Browning Strike Force Pro HD Review


Product Description

Standing out with a rock-like visual texture and a feature that you will find rare in the market, the Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera 18MP is the latest trail camera in the market that offers impeccable quality in wildlife documenting through trail cameras. This trailing camera also stands out with a feature you will not easily find in the market as it comes along with an item many trail camera users often miss out.

Features and Benefits

Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera 18MP provides users with high-quality full-colored photos and videos through 18 MP lenses. These photos and videos are captured through motion sensors which detect movement and heat. Upon detecting heat or a moving animal or creature, the camera will begin to capture photos or videos of whatever it can detect.

As for photos and videos intended to be captured at nighttime, the Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera features a faint red infrared glow, powered by the new IR emitter. This emitter allows the camera to still function with heat and motion detection.

This hunting or trail camera functions on 6 pieces of AA batteries and can run up to 11.2 months on these batteries. Aside from these energy-related features, the Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera also provides a 12-volt external battery jack which consumers can use to improve battery life.

Probably, the most enticing feature of this game camera is that it already comes with a 16GB memory card when buying the camera itself. Given that the Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera 18MP provides a slot for a memory card for the users to benefit from in terms of photo and video storage.

Upon purchasing this package, buyers are entitled to a 2-year warranty for this item, provided that they present their receipt or any proof of purchase to the manufacturer or the dealer.


Cameras that include memory cards in their packages upon purchase are quite rare. It saves you both time and money as items you will need shall already be in one package and one spending alone.

Compared to other trail or hunting cameras available in the market which runs on 8 pieces of AA batteries, the Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera 18MP requires only 6 pieces of AA batteries to function. This means lesser money to spend on batteries and lower consumption of energy for the camera to function, which is good for the environment.

The motion sensors offer convenience for the users as it allows them to have photos even without their presence in the area where they intend to document the wildlife. It also allows them to accomplish other tasks aside from documenting and capturing photos and videos in the wild.

With its light features, even first-time users of a game camera can utilize it as a starter camera and save more money for simpler projects in the wild.

The camera comes in a unique design such that when you place it in the intended area in the wild, it will blend as a grayish boulder hidden underneath a few yellowish leaves. Despite its design, it can still be strapped to trees without it being obvious to wild animals and even humans. This camera’s good blending design provides a good security feature and therefore allows a better and more natural view of life in the wild.


Since it only works on six pieces of AA batteries, chances are the camera will perform on a shorter period of time compared with other hunting cameras which run on 8 batteries. This would not be recommendable for heavy users of this camera—as they will need a different heavy-duty camera for such amount of work.

Also, considering the quality of the videos and photos as well as the energy required for the sensors and trigger to work, it may not be as suitable for heavy-duty documentation as cameras which work on 8 pieces of AA batteries.

The infrared glow utilized by this camera to illuminate night scenes and night photos and videos are still a bit too dim compared with other cameras available in the market. With that quality and amount of light used for dark sceneries, you could not completely guarantee pictures matching qualities with the ones taken in broad daylight. But then again, given the power it runs with, it is considered a balance needed to be thrown for the scale to measure equally.


The Browning Strike Force Pro Micro Trail Camera 18MP is perfect for those who are just beginning to explore or try out documenting the wildlife with trail cameras. Usage of this camera should be kept at a minimum, considering the power it will have upon running and the quality of the photos and videos it can capture. Despite this main difference from other cameras (since it is like the lighter version of these cameras), the quality of the captured photographs and videos are maintained for the buyers to enjoy.