Stealth Cam G30 Review

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Finding the best trail camera is a challenge these days, but it is possible. Just take a look at the Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera. If you stumble upon the wrong one, chances are, you will have a hard time setting it up.

Good thing, you can not settle for this. There is a trail camera that works perfectly for your needs. The features of Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mm Trail Camera is beyond compare. Keep reading this Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera Review to know more helpful information. 


The Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera comes with an 8.0-megapixel camera packed with an HD video recording function. The reflex trigger ranges from 30IR Emitters to 80ft. wide.

There is also a Matrix Blur Reduction of 5 seconds. The programming for the backlit goes with a menu for easy understanding. The capability for a manual shot is beyond compare.

It also goes with a secure lock password protection and a capacity to handle 32GB of SD Card. 

There is an output for USB video, which can also be set as test mode. This game camera is definitely a leader in the scouting camera innovation. You can enjoy all these features without breaking the bank.

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If you are planning to buy this trail camera, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Let us start with the pros. 

This camera may produce the best night and day pictures. It is user-friendly so you can use this even if you are a beginner in hunting. Even amateur hunters would find delight in owning and using it eventually.

 The speed of this game camera is of high quality; it is also durable. Its flexibility is quite impressive. This is a smaller version compared with other cameras in the market.

The life of this game camera’s battery is reliable enough. It still stays strong even after a month of usage. The image size may reach 16×9. Swapping batteries is a breeze because of its removable battery.

The LED display makes everything visible. It functions well even in low light. You can produce amazing HD videos using this game camera. 


This game camera does not come with a strap. It may be attributed to the fact that it features a snap buckle. This can be used as a guide in using the Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mm Trail Camera.  

As a user, you should also know the importance of placing this trail camera in areas that go well with tall foliage. Make sure nothing blocks the area for it may always interfere with the camera.

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Morning sun, for instance, may light and warm up leaves. This would eventually cause movement.

The trail camera should also be placed north or south as much as possible. If it is to be placed on the west or east, the result may be washed out photos.

You would not want to get this effect. That is why more often than not, the effectiveness of an equipment does not solely depend on how it is made, but how it is also used.