Stealth Cam P18CMO Review


Product Description

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Stealth Cam Compact Scouting Camera Camouflage has 7 Megapixel that allows you to take clear shots. It has a range of at most 50 feet.

This product has an energy-efficient design and an easy quick set dial with three preset modes that give you fast and easy setup.

It has a burst rapid mode that can take clear shots even in fast movements. The burst rapid mode takes 1 to 6 images per triggering.

This trail camera is useful especially during hunting season where the hunt is intense. This camera is a trustworthy camera and is trusted by hunters.

Features and Benefits Since this product are very useful for hunting, it requires longer battery power to accommodate their needs.

This camera has a new P-series Energy-efficient design and time saving set up of the trail camera. With this feature, you can have a longer time for your camera to work and you don’t get to change the batteries too often.

Stealth Cam P18 also comes with a mini USB output enabling you to copy, download and other essential actions done with a flash drive.

This camera has a low battery indicator. This gives you the capability to know whether the battery needs changing or not, this is also to avoid sudden loss of power while shooting.

This camera uses 8 ‘AA’ batteries in case you will need replacements. The camera’s SD card slot can accommodate up to 32 GB SD memory card letting you take as many pictures as you want.

Stealth cam also has night vision for night filming and monitor. It can light or illuminate a range or at most 50 feet.

This product is also a master of camouflage because of its concealability. The animals you want to capture will not be able to recognize or even think of it as a threat at all. This gives you eyes away from your head.

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Pros and Cons

The Stealth Cam P18CMO can act as a security camera that you can use in monitoring the critter you want to catch whether it may be in the kitchen, the backyard or wherever you want to. It can capture rodents that lurk in your backyard most of the time as well.

It can shoot videos allowing you to know whatever is happening when you are not around. It can capture up to 500 pictures and videos for both daytime and nighttime.

The camera case is sturdy and can resist moisture very well. This camera can last up to 2 years and more.

You can buy additional ones if you want to monitor multiple places at once or to add excitement. The video feature takes good quality ones. This product works just as advertised.

However, even though it has a waterproof seal the camera can still be sealed improperly and is not waterproof, the water that is sneaked inside the camera can freeze and later on makes the batteries leak.

This product can only last a month in some cases. The camera can also lose track of the time and date, it can be confusing.

This product comes with batteries and sometimes, the batteries will be dead even before you get to use them, you might need to buy a new set of the required battery to be able to get it working.

The product can have inconsistencies in the images it captures, the night scenes can seem like a miss. Issues shall be addressed at once.

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The Stealth Cam P18CMO gives you quality images whether it may be a colorful daytime setting or a black and white nighttime setting. Most of the cameras’ lives depend upon use. Battery life also depends on how often you use the game camera for wildlife viewing.

This can be a potential gift for loved ones as well especially to those who love adventures and photography all at once.

The settings might be confusing but it is always okay to ask your experienced friends and visit the manual. Once you are all knowledgeable, you may then begin the fun.