Distianert No Glow Flash Review


Product Description

Distianert Low Glow Black Infrared Trail & Game Scouting Camera is slowly creating a buzz in the hunting camera market with its impressive quality and excellent performance that comes at a price that is very affordable.

Aside from keeping a record of any detected movement, this camera is also loved for its features that enable the user to take photos and videos accurately and with proper lighting even when the night comes.


The feature of the Distianert Low Glow Black Infrared Trail & Game Scouting Camera loved by many is its High-Quality Day and Night capture, which is made possible by its 12 MP resolution.

With this feature, explicit photos and videos can be taken and recorded in broad daylight while relatively clear black and white photos after the sun had set.

The video comes in an impressive quality of 1080p with audio having a quality that is not compromised.

Users may also utilize its multi-capture mode, letting them shoot three photos in one snap.

As the manufacturers claim it, the way this camera takes photos is exactly the way many users want it.

Regarding its trigger speed, users can capture photos using this camera in 0.6 seconds, letting them capture pictures and not miss the intended shot.

This camera is also well-known for its advanced detection sensors applied, enabling the 125 degrees and 180 feet detection range.

As for its night adjusting features, it is characterized by its low-glow black-colored LED lights, which blend well with the dark and can detect movements from even 65 feet away.

In setting up the Distianert Low Glow Black Infrared Trail & Game Scouting Camera, beginners and professionals alike will not have any difficulty in the process.

This was made possible through the camera’s built-in pre-setting, which can be set up in trails and even nest sites– both allowing the users to get a better angle and perspective and set it up the most convenient way possible.

This feature also makes personalization of his camera easier with its 2.4- inch screen, which can also be utilized for replaying.

As for its outer covering, it is very smooth and durable and comes with a very easy-operated latch. This camera also has a feature which allows users to be mounted on a tripod and have a strap put on at its back.

Also, it has a rugged, waterproof feature, permitting the use of this camera outdoors for long and various periods and conditions without worries of getting it soaked or wet and cause malfunction.


It is rare for you to find a camera with a wide angle and area perspective at the same time.

180 feet is already a long distance to cover when it comes to hunting cameras and can uncover many possibilities in documenting the life in the wild which the naked eye could not witness.

Also, the 125-degree detection and coverage open opportunities to observe motions both from above and even below at the same, offering more accurate details in observations.

The low-brightness and black-colored LED lights which can be activated in post-sunset shots are useful features since it does not interrupt the inhabitants of the area and is not easily noticeable.

This feature of the Distianert Low Glow Black Infrared Trail & Game Scouting Camera will serve as an advantage since it will let you have a view of the area subject to observation in its natural state.

The camera is easy to set up, with its built-in presetting and the adapting features it has for tripods and straps.

It is flexible for any level of proficiency in using hunting cameras and for any setting desired by the user for documentation purposes. The durable and waterproof cover is perfect for outdoor conditions.


Trigger speed of 0.6 seconds seems to be a slower trigger speed compared with other hunting cameras that are available in the market. With this trigger speed, the guarantee of being able to capture the intended motion shot is not that complete.


With the capacity to capture crystal clear photos in the morning and adjust to the appropriate brightness in the night, this product will serve its purpose well to those who want to use this as a surveillance camera in the wild (for documentation and observation purposes) and at home (for security reasons).

Though the con of this product might lead to a missed opportunity, this can be worked out in using other features of this latest Distianert trail camera such as the multi-capture mode, to make sure you get the motion or movement you want to be captured.

Also, the product is very easy to use, and thus allow you with more time to think of a picture to take shots instead of spending so much time in the process of obtaining photos itself.