ACR GlobalFix Pro 406 Review


Emergency locator beacon or also known as the rescue beacon is a radio-frequency device that is used to locate persons, things, vessels, airplanes, or even wild animals. Rescue beacon is a device that finds anything in distress and need of immediate rescue.

Features and Benefits

GlobalFix Pro 406 is one of the best GPS trackers in the market that relays a distinctive registered signal that not only tells rescuers where you are but also identifies who you are. It can also be used in tracking wildlife activities to locate animals in the area.

This device would perfectly pair to your trail camera while you are hunting. The moment that the local search and rescue is situated, a discrete signal and integrated LED strobe light guides the rescuers to your exact location.

This rescue beacon offers a built-in global positioning system that will automatically turn on and acquire your position upon activation. It utilizes a strong 406 MHz signal to relay your distress call to orbiting satellites. The 406 MHZ transmission gives you the ease of knowing your EPIRB will work when you need it the most.

The GPS test mode will allow you to test the internal GPS receiver to make it sure that it is working. This device is energy efficient as it offers highly-visible LED strobe. It has a fast and cold start with its internal 66 channel GPS.

Similar to the Armcrest AM-GL300 V3 tracker, it could give you high performance that you can count on because it provides high and efficient electronics.  The design of this GlobalFix Pro 406 is a professional-grade, engineered, tested and built for years of abusive marine use. It features a rich EPIRB, ergonomic and compact design.

GlobalFix Pro 406 uses a high impact UV resistant polymer as a material. It is a waterproof device. Therefore, you can use it 33 feet at ten minutes underwater, similar features can be seen on Arcoss 360 tracker. This is powered by class two, non-hazmat lithium battery. The storage temperature must be -30°F to + 158°F or -34°C to +70°C.

The operating temperature runs from -4°F to +131°F or -20°C to +55°C for Class 2 batteries. Battery life lasts for 48 hours minimum @ -4°F or -20°C when fully charged. It is useful in an extended range of wildlife hunting. Its efficient electronics helps you locate and trace the animals in the area.


  • It provides a very good unit.
  • It is the best item for cruising boat.
  • This device is beneficial during emergencies.
  • Can be used underwater as it is a waterproof device.
  • It is easy to use and has a compact design.
  • Extremely effective and reliable.
  • Has great technical support.


  • It takes a while to register it to NOAA.


Global Fix Pro 406 is best recommended for people who want to make the most of their cruising. The best customers for this product are those who are sailing as their everyday life. This is a helpful device for any customers. It can rescue and help those who have a medical emergency while on board.

The EPIRB serves as the signal for the people who need to be saved. It can also be a useful device for an airplane in case they lost track in it. Even for people, it is a valuable device to search and rescue during an emergency. This would also help them in tracking and locate the animals inside the detection range, just like how the Americaloc GL300W tracker works.

We cannot predict nor are we not prepared for any emergencies that are coming. Thus, it is essential to store GlobalFix Pro 406 for a faster search and rescue operation. To be emergency ready, especially when you are sailing on a daily basis, it is essential to have this rescue beacon as it will give a peace of mind while you are in the sea.

The rescue team will automatically locate you for help in case of an emergency. In tracking animals, it is essential to ensure their safety and location. Prevention will always be better than cure. This rescue beacon will ensure your safety wherever you go.