BoneView SD Card Reader for Apple iOS Review


BoneView Trail Camera Viewer for Apple iPhone and iPad is a very convenient device that enables wildlife hunters using Wildlife Scouting Game Cam to view photos and videos directly to their Apple devices through SD & Micro SD Memory Cards. This tool is the Apple version of the famous BoneView Trail Camera Card Reader.

Features and Benefits

It has the ability to view, delete or copy trail camera pictures and videos on your Apple devices instantly.

This camera viewer plugs into iPhone or iPad’s 8-pin charging port to see all your files from any trail camera by inserting your SD or micro-SD cards with a memory capacity up to 32GB.

No need for WiFi connectivity, cellular data and even batteries to view your photos and videos.

You can get away from bulky and expensive traditional camera operated cam viewers at home when you can have your phone to do the job of this massive old equipment.

To effectively use the device, you have to visit Apple’s App store, download the free i-Flash Device app.

Insert the SD or micro SD memory card to the BoneView Reader memory card slot then plug the device to your Apple iPhone or iPad and view your photos and videos for your hassle-free comfort.

This device is compatible with these Apple devices, iPhone5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6 plus/6s, iPhone 7, iPad 4/6/Air/Mini/Mini2 or any apple device with 8-pin charging port, that smaller lightning connector port.

Older Apple devices using the old and bigger charger ports do not support the BoneView Trail Camera Viewer.

This product comes with a free Lightning Extender that fits most on Otterbox and Lifeproof iPhone cases. Our modified black extender (not included in this listing) is needed for iPhone 6 LifeProof case with the tightly rounded port.


This device works with an Apple iPhone or iPad and includes free lightning extender (adapter) that fits most of the apple protective phone cases brands like Otterbox and Lifeproof.

Apple device users will now have instant viewing of photos and videos and even saving, sharing, or deleting is right at their fingertips on their Apple devices. They can also download all images and videos to their Apple devices immediately.

This viewer device can be used with any trail camera available in the market as long as it saves photos or videos to an SD or micro SD memory cards, including but not limited to Bushnell, Stealthcam, Moultrie, Covert, Wildgame, Cabelas, Reconyx.

It is very appropriate for wildlife hunters because it can be used deep in the woods without the need for internet, cell service or batteries. So wildlife hunters will have lesser things to worry about.

The application called i-Flash Device is also available for free in Apple App Store for superb user options. This camera viewer comes with a very useful application to download and save photos and videos directly to the Apple device. It is one of the must-have trail camera accessories that you should consider investing.

Very light and doesn’t consume large space in your hunting bags. You can insert the device into the smallest pocket or compartment of your hunting bags without worrying its breakage.

When viewing photos and videos from Trail Camera to your Apple device, there is no need for your iPhone or iPad devices to be removed from their protective cases because the viewer supports the design of your cases.


The Lightning Extender or adapter is a little flimsy and may break anytime when improperly handled.

Especially for hunting activities, wherein timing and adrenaline are much needed to capture the best photos and videos of wildlife animals, devices have to be crisp and durable because proper handling could be of least priority in this type of activity.

Since an application has to be downloaded from the Apple App Store to run the viewer on the Apple devices, you may experience application crashes and other glitches.

Photos and videos from the memory cards might be deleted once the application starts to be unresponsive, hence putting all your photos and videos to drain.

There should be a constant update of the application to use the viewer seamlessly. The viewer itself is useless without the application. Some SD and micro SD memory cards may not be compatible with the device.

The viewer itself does not have a battery; it needs the Apple iPhone and iPad’s power to run, hence making the apple device vulnerable to battery drain.

Because the device has to be plugged into the Apple device, you may experience constant disconnection when improperly plugged.


The BoneView Trail Camera Viewer for Apple iPhone and iPad is a really good pick for those using Trail Cameras. This eases the hassle of using bulky camera viewers. Especially among that techie enough to explore the application provided in the Apple App Store.

Despite the fact that you may experience glitches in the application, it is still highly convenient to use for wildlife hunters given that they are willing to explore the complexities of the iFlash Device App.