Cuddeback Long Range IR Review


Product Description

As its name suggests, the Cuddeback Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera is designed for hunting.

It comes with excellent features. It has a trigger speed of ¼ second that allows you to capture more images which are four times faster than other game trail cameras.

This product is a 20 MegaPixel camera that enables users to capture high-quality images with advanced low-light CMOS that makes obtained photos crystal clear and even if you zoom it in you cannot see any visible blur.

It can also record high-definition videos for up to 30 seconds that comes with good audio quality.

This camera showcases IR LEDs with 100 feet flash range that would allow its users to get superb quality IR images that create perfect exposures and least motion distortion.

This camera also offers other features such as the Zone Control which will enable the user to select any of the two based on your preference, and the first one is the broad view which is best to use in a field while the other one, is the central view which works best on trails.

It also includes a fully customizable time-lapse that will enable you to create a specific interval that would make amazing shots. Additionally, it also has separate day and night delays. This camera uses 8 AA batteries and could accommodate up to 32 gigabyte SD cards.

Features and Benefits

The camera is excellent in capturing high-quality photos whether in daytime or nighttime. It also has a feature wherein you can set it to take a burst of photos.

This camera could also record amazing videos too. This camera is also good for hunters not just because of its capability to capture high-quality photos and high-definition videos, but because it is very convenient to use since it has an amazingly small size and weighs only as heavy as 7.2 ounces that make it easier to use and carry.

The battery life also works well and can last longer. Moreover, this camera has a High Definition aspect of 16:9 and a full feature ratio of 4:3 to make it more fitting to use.


According to some users who were able to try this camera recently, they rate this product highly positive because it produces high-quality images without getting pixilated most especially during daytime.

They also find the camera easy to program. It also has an amusing system that allows users to lift the camera off the mounting strap instead of removing the whole belt and is sufficiently compact to stay veiled even in plain place.

Additionally, users were amazed by this product because it is water-resistant. Moreover, most users find this camera great because of its incredible capture speed which they failed to find with other cameras.


Even though there are numbers of users who find the Cuddeback 20 Mega Pixel Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera useful and great, still, there are some customers who experienced the downsides of this product.

According to them, it is slightly complicated to set-up, and you have to spend some time reading the book which takes a lot of their time and not many people are fond of reading manuals.

Users also complained about the removal of the SD card because you have to exert some extra effort in removing it. You can avoid this trouble with the game camera by making sure that you don’t check the pictures on the field.

Also, the temperatures of the environment could affect the battery’s life dramatically, so you still have to invest in quality metal fasteners, and a durable metal plastic case can cause a few extra dollars.

One of the concerns also is that some customers are not able to put some personal information on the picture such as their names and other preferred captions instead they only have the option to put a number as an identifier. Besides, this camera does not excel in nighttime viewing and only produces an average photo quality


Like any other products, Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera also has its pros and cons. It has unique features and benefits.

If you are looking for a camera with a fast trigger speed with excellent photo quality, then this camera will work best for you.

Furthermore, this camera includes an excellent mounting strap that enables its user to move it horizontally or vertically without removing the camera.

On the contrary, if you want a camera that supports and have an incredible nighttime viewing then this camera is not for you since it does not excel on nighttime compared to its daytime viewing who works well.

Some users are having some problems with the product because they still have to considered and pay particular attention to the advanced mode and should read the manual to get the right set up and get the good result they wanted.

Before purchasing, you have to make sure that the camera includes the features you are looking for to a camera, and that should suit your needs for photographing wildlife.