Apeman Wide Angle Lens Review


Product Description

This Apeman Trail Camera 12MP Wildlife Camera is designed to best suit trailing and hunting games, and unlike most trailing and hunting camera, it has a unique feature for it is built to have an advanced infrared quality by containing 42 pcs of 940NM infrared LEDs.

It has a weight of 1.65 pounds, with this, it would make it easier to bring with you especially when hunting.

You may program this camera to your desired and appropriate brightness during the daytime, and at nighttime, you can capture high-quality images and videos.

Also, the brightness is automatically reduced when the setting is under energy-saving mode to extend the use of its battery.

Its image sensor which is 12.0 megapixel with ½.5” CMOS sensor and the photo resolution that can be programmed with either 12M 4000 x 3000, 8M 3264 x 2448, and 5M 2944 x 1944.

Expectations for your desired quality of images can be met with its various program choices. The triggering distance is up to 20m/65ft, and it has a triggering speed that is less than a second, so you will not ever miss even a single moment of your experience with this camera. This camera can help you to improve your wildlife photos.

The hunting camera itself along with a wall mounts, mounting belt, mini USB 2.0 and instruction manual are included when purchased. This is also a free-shipping product so you can save a few bucks in your wallet.

Features and Benefits

The manufacturer assured the consumers that this product is highly reliable to have a high-performance and quality with its 12-megapixel image resolution.

When the camera is used in daytime each motion that’s detected along with the usage results in brightly colored pictures, and it turns black and white at night.

It takes up to 9 photos in every detection, and the quality of videos are also high with 1080P that record clear quality videos and audio, but the video length only supports 10s up to 3 minutes.

It is equipped with 42 pcs of black LEDs enabling the camera to produce results with excellent images, and with the black LED’s, producing of the bright flash may be avoided for bright flashes scares most animals. Also, this camera contained IP66 spray water protection. This has been added to two more PIR side sensors for a better motion detection.

The colored TFT LCD screen has 480 x 234 pixels and a size of is 6.1 cm or 2.4”, it enables you to view or delete images or videos directly after capturing.

This camera also has also 44 infrared LEDs that range up to 20m for a clearer vision, especially during the night time.

For it to function with its intended purpose, it must have a power supply, the camera requires 4x or 8x AA batteries type LR6, you may also use 4x or 8x NiMH AA type LR with low self-discharge; also this may be extended with an external 6V power supply and at least 1.5A. The power supply can be standby for up to 6 months.


According to some who have used and tried this camera, the good thing with this camera, Is that it can produce mesmerizing and high-quality result images and videos.

Even and especially when being used in the dark and with the freebies that the product comes with the camera can be mounted wherever the user want to place it.

The camera is used for surveillance, and it can double as an outdoor camera especially for those who live near the woods or forest. Some users also commented on its relatively low price because of the quality it gives to the users.


Reviews have also been made and raised so that the concerns of some of the consumers may be considered and notice.

Some had said that the camera cannot be turned on and a green screen had appeared, and it disappointed some people because of technical problems the users had with the camera.

Also, another concern was made when something had gone wrong with the camera, and the owner could not find someone or any store that could fix the problem.

Moreover, though the product comes with free stuff, the buyer must add additional charges to the purchase of the camera to have a memory card.


Most of the buyers that had reviewed this trail camera from Apeman and showered it with positive comments about how they have been satisfied with the quality of the images and videos.

Buyers had been truly amazed at how the quality of pictures and videos had still been worth it even when they use it in the dark. Moreover, despite its pros and cons, your money is still your money if you decide to buy this one this product review will help you validate whether this camera will fit your needs.