Americaloc GL300W Review


Secure and never lose sight of anyone or anything with the AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker. Find out immediately where your loved ones or beloved items have gone with this one of the best GPS trackers that can fit snugly in your hands.

Features and Benefits

The AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time Tracker is not just another GPS tracker in the market. Just like the Arccos 360 GPS tracker, it can detect not only people through their devices but also items and equipment such as vehicles and other assets. In fact, this tracker is an improved version of the well-loved GL300W.

Given that this one is an improved version, Americaloc offers a welcome package that adds extra two months for the first service purchase. Each of this will cost US$ 25 per month or less if purchased for more month’s coverage. Cancellation anytime is allowed, and users can guarantee that it is free from hidden fees.

Given that this GPS tracker aims to provide the precise location of properties and people, this one gives different alerts. These alerts include parking, speeding, movement, entering and leaving zones. As for the device status indicators, users can check the device’s power (on or off) along with the low battery warning and the front button pressed signal. Whether the item to be located is too big or too small, the same outputs can be expected from the tracker.

Tracking a particular object or person is also an easy job through this GPS tracker. Even while moving, the one who is monitoring can track the person or object. It updates him or her of the location every minute while it runs. If the user wants more updates more frequently, he or she can configure it to 30-second updates and even 10-second updates. This process will not demand any additional payment from the user and can be changed without any other demands.

This enhanced GPS tracker also can record every location tracked down for an entire year. Such records of movements and changes are also sent to the user’s email, which will be asked for upon registering. This real-time tracking can by recorded or accessed through any gadget such as laptops, tablets, and even phones. All that the user has to do is download the app, available for both iOS and Android, available in countries in Europe, in US, Canada, and many other countries in the world. Similar features can be seen in ACR GlobalFix Pro 406 ear muffs as well.

Compared with its previous versions, this new GL300W has the most extended battery life. On top of that, it has extended multi-carrier coverage to improve the functions it can provide.

While the tracker has desirable features, it still needs a reasonable and workable environment in order to function correctly. Maximized and fully-functional trackers will have to have an environment free from obstacles between it and the sky. Once this is achieved, users can guarantee to have the product work at its best state.

Upon purchasing, users will receive a package to maximize the use of this tracker. The package includes an internationally-valid sim card (which will be readily-installed), a tracker and a wall-charger. The trackers itself is very petite and lightweight, coming in with dimensions of 2.7  inches by 1.5 inches by 0.9 inches. Its weight counts only for 2.2 ounces, making it very portable, wherever you will go.

This tracker is under a one year warranty. In the case of factory defects, the customer may request for an exchange of device within 30 days. To secure qualification for this privilege, users have to return the product to the manufacturer in its full and intact state.


  • The Americaloc GL300W tracker has different, detailed and beneficial data to track people and objects regardless of the location and the size.
  • It has the most extended battery life compared with the previous versions of the tracker. Users can utilize this product for a longer time without worrying about the quality of the details it gives.
  • The payment and other demands for this product are very convenient for the user. They can purchase service fee for a reasonable amount. They can also avail the product whenever they want to use the app and tracker itself. They also get discounts for more payments for the service fee.


  • This tracking device can be quite sensitive to obstacles like roofs, metal materials, and even posts. If your location of the location of the monitored objects or person is filled with those, the device might not work excellently. Data could also get lost once these are present, despite excellent connection quality.

Cost and Value

Considering the inclusions of the tracker’s package, the Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker gives your money an excellent worth. It already provides the essentials needed for optimal functioning. Also, this does not demand a consistent pay for the service fee. You can pay only for the time you intend to use the tracking device and its functions. This prevents the users from wasting away a month paying for services they will not use. The discounts for more months of usage also gives your money excellent value.

Best Customer for the Product

Whether one intends to use it throughout the year or occasionally, this portable GPS tracker can do its service well. This follows the idea that the users are given the liberty of when to buy or use the full services of the tracker.

Also, this product is highly recommendable for those who need too always be on the watch for loved ones and valuables. Given the huge discounts for those who will avail the service fee for more months, it offers a good option.

Also, considering its consistency regardless of the object of the person monitored, the tracker provides an excellent service and option. You can guarantee that the object or person will still be detected and tracked, just like the Armcrest AM-GL300 V3 hearing enhancement aids.

This tracker is also suitable for on-the-go types of people. They can easily access information and be notified of the location, movements and other data of the monitored object or person through email. Aside from that, it also allows year-long storage of the recorded data.


Generally, the Americaloc GL300W is an excellent tracking device to try for any occasion or circumstance. It has very beneficial features which can be used for many purposes and conveniently accessible at any point, anytime.