10 Best Waterproof Trail Camera


To continue the documentation in a wildlife area whether it is raining or shining, researchers and hunters need to use a game and trail camera that can satisfy and enhance their works.

Documenting when it is raining or foggy is a big challenge or burden to every researcher and animal hunters. Keeping beautiful footage of their research is a significant thing. Game Trail cameras are commonly used in wildlife areas, but it can also be used in home security system and surveillance.

Rainy season is not applicable for the researchers to film with regular cameras and they need to remove their cameras from the treestand, in this case, they might miss much breathtaking footage from the area. To prevent this unfortunate condition, here are some of the recommended waterproof cameras with excellent features for the hunters to choose.

Below are the best waterproof trail cameras with their features and are not best for wildlife but also for home surveillance. Choosing from these best waterproof camera is a high responsibility because the risk of beautifully captured images and videos are in this affiliate.

1Bestguarder Trail Camera IP66

There are two styles of Bestguarder IP66 Trail Camera; the DTC 880V and SG009 where both products shook the market up as these brands made their name to the public for being very popular regarding hunting and scouting.

The purpose of both styles is the same; they only differ in the color and shape.

This camera can detect any movement from up to 75 feet so the user can place the camera off the beaten path where animals are far and less incident of camera thieves.

The IP66 trail camera comes with a wide range of tracking style option. There is an audio feature, and you can choose between trail mode and time-lapse mode.

IP66 Trail Camera can handle a good amount of acute weather while capturing and delivering crystal clear photos and videos.

To save battery for this camera, there are options of 8, 5 or 2MP resolution that can produce vibrant images and recordings.

For a wildlife hunter, the video is a tremendous asset to consider, IP66 is delivering 1920x1080p to make any videos look like a film.

For the storage of this camera, it is compatible with high-volume SD cards that accept up to 32MB so you can use it for weeks or even months without worrying.

For the user’s convenience, the device weighs 11.9 ounces only because it is composed of lightweight composite materials.


  • The images and videos produced are not affected by daytime or nighttime so the user can have a very thrilling outcome when it is installed correctly.
  • There is an illumi-night sensor of the camera that can produce high photos at night because of its regular lens.
  • This camera can capture pictures while recording video at the same time due to its hybrid mode.
  • Battery usage is quite excellent because it is low powered and can go down to 2MP.


  • A little concern for warranties and returns due to an unrecognizable brand.
  • The user needs to enter the GPS function manually.
  • The casing looks like plastic, so it is not recommendable for home surveillance.
  • IP66 Trail Camera only supports memory cards that have up to 32MB.

2YKS Hunting Trail Game Camera

YKS Hunting Trail Game Camera is one of the best waterproof trail cameras.

It has a micro SD card with a maximum storage of 32GB, 12 MP, 1080P HD, with the triggering distance of 25 meters.

This waterproof camera can standby up to eight long months with 46 pieces LED infrared for night recordings, and IP56 spray water protection.

Being the wider view angle game camera, it has three modes; photo, video, and video plus a photo with natural operation process.

Equipped with the reliable performance of 12 megapixels, this camera can capture brightly colored images each time a motion is detected during the day and takes up to three photos per detection.

The triggering speed of this camera is 0.2 seconds which can ensure every detected movement from the subject is captured accurately and quickly and is also documented in real time.

The camera is designed with 3 PIR that makes sensing angle reach 120 degrees.

With 850NM built in this camera, it has a very low glow red flash which produces bright and beautiful images.

YKS hunting trail camera is not just for wildlife purposes, but it is also advisable for home security, surveillance, and scouting game because it records clear video and sound from three seconds to 10 minutes video length.


  • Has a big LCD screen and the design is water protected with IP56.
  • The battery life lasts up to eight months with 8AA batteries.
  • Support expand functionality with 5V 1A/2A adaptor jack for the solar panel charging.
  • Avoid producing a bright flash that scares animals away when taking images.


  • Supports memory cards that have up to 32MB.
  • A little concern for warranties and returns due to an unrecognizable brand.

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3LDesign Hunting Trail Camera

Looking for a no glow trail camera? The LDesign 1080P HD Hunting Camera is the best choice on the list. It has a 12MP surveillance camera with an infrared sensor.

LDesign Trail Camera is one of the best waterproof game cameras for scouting and hunting.

The camera’s built-in LCD color screen gives adjustable PIR sensitivity, a programmable delay between motion, time lapse, and multi-shot for up to seven photos per trigger. It supports up to 32GB of SD card.

This camera is not just waterproof, but it is also weatherproof level. The vast space of battery contains two sets of 6AA batteries and can standby up to eight long months.

This camera has menu interface where the camera will turn off automatically for five minutes without any keypad operation.

With a high resolution and fantastic recording performance, this camera has 52 degrees FOV lens and 90 degrees PIR angle that captures 12 megapixels by day or night. It produces a bright photos or videos from day to night.

The operating temperature of this camera is -30 percent to 60 percent with a storage temperature of 5 percent to 90 percent.

The images produce of the camera is automatically in JPEG format and AVI format for the videos or recordings.

The camera’s trigger time starts from 0.8 seconds to one second with a trigger interval of five seconds to seven seconds.

With great real night vision distance, the LDesign trail camera has 42 pieces of invisible IR LEDs which offer 20 meters real night vision.


  • LDesign Hunting Trail Camera is extremely easy to use and very durable.
  • This camera offers not only waterproof but weatherproof feature.
  • Up to 65 feet of real night vision distance from outdoor wildlife.
  • 5-60 seconds programmable video length.
  • Long standby time.


  • Unlike other cameras, it only supports 6AA batteries.
  • Only accepts 32GB SD card.

4FullLight Tech Trail Camera

With a trigger speed of 0.6-0.8 seconds, this full light tech trail camera can produce up to nine images per trigger with continuous shooting.

This camera is a no glow trail camera with a sensor distance of 75 feet that make the user get more database for the research.

For the convenience of the user and to view the images or videos directly from the camera, the full light tech has built-in 2.0″ color LCD screen.

This trail camera does not have the only PIR for the temperature sensor, but it also has a motion detection function, and it is best recommended for research for cold-blooded animals. The effective capture distance of this camera is 10 feet at the same time in PIR mode.

Removing the card and changing batteries without taking the camera down is one of the best features of this camera through its humanization design.

There are six kinds of working modes in this camera; taking photos, recording videos, capturing pictures at the same time recording videos, timer, time lapse, and motion detection.

It has a built-in 36 pieces IR LEDs for a high quality of videos and images for day and night shots with 12MP and 1080P HD and 16GB.

This type of waterproof camera is not only used for wildlife research but also useful for home security surveillance.


  • Easy and convenient.
  • With GPS geotag function and time stamp.
  • Saved power and SC card storage space.
  • Shows eight available languages.
  • Survive with heavy rain.


  • Lesser storage for only 16 GB.
  • Limited resolution of the LCD screen.

5Bestguarder HD Trail Camera

The Bestguarder HD Trail Camera Waterproof IP66 is also best for hunting ghosts because of its night vision feature.

With 12MP image and 1080P Video, it can take a scene from 23 meters distance.

The camera has a trigger speed of 0.65 seconds that can produce up to nine pictures per trigger with high-quality full-color resolution.

This Bestguarder HD camera allows capturing images and record videos in daytime and color black and white at night through its 36 pieces Black IR LED.

The ICR for this camera is motorized for color pictures and videos during day and night and provides illumi-night sensor and triggered by movement.

There are camera modes that allow the user to use this camera conveniently; PIR camera or video, capture an image while recording video, time-lapse, and motion detection.

The patented motion detect function of the camera is also useful for cold-blooded animals and surveillance.

With a hybrid model, this camera can capture full-resolution pictures and videos on every trigger.

The time-lapse mode of this Bestguarder HD can preset time intervals regardless of the motion detected. Every image taken has barometric pressure, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID stamp.

If the user wants to lower the quality of the picture, they opt to choose from 8MP, 5MP, and 2MP to occupy less of the storage space. The password protection feature of this camera is a big help for the users to have secured control of the camera.


  • With multiple modes for different purposes.
  • Waterproof for outdoor use.
  • Detected by a sensitive PIR motion sensor.
  • With adjustable megapixel feature.


  • PIR motion sensor can take additional images not used for the research.
  • With sensor sensitivity, a possibility of recognizing strong winds is present.

6TEC. BEAN Trail Camera

TEC. BEAN Game and Trail Camera has a high resolution with 12MP and can capture 1-9 images per trigger through the trigger speed of 0.6-0.85 seconds.

This camera allows taking full-color photos and videos during day and night time with 36pcs 940nm black IR LED.

This camera can record from a distance of 75 feet or 23 meters far. Aside from being waterproof, it can also protect from raining, moist, and sand.

Password protected feature is another guarantee of this trail camera that can assure the users for security and surveillance.

It has five capture modes; photo, video, time-lapse, photo plus video, and motion detection that can help the users to the documentation or wildlife research.

This TEC.BEAN Trail Camera is not only for hunting and animal observation but can also be useful for indoor surveillance.

The images captured will automatically be seen in JPEG format. The user can worry less about the camera thieves because this camera supports an anti-theft lock to add strength protection. You can also use this camera for security purposes.

It has 2.0″ display screen LCD, and an image sensor with a memory SD card support up to 32GB.

This camera has a long night vision range and can take image and record videos with a clear and high-resolution outcome. The camera’s motion detection has a proper mode for different purposes.


  • This camera offers seven different languages.
  • With large storage space.
  • Password protected.
  • High resolution and fast trigger speed.
  • Comfortable to set-up with its compact size.


  • Lesser battery life.
  • PIR motion sensor can take additional images not used for the research.
  • With sensor sensitivity, a possibility of recognizing strong winds is present.

7LESHP Game and Trail Camera

With 12MP image and 1080 HD video resolution, LESHP Game or Trail Camera can capture brightly color pictures or videos of footage during the day and produces black and white at night.

This can be appropriately hidden through it no-glow and invisible black LED flash with a camouflage exterior.

It has a long trigger distance with 0.4-second trigger speed, and a built-in 42pcs IR LED that provides 66 feet of nighttime vision.

Aside from being waterproof with IP66, LESHP trail camera is also dustproof with 2.4″ LCD screen and an 8AA battery that lasts up to six months on standby.

Beneficial features include; passive infrared sensor, two PIR design for sensing angle, and has a maximum of 20 degrees.

LESHP Trail Camera is very convenient with three modes in it; capturing images, recording videos, and taking pictures while recording.

Among all the three camera modes, the user can choose in what way can offer them better modification and excellent wildlife shooting.

As this camera has a camouflage exterior, the user is resting assured that the animals being registered will not notice the presence of the camera.

Every detail of the footage is undoubtedly be recorded without missing any great opportunities because of its fast trigger speed.

In worrying about the camera’s durability, the camera can stand harmful elements of nature for a couple of days or weeks in the treestand.


  • Faster trigger speed.
  • There are multiple usages; home surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and scouting game.
  • Battery life lasts long.
  • Password protected.
  • Effortless to install and user-friendly.


  • The low battery alarm can catch the attention of thieves or can startle animals.
  • The user will be only able to utilize full HD unless he/she shoot for possum.

8Elepawl Hunting Trail Camera

From 12MP ordinary trail cameras, Elepawl Hunting Trail Camera is upgraded into 16MP with 1080 HD high resolution.

From 3MP, this camera is programmable to 5MP, 8MP, 12MP, and 16MP high-quality images and video recordings.

Each time the motion is detected of wild footage during the day, it produces brightly colored pictures and a black and captures for nighttime. Elepawl trail camera supports three to five seconds of video length.

It is not a no glow product camera, but instead, it is a low glow infrared technology equipped with 46 pieces infrared LEDs and 850NM with very low glow red flash, and it avoids producing a bright flash that scared the animals and pushes them away from the area.

TF Card or micro SD card with a minimum of 32GB is offered in this camera for the storage space.

Elepawl hunting game or trail camera has a unique sensor design that provides the camera with 120 degrees wide detection angle and a breakneck trigger speed of 0.2-0.6 trigger speed which assures the user that there will be no missing footage in the documentation because each movement is detected.

This camera can record footage from 65 feet with 3 PIR design, and it makes the sensing angle reach 120 degrees.

There are three modes of this camera; taking photos, recording videos, and photo plus video because of the built-in LCD screen display.

Powered by 8AA batteries, this camera supports multi-shot, interval, password protection, time-lapse, timer, timestamp, serial, TV out, and an alarm for low battery.


  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Password protected.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Multiple uses; home security, wildlife monitoring, scouting game, and surveillance.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Built-in microphone.


  • The low battery alarm can catch the attention of thieves or can startle animals.
  • Only supports low glow feature.
  • Occupies more of the storage space.

9LESHP IP56 Wildlife Trail Hunting Game Camera

A 2.4″ LCD screen allows LESHP wildlife trail camera to easy navigation and mode selection.

The camera modes include; photo, video, and photo plus video, and it supports multi-shots, intervals, password protection, time-lapse, timer, timestamp, serial, TV out, and alarm and low power notification.

The unique sensor design gives this game or trail camera with 120 degrees wide detection angle and a 0.2-0.6 trigger speed which assures the user that every movement of the footage is detected and documented in real time.

The user can have an efficient shooting for up to 20 meters far with 3 PIR design that operated the sensing angle.

With a built-in microphone, the camera can record all noises and sounds of the animals and the surroundings.

This camera produces high-quality resolution pictures and videos with brightly color photos captured during daytime and a black and white during nighttime because of the 16MP resolution and 1080 HD features. It supports 3 minutes to 10 minutes video length.

With a very low glow red flash caused by 46 pieces infrared LEDs and 850NM, LESHP wildlife trail camera can take beautiful pictures that elude from producing bright light flash which scares the animals from taking photos and recording videos.

This waterproof trail camera supports 8AA battery and can store up to 32GB for TF card or micro SD card with eight months of cell in standby mode.


  • Built-in microphone.
  • Password protected.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Long lasting battery life span.
  • Longer video length.
  • Adjustable resolution for images and videos.


  • Only supports low glow feature.

10Distianert DH-8 Wildlife Game Trail Camera

An impressive 0.6 seconds trigger speed makes this Distianert DH-8 wildlife trail camera fast when capturing images where the user will not miss any breathtaking or dull footage of the documentation and it can take up to three pictures each time.

With its 12MP and 1080P HD feature, it can capture bright and colorful images by day and black and white during nighttime with sounds.

This camera is perfectly made for hunting and documenting in the jungle with the wild animals.

This is different from other cameras because it has a perfect detection and flash range of 125 degrees and 80 feet.

Its low-glow black covert LED lights reach up to 65 feet flash range in the dark which do not invade the habitat of the animals present in the area.

The built-in presetting of Distianert DH-8 wildlife trail camera is ideal for most of the wildlife application whether it is used on trail or nest sites. Another feature that made it easier to use is the 2.4 inch LCD screen.

This camera is capable of saving battery with its 8AA batteries that lasted up to eight months. In storage wise, this camera can store up to 32GB of images and videos with micro SD card.

With its IP56 waterproof feature, it can be used whether it is raining or shining and this camera can be left outdoors or in a treestand for a long time.


  • User-friendly and easily installed.
  • Incredible durability.
  • Super-fast trigger speed.
  • Equipped with low-glow LED lights.
  • High quality day and night capture.


  • Not secured with a password.