Aucee Review



Aucee – trail, and game hunting camera that is your best outdoor partner. It is designed to take pictures and record videos of wildlife, capturing their movement’s brilliance. It is best for monitoring the wildlife and for property surveillance.

It detects sudden changes in the ambient temperature of wildlife. Have some fun and capture all of what they do as soon as you place the device in its rightful location. This camera comes with a 2M belt that allows you to strap your camera to a tree. Have eyes at night that never sleeps and protect your properties from someone who sneaks around.

Aucee is a waterproof game camera up to IP56. It has a 5MP CMOS sensor. The file format for the image is .JPG, and .AVI for the video. The photo resolutions are 12MP: 4032×3024(interpolated), 8M: 3264×2448(interpolated), and 5M: 2592×1944.

And 1920×1080/15fps, 1280×720/30fps,  720×480/30fps; 640×480/30fps,  320×240/30fps for the video. It supports an internal memory of 8M x 16 SDRAM or external memory of 32GB TF card or Micro SD Card. The IR flash could reach up to 20 meters.

This camera will trigger motions at 65 feet or 20 meters and below 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius at the reasonable level. It triggers at 0.6 seconds when using the 4G TF card or Micro SD card. It has a trigger interval time of 5 seconds to 60 minutes, and it is programmable. Has 34 pcs LEDs. The video length could last from 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

Features and Benefits

The Aucee trail camera will grant you a 12MP full HD color images and 1080 HD video – resulting in excellent pictures with superb contrast and clarity with every fantastic detail of wildlife during the daylight. It is an excellent feature every trail camera must-have.

At night, it captures clear and crisp night shots in the black and white scene. It has an impressively fast short trigger speed of less than 1 second. It takes up to 3 photos per trigger. It ensures to capture each detected movement quickly and accurately.

You are guaranteed never to miss any of the action. It documents moments in real-time, and you will never miss any breath-taking wildlife activities.

With its 2.4 inches LCD screen, you are given every opportunity to view the pictures and replay the videos on the spot before starting the operation. You do not need to remove the SD card from the device and see the files on your personal computer.

This camera features its water-resistance of IP56 spray water protects the design. It is capable of operating in tough environments like a tropical rain forest. It protects your hunting camera from rain.

You would not be missing out what is walking or moving in front of your camera even at night. The device has a low glow infrared night vision feature with 34 pieces, 850nm infrared LEDs. The flash could reach as far as 65 feet or 20 meters with a low glow. It is best for wildlife monitoring without scaring the animals away and intruding their habitat. This makes the trail camera easy to troubleshoot in case something goes wrong.

Other features include the time-lapse setting and serial number setting. You can take pictures and record videos at every trigger events in “camera + video” mode. The serial number setting allows you to identify the location of the files. It offers its multiple usage, e.g., home security, wildlife monitoring, surveillance, and scouting game.


The camera is easy to set up. It has a screw hole on the bottom so you could be able to use it with a tripod if there are no trees to be hung with. It can be locked and be secured to a tree with cable and lock.  You might be impressed with the device’s build quality.

It is stable and looks and feels just as good as some of the more expensive cameras in the market. The English translation of the Simple Operating Instructions is good. There is no need to go through several pages of other languages. The primary instruction manual is clear and concise and in Standard English.

The camera housing is robust. It closes with an excellent weatherproof seal and two clips to secure that it is closed. It has a power port so you could run it off to central power or solar panel if desired.  A  USB port (with standard connections and a supplied cable) is available to allow you to download the photo/videos. You could also plug in to recharge the batteries if you chose to insert rechargeable batteries.

It offers lots of options so that you can customize it in accordance to your needs. May it be set to your preferred quality of images and videos, the length of the video, the inclusions of the photos, and whether photo/video capture should be limited to certain times of the day, and many more other options.

The trail camera records good quality photos and videos with audio even in the medium resolution setting.  The settings just depend on what you want to do. If you want, you can take high-quality pics and video which will run your memory down quickly and limit the time for recording.

But you can take lesser quality pics and video and be able to record for longer. Count in the timer function, allowing the camera to start and shut down at your chosen times.

The cam is in camouflage and rugged design which makes sense for its purpose. The color blended well with the tree bark, so the camera isn’t even noticeable – you have to be looking for it to see it. The sound of the photos being taken is silent, so it does not scare the animals.

You will be able to see what kind of wildlife is lurking around while you are not looking. You could also make the camera as surveillance or security. You will be able to see who is sneaking around your property.


This camera does not come with a memory card so you will need to get one. You might also find the operating switch as quite tiny and so it might be a bit fiddly and must be awkward for those people who have significant fingers.

Also, the mounting brackets that come with the camera might be cheap and do not stay tight. And this device takes 8 AA batteries to run with which is not cheap.

You might also notice that the instructions seems like it was printed from the internet, and are not clear.  You might find it hard to know exactly how to program it. Sometimes also you might experience that the camera tends to go off for no reason.

Another thing, the microphone located inside the unit might not pick up anything other than deafening sounds, and even then they are muffled. The picture quality also might not satisfy you even at the highest pixel setting. You might even find the camera as somewhat not user-friendly especially when removing the unit from its mount and opening it to shut down and review photos.


Aucee trail camera is recommended for the people who want good quality photos and videos. This is fit for those who love hunting or even those who wish to secure their properties. It also helps to improve safety hunting tips for those who are still starting their way in the forest.

If you want a hunting buddy that captures every breathtaking moment in the wild, then this product is for you. This product is also suitable for the people who do not mind about how much they could spend on the batteries as long as their demands are being satisfied by a particular product.