7 Trail Camera Myths You Should Stop Believing

With facts and myths getting messed up, it is helpful to figure out which one is true or not. Check out the most typical myths about trail and gaming cameras and the facts behind them. More megapixels equate to higher quality of pictures. This is by far, the most common misconception of first time gaming or trail camera[…]

How To Catch A Thief Using Trail Cameras

Trail cameras that are usually bought for wildlife and outdoor extremes can also be a home buddy security agent. More than that, the trail cameras have been developing their functionality to address the rising demands and to be able to expand its usage that does not limit its capability to catch deer and as a tool for gaming,[…]

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Game and Trail Camera

14 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Game and Trail Camera

There is this time of the year that hunting is so right and the best way to unwind and even do as a hobby. Of course, the primary tool when you are hunting is the camera that will capture all the activities of the animals in the woods, and that will make you updated as ever. It is[…]

6 Tips and Tricks When Using a Game and Trail Camera

Trail Camera is one of the essential devices for a wildlife hunter. It may take so much time for the user in setting up this camera, but the image and video resolution would take away all the hassles. These game trail cameras are making its name and popularity in the technology industry. It produces plenty of types depending[…]

What is a Game Trail?

What is a game trail Game trails are already a common sight in the wild. However, many people are still bewildered what these are, what they look like, where they come from and what to do with them. Game trail in a nutshell Game trails are the paths or marks made by footprints of animals who have walked[…]

How To Use A Game Trail Camera

How to use a game trail camera? this question circulates in the minds of those who are new yet very enthusiastic in the world of game trail cameras. Manipulating and controlling the trail camera is not as simple as the regular cameras that are available in the market. However, despite the absence of a manual or the lack[…]

How To Secure A Game Trail Camera

While these trail cameras do wonders, the possibility of these getting stolen are also great. In line with this, many users have done different ways to secure that their camera will stay in place. Though these cameras come in straps of different sizes and durable quality, many still add security features for the camera. Many of the users[…]

How To Hide A Game Trail Camera

How to hide a game trail camera is one of the most overlooked activities in outdoor hunting and observation. As a result of overlooking this matter, many inconveniences occur which disrupt the desired observation. However, how to hide a game trail camera can be addressed without much stress and with more efficiency. The Importance of Hiding Game Trail[…]

How To Use A Game Camera For Security

How To Use A Game Trail Camera For Security

What do you think of when you hear the words “game camera”? Probably hunting deer and catching your games on camera, but you can use it for more than just finding game. Most people usually associate trail and hunting cameras for people who have a knack for capturing photos and recording videos of wildlife; however, you can use[…]

How does a trail camera work 1

How Does A Game Trail Camera Work?

One of the today’s growing trend in every industry is technology. It helps us to make every work and tasks of our lives easier and untroubled. Aside from smartphones, the most famous type of technology in everyone’s life is the camera. We use it to capture photographs and record the videos and moments of our lives. As we[…]