8 Tips to Turn Your Trail Camera into Home Security System


Gone are the days when trail cameras are only used for hunting bucks and wildlife photography. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are switching to trail cameras to use for their home security system.

If hunting season is over and you find your trail camera gathering dust at the back of the cabinet, why don’t you consider turning it into your home security camera? Trail camera as security cameras is effective, reliable, and easy to set up.

Just like setting up your trail camera in the forest, there’s no difference with mounting your trail camera in your property. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about your scent anymore.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can turn your trail camera into the home security camera using the following eight expert tips.

Why Should You Use Trail Camera as a Home Security Camera?

Here are the following advantages that you should consider by turning your trail camera into a security camera:

  • It can help you save money. You don’t need to buy a new set of CCTV cameras to protect your property. All you need to do is set up your trail camera, and you’re good to go.
  • Trail cameras can be easily hidden. Compared to standard home security cameras, trail cameras are designed to blend with the surroundings. Therefore, you can easily hide your trail camera in one of the crevices or posts in your house. The thief or anyone will never know that there is a trail camera installed in one of the corners of your property.
  • It notifies you of the problem immediately. If you use trail cameras with wireless download feature, it will automatically send pictures directly to your phone if it detects movement from a distance. Imagine if the thief is breaking in your house and the trail camera sends picture real-time, you have a chance to capture the burglar and turn him over to the police.
  • It is easy to use. Compared to other security camera systems, setting up your trail camera is easy and hassle-free. Hiding your camera in the forest is one thing, but in your house, it’s easy as washing dishes. You have to make sure that you angle it to areas where burglars are most likely to break in and let the trail camera blend with its surroundings.

The Importance of Home Security Camera

Studies revealed that one in every five crimes took place at the victim’s house or near their property. Aside from that, every 3.7 seconds, property crime is happening all over the world.

So, if you are contemplating if you should install a home security camera or not, you should think twice. You are 33% less likely to be attacked if you have a game home security camera system. And why take your chances of being the next victim if you can turn your trail camera into a security camera?

This is important, especially if you have little kids. You need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your family. Therefore, installing a home security camera must be considered by every homeowner.

You will never know, but a trail camera turned into a home security system can save your life one day.

10 Tips to Turn Your Trail Camera into Home Security System

Here are the following tips that you should keep in mind if you are planning to turn your trail camera into a security camera for your property:

1Determine your purpose

First things first, you need to determine the purpose of why you should set up the trail camera as a security camera. For instance, if you want to catch a trespasser in your property, you must opt for a trail camera with no glow flash.

In that way, the trespasser wouldn’t notice that he is being recorded when he barges into your property again. Aside from that, similar to how you should hide your trail camera in the forest, make sure that your trail camera is not visible when you set it up.

You don’t want to announce to the trespasser that you have a security system in your house otherwise they would find a blind spot.

2Hide your trail camera wisely

Just like how you set up your trail camera in the woods, there are various ways in which you can set up your device in your property:

  • Hide the trail camera in a bird cage. If you have a birdcage in your house, you can eliminate the hard part of looking for the perfect place to hide your trail camera. All you need to do is place the camera inside the cage, angle it so that it can record anyone stepping inside your property and wait patiently.
  • Mount the camera in a tree’s sub-branches. Properties with huge trees can make use of the branches when mounting their trail cameras. Since it’s not in the forest, you don’t need to worry about the wind knocking off your trail camera unattended. Using the straps, tie your camera in one of the sub-branches and ensure that it detects range is geared towards where you suspect the burglar or trespasser might enter.
  • Blend the camera with its surroundings. If you have a trail camera with a camouflage skin, you can make use of it if you’ve got no trees or bird cages to hide your camera. By simply blending your camera with its surroundings, you can catch a thief without them knowing it. For instance, you can install it in your garage or a wooden post in your porch.
  • Hide it in your window pane. If you want your trail camera to stay protected, you may hide it in your window pane. It will keep your trail camera from the harsh elements of nature. Aside from that, replacing the batteries or viewing the pictures can be done at the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that the lens or any part of the camera’s body is not visible through the window from the outside of your property.
  • Install it on a light-post. For people who want to cover a wider range, you should consider installing your game camera on a light-post. Aside from the fact that the burglar will not be able to detect it immediately, it can cover up to five houses within. This will help you keep not just your property, but also your neighborhood safe.

3Make sure that the time stamp is on

The court recognizes pictures from a trail camera evidence. Therefore, you need to make sure that the time stamp of your camera is on. It will help you determine what time the trespasser decided to break in your property. Aside from that, it can support your claims when you reach out for the police’s help to catch the trespasser.

4Make sure that your trail camera is within the shade

Similar to how you make sure that your trail camera is facing north so the glaring light of the sun wouldn’t trigger the trail camera, you have to ensure that yours is within the shade. In that way, the heat and the wind movement wouldn’t trigger your trail camera and drain the battery fast.

5Features your trail camera must have

If you are still about to purchase a trail camera to use for your home’s security system or you have an old trail camera that you are no longer using, here are the following features that the device must have:

  • No glow flash

This is an important feature to consider. A trail camera with no glow flash does not generate any light when capturing photos at night. Since the chances of the burglar breaking into your house during nighttime are relatively high, you must consider a trail camera with a no glow flash. In that way, the culprit will never notice that he is being filmed while on the action.

  • Cellular capability

If you are planning to leave your house for a long time, say, a month, you should consider a trail camera with cellular capability. In that way, the device can send you pictures and videos that it had captured in real-time, allowing you to monitor your property even if you are hundreds of miles away.

This feature comes in handy as it can eliminate the hassle of unmounting your trail camera to see if it has captured someone entering the house or not. Aside from that, frequently checking your trail camera may give its location to the thief. Some thieves observe the property at daytime to know the best way to break into your house when darkness comes.

  • Video mode

While photos are great, video clips of the burglar entering your house may help you to catch the thief more effectively. Most trail cameras can record a 90-second clip once it has detected motion within the range. Video clips can act as evidence when you’re facing security issue in your property.

Also, you may want to consider purchasing a trail camera with a video and accompanied audio. These clips will give the details that you can use to capture the thief.

  • HD quality

A trail camera that can produce the high-definition quality of images is important if you’re planning to use it as a security camera. Nothing is more frustrating than capturing the burglar but not being able to see his or her face because of the low-quality photo.

  • Motion sensor range

Every trail camera has motion sensor range. But not all trail cameras have wide motion sensor range. Having a wide motion sensor range in your security camera can be incredibly useful as it can detect the culprit even from afar. Angling it properly will help you to cover your property more for fuller security.

6Avoid checking your security camera frequently

As what we’ve mentioned above, you should not check your trail camera now and then. It will only alert the burglars of the position of the camera, and they will try to avoid it. If your trail camera a cellular capability, that’s better.

But if it doesn’t have, minimize checking your trail camera up to thrice a week only. Exceptions can be only made for emergencies wherein you have to check if your trail camera has caught footage of the culprit.

7Invest in a security box

If by any chance, the burglar knows that you have installed a security camera in your property, you should consider investing in a security box.

Some thieves are not contented with avoiding the camera and looking for blind spots. Some of them will try to destroy the camera so it can’t record any evidence when they barge into the house.

Therefore, securing your trail camera in a security box is crucial. And opt for a trail camera with a security code so that no one can access the device and delete the pictures that could serve as evidence if the situation calls.

8Make use of the solar panel

If you’re placing your trail camera near the roof, above the light-post, or anywhere high on the level, you should make use of the solar panel. As long as your camera has an external port, you can draw energy from the sun to power your camera.

This will free you from the hassle of replacing the batteries. All you need to do is check the pictures that it has captured as your camera continues to function smoothly.


It’s amazing how useful a trail camera could be. Aside from wildlife photography and hunting, you can also make use of it to protect yourself and your loved ones.

For this coming off hunting season, you will probably steer away from the forest. Take advantage of the season and use your trail camera as a security camera. The thieves will never take an offseason when they broke into someone’s house. Don’t be the next victim of a robbery and other property crimes.

Let us know what you think and methods you’ve used in turning your trail camera into a security camera by leaving a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.