Wildgame Innovations Blade X8 Review


Features and Benefits

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One of the few good things with Blade X8 Lights Out is the one-second trigger speed that would not miss any little footage. This trail camera is considered as one of the most affordable trail cameras in the market and it is powered by the 8-AA cell power option which gives the capability to produce 30,000 photos during the film. The detection range is 50 feet, and it has a no-glow IR flash.

The camera offers two modes; flextime and time-lapse, which enables you to take a sequence of photos at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. With three resolution settings of 2MP to 6MP CMOS sensor, Blade X8 Lights Out give you average image quality.

It produces good quality photos and can record 30 seconds video. The wide-angle lenses of the camera can capture pictures and record video to record changes that take place slowly over time. It performs well concerning the detection circuit.

Blade X8 Lights Out trailed the universal standard of power options. It is powered by 8AA batteries and a choice of any rechargeable battery. It supports a 32GB SD memory card. The camera is operated with 36 no-glow IR LED to ease a flash range of 50 feet.

It also belongs to the list of the best game cameras with IR LEDs. The IR LED feature takes an excellent daytime image. Another feature that the users may consider is it puts the date, time, temperature, and location information in every single image captured.

The flextime mode that the camera offers lets you capture pictures whenever a moment is detected. It provides 720P for video resolution. This camera can record or capture any kind animals within the detection area. It lifespan as a camera itself lasts for years accompanied with care in handling it.

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  • This camera is durable and reliable.
  • The images were taken in clear copy as well as the videos recorded.
  • Camera lifespan lasts for many years.
  • This device has a great resolution setting with CMOS sensor.
  • The camera is small in size that makes it convenient and durable anywhere you go, and there is no problem in setting up.
  • It offers the option to use any rechargeable batteries of your choice.
  • It is best as a home security camera.


  • The trigger speed is sometimes slow.
  • It is not a weatherproof device so you cannot use it during the rainy season.
  • The instructions for the camera are had to follow, and the cords which come with this are big enough for only the smallest of branches.
  • Some users of the product had found some difficulty using the menu operation and adjusting the settings.
  • It is easier to adjust the mount of the camera in any tree stand.
  • It allows recording a video, but it does not support any audio recording feature.
  • The camera is not recommendable to use during nighttime as it gives you a little blurry photo.
  • It tends to have shorter battery life than the other game cameras.

Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera is a product of Wild Game Innovations. The batteries required to operate is 8AA batteries or any rechargeable batteries. It has a product dimension of 7 x 4 x 3 inches. Unfortunately, the recovery time of this trail camera is not given by the manufacturer.

This device has the same detection range and a flash range of 50 feet. You can turn this game camera into your home security system whenever needed. It has a part number of t8i20 and a UNSPSC code of 45121500. It operates on C- cell batteries and supports up to 16 GB of SD/SDHC card. The SD memory card is not included in the package of the camera. The memory card is bought as another item.

Cost and Value

With the average quality produced by this camera, it complements the cost and value that it has. Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera is one of the cheapest game cameras that they offered. Since the cost of this camera is more affordable, it produces a decent picture quality that harmonizes to its price range.

The Wild Game Innovations offer pretty good image quality that values your cost. Upon purchasing this device, you must consider the budget, the camera’s specifications, battery life, storage, resolution, and detection range. When buying this camera, the memory card and batteries are not included in the package. It practices a low-key quality as it also offers a low-key cost.

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What this product is for

Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera is best for calm researchers or hunters. These cameras are for the customers who are contented with an average quality of pictures. This is not recommended for filmers and wildlife hunters that seek a high-resolution quality of image and videos. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily hide this game camera in the forest.

It is also highly recommendable for home security surveillance and other indoor or outdoor activities. Whether you need a hunting camera or a security camera in your house, this device would be a good choice.

This trail camera is best for those who want convenience in adjusting the mount into the tree stand as it gives timeliness to the user. Researchers and wildlife hunters may still use this device, or it may even be helpful to them in an average way.


This Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera from Wild Game Innovations with a cheaper cost makes it one of the best deals in the market. Its reliability, durability, and convenience built the customers contented and satisfied. For a wildlife researcher who’s looking for a low range game camera, you could think of Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera to meet your basic requirement or needs.

You can also consider this trail camera if you are looking for an affordable choice. It does not give a big difference for the quality of other high-priced cameras in the market. It does offer useful features that come with average outcomes. It may not be as reliable as other favorite brands but it can still help you and can meet the satisfaction you expected. Blade X8 Lights Out Trail Camera would be an excellent tool for any activities.