Moultrie M40 Review


Product Description

Moultrie MCG-13181 M40 Game Camera 2017 Management Series gives you splendid photos and fun experience. The product allows you to set up the game camera with ease and comfort. It takes impressive photos; daytime or nighttime with its image quality 16 megapixels and 1080 HD videos with audio.

This product works well with SD/SDHC Class 4 memory cards and can accommodate memory cards up to 32 GB. This gives you the freedom to choose the storage space as you please. With its fast trigger speed, it would barely miss an action.

Features and Benefits

Moultrie M-Series Game Camera 2017 has a sturdy camo that will keep the camera well-hidden on trees, grass or anywhere you want to put it to capture activity.

It has a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds that will help in capturing fast movements that are not usually taken by other cameras.

The 1080 HD with audio will make you feel like you were just a few feet away because of its recording capability.

The product has a 32-led long-ranged infrared flash that covers utmost 100 feet during night time, to optimize your night images.

The camera also detects movement in the scope of 80 feet.

You would not have to worry about running out of space and missing out great pictures because it automatically overwrites the oldest photos as well as videos to make room and fit the new ones.

This product captures wildlife activities without the creatures or animals knowing it’s there.

It has a multiple image mode selections on the 16×2 Tn that will help you maximize the preparations included for your hunting.

First, it has a time-lapse mode, a multi-shot mode that captures a burst of 1 to 3 images plus 3 triggered images, it also has a motion detect delay that can delay photo capturing after 5, 15 up to 1 minute and 5 minutes helping you in conserving the battery life of your camera.

It is also mobile compatible, it can be connected to Moultrie Mobile Field Modem. This way, you can view the actions taken by this wireless camera through your phone so that you can be updated to wherever the action is.

The product also has an optional password of four-digit code to be able to use and operate the camera, this keeps all of your pictures and videos safe and secure.

Pros and Cons

Moultrie M-Series Game Camera 2017 takes crisp photos. The infrared flash works very well, it captures clear photos even at night. The functions of the trail camera is easy to understand.

It works well even in deserts. It can survive even temperatures reaching up to 56 degrees C. Can work as a security camera around the outer part of the house or yard.

It records creatures that may be trampling your plants that you want to know. The trigger speed is fast that helps in capturing a creature’s fast movement that can help in making a way to respond in accordance to the creature annoying you and trampling on your beloved grass.

Because of its sensitivity, it can capture pictures that contain nothing but most of all, the product captures something that triggers it. It can sometimes it can be very sensitive and sometimes not sensitive enough.

However, the instructions were not clear enough so you might have a little bit of trouble setting up. The product’s trigger time is not as fast as expected.

The function buttons may be confusing because of the confusing instructions. If you are new to this kind of product, you may have a hard time setting it up which makes it time-consuming.

The camera’s vertical alignment cannot be adjusted so it will always face parallel to the ground if placed in a ground-level area. Moisture can fog and get into the LEDs, making the buttons quite difficult to get to function. The pictures could turn out fuzzy, in lack of sharpness and blurry at times too. Problems will be addressed at once.


To be able to connect your camera to your mobile phone, you will need a Moultrie Mobile Field Modem which is sold separately. With this combination, you will have access and information brought to your phone even when you are away from the setup.

An 8 GB memory card can also be more than enough for users like you and it is useful that the camera has its self-adjustments when the storage is already full.

For easier setup and if you cannot quite understand the instructions, you can always ask help from friends who know how to operate cameras like this.

You might sometimes mistake that the camera is already broken but sometimes it is how you set it. It will be a perfect partner for your outdoor photography passion.