WR Case Hunting Knives Reviews


Aside from equipping yourself with the best hunting tools and gears, you should also consider owning a reliable hunting knife before you embark to the forest is crucial. It will help you to get your jobs done faster and easier. Aside from that, hunting knives can also be used for emergency self-defense situations. Hence, it is essential that you choose the right hunting knife for you.

Today, allow us to introduce one of the most reputable hunting knives manufacturer in the market today—the WR Case. As what the company says, their hunting knives are “built with integrity for people with integrity.” This company is best known for manufacturing durable and reliable hunting knives in the market.

To help you choose the right hunting knife for you, we’ve gathered the top 9 best WR case hunting knives available in the market today. The following are the best hunting knives from the company that you can enjoy in the long run.

Best Sellers of WR Case Hunting Knives

1Case Handle Mini Trapper Pocket Knife

The mini trapper pocket knife is the perfect ECD knife for any hunter or even outdoorsmen. It features an easy-to-see bright yellow handle, making it an ideal choice to use in woods. This knife has case quality built-in and only measures 3 ½ inches when closed.

The trapper, on the other hand, only weighs 2.7 oz., allowing you to tuck this knife in your boots or your back pocket anywhere you go. Similar to all Case knives that we are going to review, it also features a mini trapper’s clip and Spey blades.

The blades are made of domestic steel and hardened with precise steel treatment. Now you have peace of mind when using this product ruggedly knowing that it can withstand heavy-duty use.


  • Premium quality at an affordable price
  • Yellow handle is easy to see
  • Perfect for rugged and heavy-duty use


  • Not suitable for skinning big game
  • The handle gets uncomfortable to use in a prolonged period

2Case Handle Pocket Knife – Sod Buster

Most collectors favor this pocket knife because it can help you get the job done right and fast. The Case Yellow Handle Pocket knife features a domestic steel blade that can be used in a variety of hunting jobs while in the forest.

Also, its bright yellow handle makes it easy for you to spot the item if you accidentally dropped it during the operation.

On the other hand, the Sod Buster Jr. features a single skinner blade. Its closed length is 3 5/8 inches and only weighs 2.1 oz.

This knife is made in the USA using top-grade materials. If you are on a budget but still wanted to own premium quality hunting knife, this is the perfect product for you. Paired with the best hunting blinds, you are now ready for big game trophy hunting.


  • Domestic steel blade is durable
  • The yellow handle is easy to find
  • The single skinner blade is ideal for skinning field chores
  • Affordable price


  • The handle can cause fatigue
  • It is not suitable for intricate and detailed work

3Case Handle Trapper Pocket Knife

If you have extra budget, you might want to check the Case Trapper Pocket Knife. It has an integrated case with a bright yellow handle that you can see even from a distance.

Similar to the previous pocket knives that we’ve reviewed, it only weighs four oz., making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Also, the Case knife has an added Trapper’s clip and Spey blades. The blade is made of domestic steel and was later on hardened using precise steel treatment.

This handy knife can be used in skinning big game, dressing big game, or even cleaning fishes when you are hunting games. Thanks to its sharp edge, it can also save your life should any potential attacker tries to harm you while you’re in the forest.


  • Durable and designed for heavy-duty use
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Yellow handle is bright and easy to find
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not come with any sheath
  • The blade’s quality could’ve been better with the price

4Case Handle Pocket Knife – Small Texas Toothpick

This is one of the best-selling knives from the manufacturer so far. Allow us to introduce the Case Yellow Handle Small Texas Toothpick Knife that will make any of your hunting job a lot easier. Thanks to its bright yellow color, losing this knife on the wood is not possible.

The manufacturer pride themselves on their small Texas toothpick sports handle that is made from Deldrin. This synthetic material can withstand rugged use even on a regular basis.

It can also resist impact and is ideal for heavy-duty use. This knife has a long-clip chrome vanadium steel blade. Its closed length is only three inches, making it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you want.


  • Very comfortable to carry
  • The CV steel blade provides a better edge
  • Ideal size for hunters and outdoorsmen
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Reasonable price


  • The blade easily tarnishes
  • Widespread pitting on both of the blades
  • Pitting increases over time

5Case Handle Knife – Peanut

This Case Yellow Handle Knife had won the hearts of most collectors. It has a domestic steel blade and a bright yellow handle that ensures you can always find this pocket knife if you ever drop it.

The Peanut features two blades—the pen and the clip. In that way, you can use this single knife in a variety of hunting jobs while in the forest. Its closed length is only 2 7/1 inches, and it only weighs 1.2 oz., making it ideal for hunting and outdoor activities.

This knife offers both versatility and strength in just an affordable price. With proper use and maintenance, rest assured that it can last for a long time.


  • Solid construction and durable
  • Can do a variety of hunting works
  • Can withstand heavy-duty use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The handle can cause discomfort

6Case Handle Pocket Knife – Stockman

Next, we have the Case Yellow Handle Pocket Knife. This knife is not only limited to hunters but can also be used by farmers, ranchers, fur traders, and outdoorsmen.

The bright yellow handle of this knife makes it easier to spot in case you lost it along the way. It also features a case original vanadium blades that are best known for its edge-holding ability.

Since there are no replacement blades for this knife, you can only re-sharpen it. In that way, you do not need to worry about dealing with dull edges again. Invest in a hunting knife sharpener for the best of experience when it comes to this product.

This knife is built to last with its original blades crafted by skilled artisans. Despite its affordable price, this is the kind of knife that you can hand down to other generations when used and maintained correctly.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Re-sharpening the knife is a breeze
  • Resistant to rust
  • Durable and built to last
  • Affordable price


  • Does not include a pocket clip
  • Corrosion problems of the blade

7Case Handle Pocket Knife – Slimline Trapper

Who says that hunting knives are only limited to hunters? This Case Yellow Handle Pocket Knife is a great help not just to hunters but also for farmers, ranchers, and outdoorsmen for the past couple of years. It’s the knife that won’t easily get lost because of its bright yellow handle.

The versatility of the knife does not reduce its durability and quality. In fact, you can use this for self-defense thanks to its case original vanadium blades that are best known for its edge-holding ability.

Since the blades are fixed, you cannot replace it; you can only sharpen the knife whenever it starts to get dull due to continuous usage of the product.


  • Provides great stability
  • Can be used in a variety of hunting works
  • Versatile pocket knife sold at an affordable price


  • The handle is rather flimsy
  • Pitting issues of the knife

8Case Fixed Blade Knives

For those who have extra budget, we recommend this dependable fixed-blade knife that can assist while you are in the woods.

This knife is not only for hunting but is also useful for camping or a short trip to the countryside. The Case Fixed Blade Knife features a handle that is wrapped with genuine leather.

Compared to the previous products we have reviewed, rest assured that your hands will never hurt from holding this knife for a prolonged period.

Also, it has a corrosion-resistant Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade. The sharpness of the blade can be compared to a scalpel of a surgeon. The package includes a leather sheath to protect the knife when not in use. This product is made in the USA.


  • The genuine leather handle provides optimal comfort
  • Fixed blade offers superior stability
  • Durable and built to last
  • Can withstand rugged use


  • There are no replacement blades when it starts to rust

9Case Yellow Handle Pocket Knife – TrapperLock

And for our last product, allow us to introduce the Case Yellow Handle Pocket Knife Trapperlock. It may not be the cheapest knives from the manufacturer but rest assured that it can help you get the job done right.

The manufacturer’s trademark, its yellow handle, makes this knife impossible to lose in the forest, farmland, or countryside.

Similar to products by Smith and Wesson hunting knives, this model features a chrome vanadium-steel clip blade. It also has a high-impact Deldrin handle that will not only provide great stability but can also resist impact.

This knife is built for rugged use for most outdoorsmen. Its closed length is only four 1/8-inches, allowing you to tuck the knife in your back pocket.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The yellow handle is easy to find
  • Sharp blade can do a variety of hunting works
  • Reasonable price


  • Quality of the handle could’ve been better for the price