Neosonic Mini RIC Review


Listen to the world around you with ease and with outstanding quality with the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC. Help your ears to hear and listen to sounds clearly with this tiny but terrific find. When looking for the best hearing enhancement aids, you might want to take a look at this model.

Features and Benefits

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The Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC comes with an advanced four listening programs to suit different environments. These programs include normal, noisy, outdoors, and meeting. Each of these listening programs can be adjusted and activated easily. Similar features can be seen in NewEar Rechargeable BTE sound amplifier only in a smaller size.

Aside from that, users can enjoy this hearing aid’s advanced and state-of-the-art four channels processing. This feature boosts the audibility of verbal conversations. It works by using a single channel to amplify all frequencies having the same amount which leads to background noise blocking out voices.

Users can quickly and feel the pure and clear quality of sounds, coming in with just 1% distortion. In addition to that, it can come up with a sound with less than eight channels layered noise suppression. Such enables the users to somewhat purify the noise and make it clearer for the user.

As for its structure, users can find it convenient that the hearing aid comes in a petite size. It is very tiny and lightweight, so as not to occupy too much space or give a heavy feeling. Its color also makes it nearly invisible when worn, fitting seamlessly along with the ear and overall appearance of the user.  The materials that make up this item are highly reliable and guaranteed to provide the most comfortable and best experience for the user.

As for its battery life, you don’t have to worry about it getting drained prematurely, making it ideal hearing protection when it comes to hunting. This was made possible through the low current drain feature that makes a longer battery life.

Upon purchasing this product, a customer is entitled to a 12-month warranty for manufacturer defects. On top of that, customers can be assured of the 45-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

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  • It has multiple settings that are compatible with different environments with different sound volumes and quality. These settings can be easily arranged, even for first-time users of this hearing aid.
  • It provides a very minimal amount of sound distortion to assure the accuracy of the sound waves delivered. The numerous layers and channels of noise suppression also offer a decently clear sound wave for the user.
  • The structure and appearance of this device enhance its comfort and style. Such feature also makes it possible for the user to wear it without worrying over the effect it has on his or her ear and outfits.
  • It comes with a specified warranty that guarantees a favorable situation to the user and eventually secures the quality of the device. Once the customer is not satisfied, the product can be returned as well as the customer’s payment.


  • This device is not suitable for people whose hearing impairment is within deep levels. The same goes for people having otitis media, to avoid possible complications. For such cases, the manufacturer highly recommends consulting a medical expert.
  • Incompatibility of this item will also be present for people standing 6 feet or beyond, and those with larger-than-average size ear. This follows the reason that the wire necessary for functioning could be very short for them.
  • People with poor eyesight or poor finger coordination might also find it difficult using this item. Given its tiny size and tiny buttons, this might not be a convenient product to use for the elderly (unless they are aided by a younger person who is well-versed in controlling it).

Cost and Value

Taking into consideration its quality and settings, the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC is a standout among the others. It provides the best hearing experience for those who are having hearing difficulties. In addition to that, the said hearing aid lets the user feel and live as frequently as possible. Coming in as a tiny device and weighing lightly it feels like nothing; it is indeed a convenient item to use, similar to the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 hearing aids.

The span of time one can find this device functional also makes it cost effective. You need lesser time to deal with batteries and their maintenance demands. As a result, you don’t have to buy too many batteries to make this one work for an extended period. When used for the lowest battery-consuming setting, this device could last longer than usual.

The number of people who could use these items comes in a wide range, despite a few reservations. It can accommodate the average person having a particularly average hearing impairment. After all, the cases indicated by the manufacturer are sort of rare cases.

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Best Customers

Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC will serve excellently for people who have mild to average hearing impairments. Given the different settings and the adjustability of this device, these users have control over the quality. These adjustments are a great help for the user to live and hear as normally as possible. Whether the user is in a noise-condensed place or a quiet place, there’s always a setting to manipulate.

However, this should not be just the characteristic. Anyone planning to use or recommend using this must also have keen eyesight. Given the tiny structure and controls of this device, good eyesight will be an advantage for the user. Also, ear size should be considered upon using this equipment. People having ear sizes bigger or smaller than the average might encounter difficulties in utilizing this equipment for comfort.

Aside from people having hearing impairments, this product can also be of great help to particular professionals. Those whose work’s nature vitally depends on listening and hearing can benefit from this device as well.


In a nutshell, the Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC is a product offering flexible options for many. It has settings which are very useful for the hearing impaired. It performs its functions well and clears hearing. However, under specific considerations and circumstances can hinder some people from using it. Despite these hindrances, this product still does not fail to provide its promised service and effect to its users.