XIKEZAN R20 Review


Product Description

Xikezan Trail is a camera that is mostly used as a scouting camera is a trusted product by many users.

With its 50̊ detection angle and with its fast shutter speed of 0.8-1.2 seconds, you would then use this in many possible ways for its comprehensive capabilities that capture accurate and precise shots.

This trail camera equips 24 pcs of infrared LEDs that secludes illuminate and captures images up to 50 feet away even in the dark.

This trailing camera is a well-designed known for its good performance and built for long-time use is induced with 12 AA batteries that can standby up to 1 year which has a one year warranty.

This device has a 12 V power port, and a power supply is sold separately. This trailing and scouting camera is perfect for hunters, and it is designed to be weather resistant, this scouting camera is perfectly resistant to water and snow.

With the operating environment of 14 to 104 degF(-10 to deg C). 20-85% relative humidity and non-condensing which makes it a lot more perfect to be used by hunters or scouters.

Customers who bought this product also bought Sandisk 16GB Class SDHC Flash Memory Card-2 Pack SDSDB2L-016G-B35 Retail Package which makes it more perfect for saving the images and videos as much as you can. This camera can support up to 32 GB SDHC Card.

Features and Benefits

Xikezan trail and camera is very easy to set up, with the captured images that are imprinted with an info strip along the bottom of every image containing mode name, date, time, temperature, and moon phase, you would be able to keep it and go through with it anytime.

This camera which is built with a super-fast triggering speed or shutter speed makes it a lot more interesting which may be programmed up to 0.8-1.2 seconds, rest assured that your actual subject’s movement during documentation would be captured precisely and clearly.

The trigger or shutter can also be programmed to capture interval images up to 5 multi-shot that makes you more guaranteed to never miss even a single moment of your actions and trails along documentation.

This scouting camera is also induced to be superior in quality of the images and videos even in day or night.

With its 12 Megapixel image resolution that this camera is capable of capturing colored images in daytime or black and white in night time and with a 1080 HD video with sound, surely, your experience with this camera would make it a lot more helpful and fun to keep.

Adjustable resolutions are also available for both images and videos requiring storage memory.


Many of the consumers of such product had rated this to be 4.2 out 5 five stars. This camera is built to have a high detection & flash range.With a 50̊ feet detection angle and a 50 feet detection range, it would then capture high-quality images and videos.

It has 42 pcs low glow covert infrared flash LED which provides 50 feet extended range in the dark, which makes it suitable and perfect to be used outdoors and even in capturing wildlife that does not distract and affects natural habitats.

This camera is also actually perfect to be used as a surveillance camera indoors.

You can also use this for a long time when in outdoors for this can be installed with 8 AA batteries up to 12 AA batteries that makes it durable and trusted for keeping and capturing your desired memories.


Behind every positive comes some negatives. Several consumers have suggested and questioned few concerns with regards to the product.

Like the camera being sold but the SD card or memory card not being included along with the purchase and the consumer must purchase the memory card separately or may choose to buy the package one which includes the SD card and becomes an additional charge to the original price.

Another con is that this camera does not have a screen so the images and videos cannot be viewed directly or when in the field. Other users also doubt the cameras material and reliability.


This trailing camera is a well-designed known for its good performance and built for long-time use. This trailing and scouting camera are for hunters who want cameras that are waterproof and weather resistant.

It has high quality captured images and videos along with its very fast triggering speed that captures and documents every movement of your game.

It is designed to have a high quality of images and videos in both daytime and nighttime.

It’s a bummer that you’ll have to spare a few bucks for an SD card that is not included in the original price purchase of the camera and it doesn’t have a screen to view the captured images and videos directly. However, despite some negative reviews it manages to gain 4.2 out of 5 stars.