also includes field scan that can take images at pre-set intervals.


  • Good battery life.
  • Color pictures in the daylight and decent B&W at night.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Well built.


  • It takes too many pictures of nothing.
  • The batteries won’t stay put.
  • The cable lock does not secure the front access.
  • anyone can pull the sim card easily.

3Spypoint Solar Trail 12MP Camera

Spypoint Solar Trail 12MP camera is made of the highest quality material. What makes it unique is that it can keep going with solar power. The sun helps the device to prevent going outdoors especially in remote areas. This durable device has a built-in solar panel and rechargeable batteries. These make it running straight for months, day and night.

Take high quality 12 MP pictures and 720P HD videos with sound with this device. It can produce colored photos during the day and black and white at night. It takes six pictures per detected motion. With its fast trigger speed of 0.07, you can surely capture all the essential actions being done by someone or something.

This camera’s distance detection sensor can be adjusted from 5′ to 80′. Its sensitive motion detector covers five detection zones. With its 42 super low glow IR LEDs with 100′ flash range, you can get clear pictures and videos at night. This feature makes this device very suitable for home security and surveillance. The device is weather-resistant meaning it can work in any weather conditions and can be left outdoors. It is equipped with 2 inches screen display where you can set up and configure the device quickly.

You also have the option to choose which mode to use like time-lapse photo mode, continuous photo mode, hybrid mode, etc. You can even imprint time, date, temperature, and moon phase stamp on your photos. The Spypoint solar trail camera is powered with 6 AA batteries or 12v external power jack. It supports 32 GB SD card.


  • It is a solar powered.
  • It is equipped with super low glow LEDs.
  • Photos and videos are crisp and clear in daylight hours.
  • It stays charged even with limited sun exposure.
  • Doesn’t require to change batteries for several months.


  • The field of view might be too narrow.
  • The triggering might get delayed sometimes.
  • Dusk to dawn photos might get too blurry and bad.

4TEC.BEAN Game and Hunting Camera

TEC.BEAN Game and Hunting Camera is made by the manufacturers offering the users with excellent performance. This device is ideal for night time purposes because it is equipped with 36 pieces 940nm invisible infrared dark LEDs.

It takes clear black and white pictures and videos at night, even in the dark. The flash range can reach cover 75 feet or 23 meters distance from the device. This camera is also suitable for outdoor use since it is water and snow resistant (IP66). This is recommended for hunting, trace trail, ecological monitoring, and surveillance use.

The device consumes power slowly. It is powered with 8 AA batteries and with this power supply, the device can store up to 9500 images. Standby time for 8 AA batteries is for six months. Any movement can trigger its highly sensitive Passive Infra-red motion sensor or PIR. The camera takes up to 9 continuous 12 MP high-resolution photos per trigger. It has a trigger speed of 0.6-0.8 seconds, and it takes 1920 x 1080P HD videos.

Other than that, TEC.BEAN game and hunting camera support 32 GB SD card. It offers five capture modes that include the Photo, Video, Time Lapse, Hybrid (Camera+Video), and Motion Detection. This camera is also equipped with built-in 2.0 inches LCD color viewer where you can review your photos and footages on the spot. You don’t necessarily need to pull out your SD cards to view the data.

Also, under the IP66 standard, this game and hunting device is industrial grade dustproof, shockproof, and has anti-corrosive property. It can operate from -33 t0 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a password protected device wherein you can set a password which makes the photos and videos not viewable when stolen. This device also features the Blur Reduction.


  • It is password protected.
  • It offers more exclusive fun capture modes.
  • It includes a time stamp.
  • Good camera flash distance at night for a budget camera.
  • Fairly good trigger times.
  • 100% watertight and tested with several rain storms.


  • Slow recovery time, or time between pictures/videos of 5 seconds.
  • It has a narrow picture ratio.
  • The images have some motion blur.
  • The night pictures are a bit grainier.

5Camouflage Browning Strike Force HD Camera

Get geared up with the Camouflage Browning Strike Force HD Camera – equipped with zero blur technology. The zero blur technology helps the device to eliminate motion blur from moving objects. With this feature, this device can provide the users with still images.

Other than that, this camera can capture 10MP images and 1280 x 720 high definition videos. It takes black and white photos at night with the help of IR LED illumination and 100′ night-time flash range. During the day, it makes colored images.

Never miss anything with the Strike Force HD’s fast trigger speed of 0.067 seconds. Get every motion caught in action and have the option to choose which modes you want to have excellent documentation. You can select the modes that best applies to the scenario that you are in. You can choose from the time-lapse mode, camera mode with IR triggered images, etc.

This device is powered with 6 AA batteries. It includes Browning  Buck Watch Time-Lapse viewer software. Like any other trail and hunting cameras, this device also has the necessary features which meet the needs and demands of every user.


  • It has good night quality pictures.
  • It has zero blur technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • Battery life is good.


  • The disk is difficult to insert or remove.
  • Might not work in cold conditions.
  • The batteries might not work for long.

6Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan GoCam – a camera powered by AT&T. This camera is included with the AT&T DataConnect Pass SIM Card. To use the device, activate the service, and your camera is good to go. Also, use the camera menus in setting up your desired and preferred picture parameters.

This device needs to be supplied with power from 8 AA batteries. The battery life is determined by what type of batteries are being used, the settings of the camera, the capture modes used, etc.

Experts have designed the battery bays allowing each battery to have its slot, thus preventing the batteries from unseating. What is good about this is that it has a smooth standalone installation. It does not include wires, and there is no external power source needed. No hassle.

Spartan GoCam features less than 1-second trigger speed. Its highest photo resolution is 8MP and 720P for the video. It does not produce flash when taking pictures at night. If your SD card is already full, you can overwrite the oldest photos with the most recent ones.

In that way, you will not lose the most recent images you have. Also, you can set one or two duty periods if you don’t want your camera to take pictures all the time – each with different trigger intervals and time-lapse settings.

Other than that, the device has flush case mating areas in the front and rear case that provides excellent water resistance, especially for outdoor use. For security, you can use the AES 256 encryption to transfer your photos.

But you can transmit your pictures with or without the encryption. Spartan GoCam is compatible with HCO GoWireless web and mobile portal. And, it uses AT&T DataConnect Pass mobile broadband plan one wherein you can activate, reactivate the plan anytime without purchasing a new SIM card.


  • It performs its tasks adequately.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Offers wireless features.
  • This is a cellular camera.
  • You can send the pics to your phone right away.


  • Transmission works well with decent cell reception.
  • Night photos have a limited area of capture
  • Motion sensor does not reach as far as would like

7Simmons Whitetail Trail Camera

Get the most reliable hunting partner you’ll ever have especially at night – get every motion detected with the Simmons Whitetail Camera’s motion-activated sensor that can reach up to 30 feet from the camera. Capture also motions from 40 feet during night time with the device’s night vision IR LEDs that are virtually invisible to the game. This device does not interrupt the wildlife.

Simmons Whitetail camera provides 5 to 6 MP photo resolution. It takes entirely bright colored pictures during the day and black and white at night. It records videos with 640 x 480P video resolution during both the daytime and night-time. It has a quick trigger speed and supports up to 32 GB SD card.

This hunting camera is made from 100% quality materials that are tested extensively. The design and the durability are built to last. It has a super simple LCD set up screen, and it requires 4 AA batteries that would last for up to 6 months.


  • It takes excellent pictures during day and night.
  • There are not very many false triggers.
  • Batteries last long.
  • Can be operated easily.


  • It does not have a breakneck shutter speed.
  • The device has 5 seconds delay.
  • Fast moving motions are blurry.
  • The field of focus is very narrow.

8Browning Dark Ops HD Camera

Discover wildlife activities at night with Browning Dark Ops HD Camera – your right partner at night. This camera is ideal for home security or hunting purposes for it can produce good quality pictures and footages.

It is equipped with invisible night vision infrared LED illumination, and it features a 70′ nighttime flash range. It has a timeless camera mode plus IR triggered 10 MP images. This device also records videos with 1280 x 720P video resolution.

Get every detail of the night time activities, real-time, with the device’s fast 0.67-second trigger speed. The overall detection, as well as the distance, can be variable on battery strength as well as the speed of the SD card.

But Browning recommends about 55 feet maximum detection range. It can supports standard 35GB SD card, and it is powered with 6 AA batteries. The unit is rainproof and will operate in -20 temperatures as long as Lithium batteries are used.


  • The flash is completely invisible.
  • Blends right into the trees and is almost unnoticeable.
  • Silent trail camera.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Night time photos became very blurry outside of 20 feet.
  • Records for only 10 seconds.
  • The camera is not as sensitive as you expect.
  • Subject has to be too close to the camera to take a picture.

9Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera

Get to discover wildlife activities both day and night using the Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera. The camera has the features of A-5 Gen 2 that can help you achieve your hunting goals. Enjoy documenting the wildlife activities may it be during the day or night by using this full-featured camera in a compact size.

Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera features its powerful infrared flash illumination technology. The 12 850nm night time infrared flash technology can covertly illuminate and capture images up to 50 feet away from the camera, in the dark.

Other than that, it produces 12MP image resolution and 480P for video. Take control of the image quality and storage by choosing from the two resolutions settings offered by this device. Get things documented quickly as well with the camera’s trigger speed of less than 1 second.

Also, you can customize your purposes through the different image mode options. You can choose form multi-shot, single images modes, etc. The device is equipped with a 40-degree optical field of view. You can imprint data details on each image like date, time, temperature, moon phase, and camera identification.

The camera also features the wireless compatibility which makes it easier to view the images on your mobile devices, anywhere, anytime. It is compatible with the new Moultrie Mobile Technology which provides a wireless connection to the Moultrie Mobile Modem. Power the device with 8 AA lithium batteries for long lasting life and capture up about 16,000 images.

Store images and videos on an SD/SDHC class 4 memory cards or higher up to 32 GB. Gear up with an uncompromised strength of this mini size device with its sturdy plastic exterior. A-20 can be mounted on trees easily with the included nylon strap or a Python lock cable that is sold separately.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Waterproof.
  • Takes quite a few batteries, but they last for a long time
  • Several settings to control picture count and quality is available.
  • It reacts quickly.
  • Takes very high-quality photos and videos
  • Small-sized.


  • The shutter speed is slow.
  • Any object in the forefront is overexposed.
  • IR is visible.
  • Recorded unwatchable nighttime video due to flickering IR LEDs.