Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential E2 Review


Product Description

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera helps you watch and keep track of your favorite outdoor spot. It has 12 MP so you can assure that it takes high-quality photos with full-color resolution.

It has an auto-sensor that can trigger the camera into action by just movements, the sensor works both day and night. The trigger speed is fast and can capture in up to just 0.3 seconds.

Features and Benefits

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD has an auto sensor and can withstand temperature ranges of -5 degrees Fahrenheit up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It can sense movements that are happening nearby or even when it is far as long as it is within the range of 80 feet.

It is durable and a set of batteries may take up to 12 months to run out. Its web belt is adjustable so it can be customized as to how you like it. It has an SD card slot. This product can take 1 to 3 images per trigger.

Every photo captured by this camera comes with a stamp of the current day, date, temperature, moon phase and time. It has a time-lapse technology that takes photos at present intervals of one minute to one hour in your control of course. You can set it at your desired time.

The special feature of this product is that its simultaneous live trigger is active and is continuously take photos of anything that is sensed by movement. You can actually adjust the images per trigger in the quality and size that you want.

The product takes up to 720p videos and has a maximum megapixel of 12 as a resolution. Its infrared flash range can reach up to 80 ft. The product weighs 8.6 ounces and easy to carry.

The camera is also waterproof that is a great help especially when you want to film or capture something in swampy or wet areas. The LEDs might be visible but is not detected or rather ignored by creatures lurking at night.

Pros and Cons

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD can take photos up to 4000 and more in just a month and still have a full battery, it has a long battery life that will allow you to capture more photos and videos. Videos can be slow but it takes accurate ones.

The pictures and videos taken at night are still clear because of the flash. It can capture creatures you wanted to catch all your life. It may act as a security camera that lets you know what comes to your backyard at night. It captures clear night photos. The product is easy to set up and is inconspicuous in design.

However, nighttime photos can be blurry because the sensor might have a hard time adjusting to the movements of the creatures so basically it depends upon the subject.

The camera has a built-in logo but nevertheless, it can be easily cropped out if not desired. The video taken is limited to 15 seconds which may not satisfy the length you want but you can always take multiple videos but are saved as separate files. The day mode, however, doesn’t have a video limitation.


Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is exactly what you would want if you’re into adventures and hunting. It is easy to set up but if you are having a hard time installing the camera, you may need or seek help from friends who are knowledgeable.

You need to purchase the memory card separately because it does not come along with the camera. If you want to maximize your experience with this product, you may try to place it on areas that are more likely to have many movements.

You might need to have a preview of a certain picture in order for you to adjust the camera to your liking and to capture according to the angle you want for your wildlife hunting.