How To Catch A Thief Using Trail Cameras


Trail cameras that are usually bought for wildlife and outdoor extremes can also be a home buddy security agent. More than that, the trail cameras have been developing their functionality to address the rising demands and to be able to expand its usage that does not limit its capability to catch deer and as a tool for gaming, but instead, it could be a useful device in catching thieves within the compound.

As the hunter hunts for a game or a wild boar, for example, using the original and sharp footage of trail cameras then same as through with how you catch the thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy your properties.

Trail cameras for security purposes come in many shapes and functional capabilities in which most of them can capture both still photos and record audio videos. Others which fall under the category of stealth cameras are also capable of snapping pictures in complete darkness with zero flashes.

This is just one of the many reasons why trail cameras are a mighty help in capturing burglars, trespassers, and vandals. Sending criminals to jail now has never been more comfortable with the support of trail cameras for security surveillance.

That raises the question of HOW? How do you accurately catch a thief using a trail camera? So, here are some tips and guide on how to make the most out of your trail and gaming camera.

How To Catch A Thief Using Trail Cameras 1

Know Your Target Or Suspect.

Identify your suspect and know what their motives are so that, later you may able to understand what kind of trail camera is suitable for you. If your problem is a trespasser or a malicious stranger lurking near your compound, then you can pick your choice from the different types of No Flash Trail Cameras.

Because of its invisible flash, the suspect will never notice it capturing pictures. Also, it has a unique function that can be triggered a specific region of interest through detecting such movements using a fast and sensitive trigger speed that will surely catch and snap every action and change the suspect will act upon.

On the other hand, using trail camera for thieves at highly urbanized areas or commercialized environment you will need to activate your creativeness and look for a high place to mount your camera.

Choosing The Right Trail Camera

The suspect has been detected, and the problem was identified, so you are now ready to buy your very own trail camera. Having issues with a trespasser, as mentioned above you can opt to choose from the different models of No Flash Trail Cameras or Cellular Trail Camera.

These are the excellent choice to efficiently detect and monitor who are the trespassers and what exactly they are up to.

Meanwhile, if you want to be more techie and without further hassle, then the Wireless Security Cameras might be the right choice for you. It directly sends you notifications, and the pictures that have been captured will be sent directly to your mobile devices via Bluetooth connection.

Through it, you will instantly monitor your surrounding without the hassle of checking the mounted camera from time to time. This wireless security camera produces its wireless network and works on Wi-Fi network that is readily available within its reach. Cellular Cameras, on the other hand, works the same too yet it uses plan powered by AT&T and Verizon network.

License Plate Camera is another type of trail camera that has a unique feature and is appropriate for monitoring any suspicious cars that park late at night in front of your yard. It will take pictures including the plate card of the vehicles.

However, for general use, you can have the Stealth Cameras that does the job efficiently with its distinct and handy feature that can capture photos at night with zero flash, or you can opt to choose from trail cameras with IR LEDs. This provides an additional source of light for cameras. It also helps you to shoot professional wildlife photos.

As this part of the spectrum will be considered as read by sensors, IR is filtered out under color mode when there is more than enough light. This ensures that the color is accurate and not distorted to red. When it is dark, and the camera struggles to see with every last bit of light, the filter sets to let in IR light, and shift to black and white mode to avoid the color shift.

Mount It Up

Now that you have your trail camera ready to catch the culprit and shoot the crime scene, all you have to do is to activate your spying skills and start your plan in action. First, you will need to test the newly purchased camera at home to ensure the quality and if the camera functions well. Check its batteries and its other functions. Be sure to familiarize the operating system of your trail camera so that you may able to use it properly.

Secondly, look for a place that is an ideal spot that will secure the camera, and that will enable it to cover the area of your yard. You can mount it on your roof, or you can do a do-it-yourself project that will hold your camera unnoticeable.

Next, program the camera to take photos at your set time intervals or you can turn on the camera and let the sensor do its job to capture pictures whenever it detects movements.

Also, you will need to conceal the camera. You should be able to know how to make it invisible to the eyes of the intruders. Remember to avoid placing the camera above eye level. It should be 9 feet to 10 feet above the ground. Since a burglar looking for a game camera is more likely to skim on the eye-level surroundings.

Make a camera holder that will camouflage the trail camera. If you want to mount it on a trunk or a tree branch, then be sure to cover it with leaves or pain it with colors that will match the trunk. Trees with vines on it are a good hiding spot given that the vines can cover up the cam. You can also set bait or a dummy camera by placing a fake camera in a distinct location then set-up the hidden trail camera watching it.

Finally, mount your camera and let the thief hunting begin!

Trail cameras work more than just for hunting beasts in the wild, it can also play an essential role on catching thieves, burglars, and trespassers which helps lessen the rate of crime in your area by capturing them through actual footage.

You need to identify your problem, get acquainted with what type of camera is suitable for your concern and activate your spying skills on. With proper placement and a dash of creativity your culprit hunting will be an exciting kind of hunt. While making these efforts, you can be able to protect your assets and can contribute to the welfare of your community.