Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Reviews


Track and monitor your herd with Wildgame Innovations camera collection that offers every hunter the trail cameras they need for every budget. The company entered the trail camera market by doing what everyone said that could not be done.

Luring your prey using big game calls has never been more exciting if you can record the action with your trail camera. Hence, choosing the right model for you is crucial.

Now, they feature their premium upgrades such as silent operation, a 360-degree view, invisible flash illumination, and many more. Below is the list of Wildgame Innovations trail cameras you might prefer.

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1Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16″

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Be ready to unbox and use the Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16 with 8 AA Energizer batteries and Class 4 8 GB Sandisk SD card included. Make it the best tool in your wildlife documentation, or you can use this camera to keep an eye on your properties every time you’re not around.

The Mirage 16 scouting camera is equipped with 36 piece IR LEDs with 80 ft. Illumination or detection range. It can capture 16 MP full-color images during the daytime and black and white photos at night.

Photos are stamped with time, date, moon phase, area name, and image count. Photos are taken with super quiet shutter and less than ½ second trigger speed. You also have the option to set the capturing delay at 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. It also features HD 720P video at a maximum of 30 seconds long.

The Mirage 16 comes with an easy to use an adjustable strap. It features a secure locking system with python cable capability (cable is not included).

It supports up to 32 GB, and the device could work for at least six months with its battery life. It is concealed with Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage so it could better blend and become unnoticeable. It is easy to set up, and the navigations are easy as well. If you’re looking for a dummy proof trail camera next to a deer feeder or your favorite hunting spot, look no further than the Mirage 16.


  • Photo quality is not bad for a plastic lens.
  • Enough setting available for adjusting your pictures.
  • Easy to use.


  • Moving images up close can be blurred.
  • Might not work as advertised.

2Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 12 Invisible Flash

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Out of the Wildgame Innovations, trail cameras market comes another top-notch extreme trail camera. Eight AA Energizer batteries and a 16 GB Sandisk SD Card power the Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 12. If you plan to set up a game trail-based strategy in monitoring the wildlife in your area, you have found what you are looking for.

This camera is ready to use once unboxed and quickly set up. It is equipped with 36 pieces of high-intensity black LEDs producing IR flash. It goes undetected with its invisible flash along with its stealthy feature. The illumination and detection range could reach up to 65 feet.

12 MP clear photos are captured in less than 1-second trigger speed. Images are full-coloured during the day and black and white at night. Photos are stamped with the date, time, moon phase, and image count. Videos can be recorded in 540P resolution for up to 30 seconds.

The Invisible Flash 12 megapixel Cloak Pro 12 should provide users with up to 6 months of battery life, depending on the settings and activities. Other than the batteries and SD card included, adjustable bungee cords also come with the package.

The Cloak also serves as security around the house, job site security, and monitoring pets and kids in your backyard.


  • The flash is invisible.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Very quiet.
  • Good picture quality.
  • Good bundle.


  • The video is black and white regardless of when it is captured.
  • Might have a prolonged response time.
  • No viewfinder.

3Wgi Innovations/Ba Products TR8I1-7 Terra 8 Micro

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Designed with a muted black shell that makes it difficult to notice, the Terra 8 Micro Digital trail camera is an excellent hunting camera. It fits tons of other niches in the global trail cameras market. Other purposes include monitoring scrapes, mineral licks, a local food plot, pinch points, security, and surveillance.

It allows you to do other things in the woods while documenting wildlife activities in their habitats. This camera delivers high-tech blue chip features such as an infrared flash with a 60 feet flash range. Since it is easy to use, troubleshooting your game camera while in the field wouldn’t be a problem.

It is equipped with 21 pieces of high-intensity LEDs. Terra 8 takes full-color images during the day and black and white during the night. It can record videos for 30 seconds long, and it comes with two bungee cords to strap to a small tree.


  • It is a solid, well-built camera.
  • Takes great videos.
  • Good battery life.


  • There is a red light that flashes when pictures are taken.
  • It isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking at it.
  • Shutter speed and reset aren’t that quick.

4Wildgame Innovations SC20B20-7 Silent Crush Cam 20 Lights-out

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If you have ever been concerned about trail camera’s disturbing or distracting shutter noise, then this is your camera. Introducing the innovative Silent Crush Trail Camera from the Wildgame Innovations camera collection. This model gathers evidence quickly and quietly, making it perfect for any game.

It features dual onboard shutters, so it is capable of making zero sound when capturing a photo or recording a video. This innovative camera produces visual proof in vibrant 20-megapixel clarity.

Pictures are colored during the day and black and white during the night. It can record HD videos for up to 30 seconds.

Silent Crush is equipped with 42 pieces of invisible infrared LEDs illuminating up to 100 feet. In less than ½-second trigger speed, you can track what’s going on when you’re away.

It also features the anti-fog lens coating that eliminates dew and moisture on camera lenses. This silent light out trail camera supports up to 32 GB SDHC and is powered by 8 AA batteries. It should provide you with 1-year battery life depending on the usage, settings, and the environment.


  • Designed with large backlit buttons allowing for easy programming.
  • Battery life is good.


  • Night pics might be unclear.
  • Might miss a lot of motions due to the sensitivity.

5Wildgame Innovations R12i20-7 360 Cam Trail Camera

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Catch and track every angle and capture beautiful things that regular trail cameras elude. As the leader in the trail camera innovation, Wildgame Innovations introduces the revolutionary 360 Light Out Crush Cam.

This camera has a 360-degree capability and can provide high-quality 12 megapixels daytime and nighttime still images. It is equipped with a rapid trigger speed of 1.5 seconds, and it records HD videos with 720P resolution.

This infrared system offers 70 feet of illumination range. It is powered by 8 AA batteries and could support up to 32 GB SD memory card (not included in the package). The batteries should give you six months of battery life.

The camera includes a T-post mounting bracket system as well. Other than the capabilities and features mentioned, 360 Light Out Crush Cam has a TruBark texture that allows it to blend into nature to become unnoticeable. The package also comes with an easy to use strap to mount on a tree or other location.


  • Equipped with 360-degree capability.
  • Good quality of pictures and videos.


  • Night pictures might be blurry as well.
  • It is not capable of sending alerts to your cell phone.

6Wildgame Innovations 360 Cam Trail Camera

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For security and game scouting, great is the Wildgame Innovations 360 Cam Trail. Keep an eye on everything you wanted to be documented and be satisfied with this new 360-degree digital trail camera.

It is built with the capability of capturing 12 MP 360 degrees daytime/nighttime still images. And, it records 720 P videos. Wildlife activities and happenings in your properties can be taken as fast as 1.5-second trigger speed. This camera is equipped with 36 piece LED lights and can illuminate up to 70 feet. It runs with an external battery pack or 8 AA batteries. It includes T-Post mounting bracket and supports 32 GB SD cards for storage. This 360 Cam Trail is water-resistant and could endure any weather.


  • It mounts well on a t-post.
  • The battery life is good.
  • It spins around moderately fast, and the mechanism is quiet.


  • There is some skipping in the recorded video at the video’s highest settings.
  • Videos are 30 seconds without other options.
  • The sensor seems to be a little slow to pick up movement.

7Wildgame Innovations M16B20-7 Mirage 16 Lights-out Trail Camera

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If theft is an issue in your area, worry not anymore since Wildgame Innovations introduces the Mirage Lights Out Trail Cam. This camera features an invisible flash, and its TruBark texture makes it go undetected.

It has less than ½ second trigger speed, and the shutter is super quiet. This stealthy little camera provides 16 MP full-color still images during the daytime and black and white at nighttime.

It can record HD video with 720P for up to 30 seconds. It is equipped with 42 pieces of invisible IR LED lights that illuminate areas for up to 75 feet. This Mirage lights-out camera features a security locking system with python cable capability.

However, the cable is not included in the package. It can take up to 32 GB SD card and is powered by 8 AA batteries. This should give you six months of battery life depending on the usage, settings, and environment. The package also includes an adjustable mounting strap.


  • Suitable for security.
  • Takes excellent, clear pictures day and night.
  • Picks up movement quite well.
  • You can access the camera from the front without unstrapping from the tree.


  • “Mon” for day week seems unchangeable.

8Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 Game Camera

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Wildgame Innovations added Terra 5 Game Camera to their camera collections, and it is ideal for monitoring scrapes or mineral sites. It captures 5 megapixels still images and records up to 30 seconds video clips in 1-second trigger speed.

Terra 5 is very quiet and does not startle any animal. It is equipped with 21 pieces of high-intensity LED infrared flash and has an illumination/detection range of 50 feet.

It runs on 8 AA batteries. It can be left out in some very harsh conditions and will not leak or get a foggy lens. The case is water-resistant, and it will remain dry and continues to work after heavy rain.


  • Very quiet camera.
  • Simple settings and operation.
  • There is a battery life indicator.
  • Programming is virtually easy.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Great for security.


  • Very few settings and adjustments.
  • There are no settings to change the resolution.
  • Very bright red LED.
  • The IR is noticeable from a fair ways off 100 yards or so.

9Wildgame Innovations K7B5G Cloak 7-7MP Digital Lightsout Trail Camera

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Wildgame Innovations brings you the super small cloak series of cameras – Wildgame Innovations Cloak Digital Lights Out Trail Camera. It can capture 7MP still daytime/nighttime images and record 480P video clips in 1 second-trigger speed.

Photos are stamped with the date, time, and moon phase. This camera is equipped with 32 pieces of high-intensity LEDs that produce an invisible IR flash. The IR flash could reach up to 45 ft, and the invisible flash it provides makes it undetectable to any animals in the wild.

It features a 60 ft. range for the PIR sensor. The Cloak is easy to program, and its onboard memory retains your settings. It accepts up to 32 GB SD card, and it is powered with 8 AA batteries. The package includes bungee cords.


  • Water-resistant and weather-resistant.
  • The daytime color pics and videos are perfect.
  • Lightweight and relatively small, so it is convenient to transport.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • No glow, very quiet camera.


  • The infrared night vision range and radius is somewhat limited.
  • A bit too narrowly focused IMO.
  • No settings to lengthen the video mode.

10Wildgame Innovations Cloak Trail Camera 8MP k8i37d

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Just like any other Wildgame Innovations game/trail cameras, Cloak Trail Camera is packed with high-end features that you’re looking for in a trail camera. If hunting is your livelihood, it is right that you choose the right trail camera to use for professional results.

Features include the discrete infrared flash and sub-second trigger speed. It produces visual proof in 8 MP resolution and records 30-second video clips.

Cloak Trail Camera is equipped with an infrared LED flash that could illuminate up to 60 ft. It runs on 8 AA batteries, and it supports up to 32GB SD/SDHC card.


  • Water-resistant/ and weather-resistant.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Has a decent trigger speed.


  • Night pictures might be blurry.