Primos Proof Cam 02 Review


Product Description

The trail camera from Primos is designed to give hunters the most reliable camera with all the features that could help them capture and showcase the beauty of wildlife.

This camera is also used for security and surveillance purposes too.

It has a 12 MegaPixel camera that allows its user to capture excellent quality images with a professional look.

Also, it can also create High Definition Videos with amazing audio quality.

Similar to the Moultrie trail camera, it does also include a High Definition time-lapse that could help you make creative shots at specific intervals that could enhance the quality of your shots.

Just like the BlazeVideo no glow camera, this model has 48 850nM Low Glow LEDs that has an additional feature of 100 feet night range and an astounding lightning fast trigger speed of 0.4 seconds that gives this camera the ability never to miss any single animal.

So whether you are out of nowhere, you do not have to worry about getting some amazing pictures. This camera is run by 8 AA Batteries which could last up to 9 months of regular use.

This camera also offers a 1.1″ character LCD screen that allows its users to view the taken shot. It also supports up to 32 gigabyte SD card.

The size of the card would depend on what type of photos you wanted to have. The better the SD card, the better data you will have.

Features and Benefits

This camera is the most reliable and user-friendly camera which has a feature designed without any complications.

The quality of the photos is great because it could take high-definition shots with full-color daytime images and infrared night images that could help the hunters take pictures 24/7 without compromising its image quality. This camera can drastically improve and shoot professional-looking wildlife photos.

Another unique feature of this product is its incredibly small size, and it only has a weight of 0.8 ounces which is a great help for those people who seek adventure because they could easily carry and put it anywhere they would like.

Moreover, you are given a large amount of a one year warranty from Primos, and the product guarantees you that it can be repaired or replaced in that period of time.


As stated by the users of this camera, which had previously rated this product highly positive, they have good feedback on this product because of its excellent picture quality most especially during daytime which could capture a very good photo.

You do not have to worry taking pictures during nighttime since it has a 100 feet night range that will allow you to take remarkable shots too.

Additionally, it has good battery life that could last up to 9 months, and it is easy to set up and use. It also includes Python lock, which the users find helpful since it could secure their camera in place and prevent people from opening and check or take out the SD card.

Some of the users were also astonished by this camera not just because of its capability to take beautiful shots and record high-definition videos but because of its wonderful physical feature that could help blend on trees.

It is also convenient to carry so whether you decide to place it on a tall tree or go camp it out in a thick forest you do not have to worry about extra weight from stopping you.


Despite the fact that some users admire this camera, it still has its Cons. Some people had negative experiences with this product, and they saw the downsides of this camera.

According to them, the transition from day to night does not work well, and it is too bright that makes it difficult to see what is in the picture.

Moreover, the wire that connects the batteries to the camera is not that heavy duty as it should be and it does not last long.

Furthermore, users were having a hard time using the camera mount. Users also noticed that if the object or the subject is too close with the camera, there are some tendencies in which it will be washed or white out.


Just like any other cameras, this trail camera from Primos has its advantages and disadvantages. It offers some amazing unique features that would benefit its users particularly those who are into hunting and game trailing.

This camera is good if you are looking for a trail camera with a 12 megapixel who has a trigger speed of 0.4 seconds since that would allow you to capture high-quality images and record high-definition videos.

That additional feature of 100 feet night range is also ideal for those who are into night hunting.

However, if you want a camera with a heavy duty wire that connects the batteries to the camera, then you may have to think twice before purchasing this product because you may encounter some issues with regards to this.