NewEar Review


A defect in the hearing may cause misunderstanding and lack of communication. It can also be the beginning of war and trouble. In researching or hunting, having problems in hearing can miss the most important sound of the animals in their wildlife.

The technology for today now offers the best of hearing-aids that answers all hearing problems. A hearing amplifier amplifies all frequency. It is worn behind the ear of a hearing-impaired person for him to amplify sounds.

For the hunters’ cases, some of them suffer hearing impairments from accidents, heavy machinery, table saws, mowers, rock music, and more. With this device, you can hear even the least important sound in the trail monitoring.

Features and Benefits

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NewEar Rechargeable BTE Personal Sound Amplifier gives you the opportunity to enjoy digital hearing amplifier. You can listen to a clear sound amplification with digital noise reduction and sound processing. This amplifier can be used for speech frequencies of the human voice.

Utilizing this hearing amplifier, you can say goodbye to speech frequencies of the human voice. The highly advanced mini microprocessor technology makes this device a more superior amplifier. It could give the best recording during wildlife hunting. You may have the chance to listen even in the smallest sound of an animal inside the detection range.

Similar to Britzgo Digital 220 ear muffs, the efficient rechargeable batteries give longer life for this device. It is comfortable to wear or bring anywhere even inside the wildlife forest as it is precisely small and lightweight. This hearing-amplifier is designed for the convenience of every users and researcher.

This device does not only digitally massage incoming sound, but it also protects ears from sudden loud noises, like gunshot blasts. It gives a simple and easy set-up for avid hunters who use sight, sound, and smell as their arsenal of tools.

It is one of the best amplifiers that precisely boosts the frequencies associated with the human voice. It includes a battery compartment, power switch, volume, mode button, ear hook, and the earplug and microphone. It has a wireless system that transmits and receives where the sound is broadcast wirelessly. Its color is nearly invisible and has a bendable earline. Similar features can be observed with the Symphonix RCA hearing enhancement aids.

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  • The volume was quickly in the lower range.
  • Can be used for educational conferences.
  • Offers a bendable earline for the user’s convenience.
  • Has an easy operation volume control and USB rechargeable.
  • Very easy to carry.


  • It only has rechargeable batteries, and they stopped taking charge in one week.
  • It does not offer the waterproof feature.
  • Only works after a month.
  • It is a constant on and off.
  • Does not make it easier to hear a speech.
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This is the best device for the people who cannot hear sounds and music around them. This is also best recommended for researchers and wildlife hunters to listen correctly and identify the sounds produced by the animals within the detection range.

Just like the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 ear muffs, it is handy for trail monitoring as it reduces unnecessary noises and humming. It will give every hunter an excellent amplification even at a low level of settings. It reduces the volume setting to diminish the sound of the breeze that was rustling the tree leaves. Through this device, hunters could evaluate and give fantastic research about wildlife animals with their sounds.

Wildlife research would not be perfect without hearing the sounds of your target animals. You would not enjoy hunting if you cannot understand the noise of the animals it gives to the surroundings. To hear it clearly without any disturbance, a hearing amplifier is offered for you to enjoy more of the activities.

It could give you precise information on the research or even on your daily life basis. Even the smallest sound in the surroundings can be heard using this NewEar hearing amplifier. Using this may also require a little bit of caution, it may destroy your ear when listening to a rifle shot while using this device.