Spartan GoCam Review


Features and Benefits

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Spartan Go Cam, on its entirely deep camouflaged color, spits its sophisticated features as it is the latest introduced GoCam powered by AT&T. Exposing its advantages and exceptional characteristics as it leads the way to the new generation of trail cameras.

Manufactured carefully to ensure its durability, usability, and above all, outstanding performance. The IR LED array attached to the device provides illumination up to 70 feet and beyond for both on-point and crystal clear nighttime images and videos.

Similar to Cover trail game cameras, it produces images with high resolution up to 8 megapixels and videos with a 720p high definition. It has a trigger speed of 1.2 seconds enough to capture the phenomenon on its surrounding. Also, the camera has time-lapse programming affixed to its system and provides the time, date, temperature and moon phase on the ID stamp of the pictures

 It stands among others due to its high amount of customization. It has all-in-one design and easy installation for the convenience of the users. Also, the camera is powered by 12 AA lithium-ion batteries and is a standalone installation without tugging wires and no required external power source.

The batteries are arranged two bays so that each battery has its slot, thus eliminating the common problem of batteries unseating. It has a reasonably good detection range of 70 – 80 feet distance, making it an excellent choice for a variety of situations.

With the premium GoWireless service, users get access to a mobile application that permits them to remotely change and personalize the camera settings, monitor battery levels, change image size and delivery options and manage cloud storage.

The camera can be set to overwrite the oldest image saved on its SD card with the most recent photo if the memory card is already jampacked. You can also set your desired duty time so that it will not take pictures all the time with each different trigger intervals and time-lapse settings.

For optimum uses, an oversized rubber gasket on the front case half, as well as an oversized double-hinged latch that is easily operated with gloved hands, ensure a complete water-resistant seal.

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  • Firm Case Design- The camera is well wrapped on its sturdy case that adds to its rugged design. It makes it durable enough and allows it to stand for more extended periods even with the presence of water.
  • Power Saver- It has low resting power usage that can increase the battery life for extended use and prolong its life up to 30%.
  • Friendly User- The upgraded, installed software made easy to negotiate for convenience. Both beginners and professional users will find the program easy to follow without the complex operation commands.
  • Easy Access- It is supported with a GoWireless application that allows easier access in managing the device settings and has it more customized to match the users taste. Also, there is no SIM card to install, and any contract does not bind you. It works on a pay as you go service which allows you to activate, deactivate and reactivate as you please.
  • Picture Quality- It generates high-quality photography that can capture intruders and or the animals vividly even in the midst of the wild.
  • No Sim Card-, and thus it does not require full plan account which means less cost.


  • Battery Life- Despite its capability to save its power usage, its battery life is not that long due to its installed software that requires ample energy to function at its best. The batteries will last longer if the camera is mounted at a location with less traffic.
  • Trigger Speed- Compared to other trail cameras, its trigger speed is slower and a bit delay.
  • Compatibility- Since the SD card is not included in the purchase, you need to provide your own. Hence it does not recognize all types of memory cards.

Product Details

The deep camouflage trail colors make it more suitable for trail hunting instead of using it as home surveillance camera as goes along with the wildlife environment and the size of the device makes it easier to fit on your desired hiding spot.

Without the antenna, the unit measures 6” x 5” x 3.25” and weighs just under a pound, which is light enough for a trail camera. It has 2 inches internal viewing screen that allows the user to review and assess the photos.

Attached with Red Glow IR LED that can produce 8 megapixel interpolated photos. It has time lapse programming and provides the time, date, temperature and moon phase on the ID stamp of the pictures. Requires 12 AA lithium batteries and accepts up to 32 GB SD card.

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Who is the best customer for this product?

This game trail camera is suitably manufactured for those who are up to do ecological research for data gathering and surveillance at home or during wildlife activities and game hunting.

Spartan Go Cam is ready on the go to help hunters call for their hunts such as deer, turkey, predator or even those trespassers who wished to intrude your lawn at home. It works more than just surveillance, but also it somehow let you feel secure having seen what goes in and out of your premises.


Spartan HD Go Cam is one of its manufacturer’s pride as it never fails to stand out from other trail and game hunting cameras. Its large detection zone that enables to cover up even from a distance, excellent and high definition pictures and video with audio recording and the durability of the device magnified by its well-engineered hardware design will ignite any game hunter or anyone who is a wildlife enthusiast to dive in for their next deer hunting.

Plus, the fact that it doesn’t bound by a cellular card highlights its features. The friendly user program will encourage you more to grab one. This device is not thoroughly recommended for home surveillance use because of its physique attributes and the red infrared glow at night might easily give away its location.