How To Secure A Game Trail Camera


While these trail cameras do wonders, the possibility of these getting stolen are also great. In line with this, many users have done different ways to secure that their camera will stay in place.

Though these cameras come in straps of different sizes and durable quality, many still add security features for the camera. Many of the users make their own items to secure the camera using simple and easy to find materials.

The query of how to secure a game trail camera had been answered by lockboxes. More users are running into this option to keep their trail cameras tightly locked and secured.

Lockboxes in a nutshell

Lockboxes are security and storage cases which accommodate trail cameras. Usually, they are sold and bought separately from the trail cameras themselves. Aside from securing the camera against thieves, these lockboxes also make sure that the camera stays dry and hidden.

These often come in colors that blend in the wild, in order to make the camera safe by concealing it with its surroundings. Being made out of steel, these lockboxes are guaranteed to securely carry the weight of the camera.

How To Secure A Game Trail Camera


This durability assures that the box stays in the tree where it is set up and cannot easily be moved. On top of that, the said feature also best shields the camera from possible falling objects.

Despite its heavyweight, users are assured that the quality of the pictures and videos will remain unaffected.

Many trail camera users are using lockboxes to secure a trail camera since there are no touch-ups needed and it is ready to use. Once you have the item at hand, all you have to do is learn the parts and functions, and you’re ready to go.

Choosing the right lockbox

Though lockboxes can be home-made, many still recommend using the market-available lockbox. If you find yourself in favor of this option, consider a few things. Firstly, consider the money you can spend on these lockboxes.

Lockboxes come at different sizes and prices for you to choose from. Your options come in various options which you should choose from. Next in your considerations should be the place.

Think of the place where you will set up your trail camera. Consider the other inhabitants there. If you know that the area is inhabited by strong, wild animals, you might want to go for a sturdier lockbox.

There are lockboxes in the market which fit a specific model of trail cameras. There are also some which are suitable for many models of trail cameras. These cameras vary in size, sizes of the designed openings, places of these openings, and shades or colors.

Keep in mind that these lockboxes are designed to secure the trail camera but not to obstruct the view of the camera and its lens. Also, make sure that the size of the lockbox perfectly fits the camera to prevent malfunctions due to shaking or constant movement.

How To Secure A Game Trail Camera

Most lockbox packages, when purchased, come with a chain cable. It functions as the shelter or the shield of the camera, while the cable connects into the tree.

How To Secure A Game Trail Camera 1


The first step is to connect and lock one end of the strap with one side of the lockbox. This will ensure that the lockbox will have a primary holder when you set it up. It is an effective way of hiding your camera in the forest.

Next step is to put it inside the lockbox. Keep in mind that you should not simply put it inside as it is. Make sure that it is properly placed to take the best shots.

Clear off any obstructions that could affect the photographs and videos that you can take using the lock-boxed trail camera. In some lockboxes, you will have to put the other side of the box which closes and secures it completely.

Once you have connected the strap, placed the camera and secured it within the lockbox, you can already tie it around a tree. You can do this by connecting and locking the untied end of the strap to the other side of the box.

This will serve as the main item to tightly tie the lockbox and camera to the tree. After making sure that the strap is appropriately and tightly tied to the tree, you can add the steel cable. This steel cable, as mentioned earlier, will add security to your camera and lockbox.

Other tips to remember

Oftentimes, there are holes around at either end of the lockbox. Through these holes, you can insert the cable and release it at the other.

You can seal it with the steel cable through a lock that will hold both ends of it. Just make sure that you are able to tightly seal the cable through that lock, and your camera is good to go for picture and video taking.

After securing the locks

After completely setting up and securing your camera on a tree, you can test the camera for the quality of its photos and the angle you can view from where it is hung.

If you did not find the place satisfying for the angle of your photo, you can still remove and relocate the camera.

You can do this by first loosening the steel cable. After which, you have to remove the primary strap carefully to maintain the optimum condition of the camera. Repeat the same process of setting the lock-boxed trail camera to set it up again.