Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential Review

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Getting the most of a trail camera can be done with the 12MP Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera. This is actually considered to be the best friend of most hunters. Once this is set up properly, it can really be advantageous for the whole process of hunting.

This is a challenge though without the right gadget on hand. This would affect even the quality of the images captured. Do not let a cheap game camera compromise the quality of your footages.

Capturing a partial body shot is not the easiest undertaking, but it is possible. It would only take a matter of having the right trail camera. In this case, it is the Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera.


The color resolution is full of 12MP quality. It also goes with an auto day and night sensor.

 There is a PIR sensor which is motion-activated in nature. It can be set into 45’ Field Scan time-lapse which may take images at whatever intervals are set. 

The trigger speed is 0.8 and this is programmable to whatever trigger interval is prepared.

It may run to a year with the perfect set of batteries and be sturdy whatever the weather is. The SD card slot functions well.

The temperature range is from 5 degrees to that of 140 degrees. The LEDs are 32 low-glow, 12MP camera, and is filled with Field Scan technology.

This game camera is functional for it captures high-resolution color images even prior to switching black and white at night or whatever is your preferred image. The video mode has the capacity to record footage coming from 1 to 60-second clips with that of the audio.

The technology is 2x better and allows users to program whatever windows of time lapse capture are available. You will see this at the present intervals and from a minute down to 60 minutes. It can be operated with 8 AA batteries and a 32GB SD.

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Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential Benefits

This Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera is an essential model that comes with the basic features.

It deserves its high rating and price. Needless to say, the quality of the photos is beyond expectations.

The motion detection goes with a bonus because of the interval based on the photos taken. This would work well on a game trail. The set-up of the box is intuitive in nature.

Pros and Cons

It would help a lot for you to understand the totality of Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera. Read this section to know the pros and cons of this game camera.


There are great details and color for the daylight photos. You would clearly see this in the 5mp and 6mp resolution of the images.

Thus, it allows you to take images of what you see exactly with your own eyes. The instructions are downloadable with firmware to guide you through the setup process of the game camera.

Distance would not be a hindrance to taking decent photos. The LED works well even at night. This would allow you to capture images of your targets clearly. You can still take images even if you are 30 feet away from the subject. 

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On the downside, holding your trail camera might give you blurred shots and footages. For best results, you should set up your game camera on a flat surface, or on a tripod, as necessary, to capture moving objects effectively. 

Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential

Trail cameras are not only for hunters. They are useful for wildlife enthusiasts. You should consider all of these and more when buying the best game camera for your next hunting session.