8 Best Metal Detectors


From the detection of buried treasure to the discovery of landmines, unexploded ordnance and lost coins, the history of metal detectors are long and varied. During the last few years, there have been tremendous advances in metal detector technology.

With the use of microprocessors and high-technology surface mount circuitry, the metal detector has evolved with greater depth, improved sensitivity, automatic ground balance, and superior discrimination. The development and advances of the metal detectors are materialized as the demands of it are surging with the influence of those who have the unusual choice of outdoor diversion such as metal detecting. This is just as useful as a solar panel game camera would be for any hunter.

The love of history and the thrill of being to hold something in your hands that hasn’t seen the light of day in hundreds of years are so overwhelming, whether that is an older colonial silver coin or a vintage heirloom.

Metal detecting can also be a fantastic form of exercise; it triggers you to actively participate in outdoor activities such as trail monitoring or game tracking out there in the midst of the woods or wherever your hunt takes you. It gives an extraordinary excitement as you play the role of a discoverer and a history cultivator.

However, getting engage with this kind of hobby, you will need a vigorous partner that does the job with full vibrancy and durable stamina.

With that, when you do checking with the different metal detectors, there are five main characteristics which can be used to compare one metal detector with another. These are depth, sensitivity, discrimination, ground balance and type of coil.

Fortunately, these top 10 best metal detectors are listed for your convenient perusal.

National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

Feel the pleasure of the butterflies in your stomach as you start your treasure hunt with this National Geographic PRO Series metal detector that seems to fit the above criteria – in particular on measures of portability and ease-of-use.

This professional metal detector is secure and fully adjustable that is built with the advanced technology and powerful searching features designed by the pros.

It is manufactured by a company called Minelab and is considered as an excellent budget professional metal detector. It is also made of light, durable material that even kids can operate.

This metal detector features a high-quality performance with a friendly user operating system. It has a hassle-free no assembly required a highly portable telescoping design that makes it more enticing that you’ll never want to leave it at home. Also, it has a 10” waterproof detection coil that allows you to search your treasure chest even at the misty seashore.

With audio alert detection that has volume adjustment and a headphone jack that enables the user to have an audible notification.

This metal detector is built with three detection modes that filter-out the garbage metals and has four sensitivity modes to detect treasure as deep as 10 inches below the ground. It is equipped with the pinpoint technology that functions for additional precision plus an easy to understand LCD.

The detector as a whole seems a little plastic in the feel of sliding the identifier open and closed, but that’s a minor point. Older kids may have no issues assembling and learning how to use this metal detector all by themselves.

The battery house is under the top panel. Children can quickly adjust the length. Because it’s so light kids will find it easy to use.

What makes it more promising is that the National Geographic Toys is confident and proud to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be excited to discover and unfurled the hidden right below your feet with this National Geographic PRO Series metal detector and support the vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs of National Geographic Society.


  • Has a bright and trouble-free LED display with backlighting
  • Able to filter and disregard unwanted metals with three detection modes
  • Has pinpoint advanced technology for precision
  • Compact design with waterproof coil
  • User-friendly and light to use
  • No assembly required


  • Makes too much sound
  • Lack consistency sometimes
  • The hinge is a bit cranky

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

This elegantly simple metal detector can detect all kinds of metal from iron relics, coins, and household items to precious metals like silver and gold. Bounty hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector has 8 inches search coil that is completely submersible and waterproof that can be used for detecting in shallow water.

It can coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep and more significant goals up to 2 feet wide. It uses different modes that can detect the presence of all metals that includes gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel. Thus, Bounty Hunter Tracker can locate and recognize even the oldest spoon of the royalties hidden under your feet.

It has three modes of operation and two-tone audio discrimination knob that permits the user to ignore the useless metal types that are commonly found in the trash items like iron, lead, and steel.

This discrimination will allow the user only to dig the good valuable pieces of stuff. Although, the low end of the perception represents metal with low conductivity like the metals as mentioned earlier. Also, it has an all-metal motion mode and a 3-position mode switch that what makes it more promising is that can detect even in shallow water with its very own target strength meter and automatic ground balance.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector has a sensitivity control and a built-in speaker that gives audible notification to the user. Also, it has its very own maximum depth of detection with the power sensitivity control.

It can eliminate undesirable targets with the discrimination control and has an advanced technology that can quickly switch between discrimination, All-Metal and Tone modes with a flick of the mode toggle.


  • User-friendly knob control interface
  • Able to detect all kinds of metals
  • Has waterproof 8-inches search coil
  • Has preset ground balance
  • Has ¼ inch headphone jack
  • Pinpoint technology for precision


  • Beeps repeatedly even not close to anything
  • Speakers sound gritty sometimes
  • Consumes battery too much

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Right from the box, Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector splutter its rugged parts ready for assembling. The detector is off in the fully counter-clockwise position and can be turned on with a click to the right. The further clockwise, the higher the sensitivity it accumulates.

With its well-engineered parts, it can search for all kinds of valuable metals from gold coins to iron relics of yesterday’s possessions. It has an all-metal motion mode and trash elimination control that helps distinguish the garbage metals and the proper kinds of stuff.

You can able to bring this with you everywhere you wish to find your treasure chest whether it may be at the park, beach, or right there in your backyard. It is certified frustration-free packaging that comes with headphones for private searches or when at crowded places.

To function, it only needs 2 to 9-volt alkaline batteries, and it is ready to go. It has a friendly-user operating system that allows access to the kids and helps make their dreams of treasure hunting come true.

With this, Gold Digger Treasure Detector, it automatically adjusts itself to tune out naturally the occurring mineral deposits and only detect the metal objects that you are after. It only identifies coin-size objects up to 6 inches below the ground and can sense larger items up to 2 feet deep.

This metal detector is best recommended for coin, jewelry, relic hunting, gold prospecting and fragments of history. It features its automatic tuning and ground balance as well as its built-in ground balance and treasure meter and sensitivity that can control and hone in on precious metals. Paired with the best night game trail camera, the duo could be your perfect tool for treasure hunting and other related activities.


  • It has automatic ground control
  • It has power sensitivity control
  • With built-in 7 inches weather resistant coil
  • Can operate at 6.6 kHz
  • Has built-in adjustable discrimination
  • Has 3 number of tones


  • Consumes too many batteries
  • Beeps yet detected nothing
  • It doesn’t work with headphones when used excessively

INTEY Level Detector-Lightweight Metal Finder

INTEY Level Detector-Lightweight Metal Finder has it all it takes to be a history digger with its two modes for choosing, all metal mode and discrimination mode. When using the all metal mode, you can be able to detect all the metals such as iron, aluminum, gold, silver and the likes while the discrimination mode allows filtering the unwanted metals that are usually found at the trash.

It has a high sensitivity towards metal that it detects automatically once the coil approached the substance. It gives clear notice by beeping when it senses something. The higher the movement of the pointer, the closer the distance of the detector to the metal, yet rocks and minerals will disturb the detection power of the sensor.

With its advanced pinpoint function, it increases the precision of its detection ability. It has both waterproof and adjustable stem and the built-in coil at the end.

There’s an audio jack provides you a chance to search treasury in noisy street or beach, free of being disturbed and the volume can also be modulated according to your desired intensity. It has a low battery indicator that shows when batteries are needed replacement.

The discrimination mode of this metal detector can set up to 11 o’clock position, and the latter will disregard all iron metals, meanwhile, when positioned at 12 o’clock, cents will be ignored same as through with coppers that are overlooked when the discrimination is posted at 3 o’clock.

It comes along with a big fashionable carry bag that is suitable for carrying metal detector and additional tools or accessory needed for your treasure hunt. This all-terrain and compact metal detector offer the new and distinct technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets in shallow water hunting, beach hunting, and more.


  • High Sensitivity
  • Waterproof
  • Pinpoint Technology
  • Multi-function folding shovel
  • Low battery indicator


  • Not sized for an adult
  • No user guide
  • Lacks precision

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector is made for precision and accuracy with its seven preset modes that make your search easy and fast.

It can focus only the targets you are interested in; the products give you the ability to choose from all-metal, two tones, three tones, four tones, artifacts, jewelry, or coins. Also, it has an improved notch discrimination feature which will allow you to cancel any trash.

There is a target category arc with a wide range of possible targets such as scrap metal, foil, and iron among many others.  By rejecting these finds, you will not get any alert when they are detected, and this will save you time since you will not be concentrating on targets you are not interested in.

It also means that when the detector alerts you, it is highly likely that you have found a good thing.

The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro has been fitted with advanced technology which makes things easy for you when you are searching for your targets. The target identification LCD attached to it display will give you an idea of what the detector has just detected. This device has a built-in graphics icon library which is rich enough to show the user a wide range of targets.


  • Has a V-Break, variable tone breakout
  • Has adjustable length
  • Has seven modes of operation
  • Higher frequency of up to 7.69 kHz
  • Has a ground grab and computerized ground balancing


  • Randomly beeps sometimes
  • Lacks precision

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

This newly enhanced metal detector has it all to be an on-the-go metal detector. It has unique features housed in a smaller and more compact weatherproof control box.

It has extremely fast retuned speed with excellent target separation and easy to use Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch and Pinpoint features. Customization made possible for the users to select their preferred mode. It is armed with a weatherproof case that protects the inner core of the device from water.

It has a 9-segment and numerical target-ID and extreme adjustable sensitivity and volume. It gives audible notification that tells the owner every time it finds something beneath the ground.

Its static pinpoint attached within is programmed with accuracy and precision for a better find. Also, it features the iron identifier icon, and the non-volatile memory saves settings. It only operates on just 2 AA lithium ion batteries.

You don’t have to worry when you are doing your hunt in the midst of rain or when you are about to indulge the device in shallow water since the 9 inches triangulated concentric elliptical search coil Fisher 22 Metal Detector is waterproof.

It has the operating frequency of 7.69 and is considered an ultra-lightweight metal detector that only weighs 2.3 pounds.

This 22 x 8 x 5 inches metal detector is a hassle free device that is easy to set-up that provides excellent depth and recovery speed.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Accurate depth gauge
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Depth gauge is often not precise
  • Battery box cap is delicate

INTEY Professional Adjustable Metal Detector

This device is sturdy and durable yet still lightweight and easy to operate. INTEY meets the different needs of every individual who are into metal detecting. It has two selection modes which include the all-metal mode and discrimination mode.

The first mentioned mode is capable of detecting all kinds of metals available beneath it whilst the latter distinguishes the unwanted and the trash metals and disregards it. With its sophisticated engineering, this metal detector is built with high accuracy and precision.

Metal can be detected once the search coil is approaching. It will then automatically turn on its built-in flashlight and produces a beeping sound to notify the user.

What makes this device more enticing is that it is waterproof. It can withstand even longer exposure on an underwater treasure hunt. Since both the stem and the coil are waterproof, it will make you want to bring with you during your outdoor adventures.

Also, it provides audio jack that provides a chance to search treasury even in the midst of a noisy street or beach, free of being disturbed and the volume can be tone down. Its advanced software is also able to alert the user whenever it is a low battery.

Also, it has various discrimination positions of 11 o’clock position: Iron; 12 o’clock position: pull ring/5 cent; 1 o’clock low: zinc/1 cent; 3 o’clock low: coppers.


  • Adjustable sensitivity and volume
  • Has accurate pinpointer
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Battery back-up
  • Has built-in flashlight


  • Waterproof search coil might leak when saturated
  • Prone to a false signal

Viewee Lightweight Beginners Metal Detector

Viewee Lightweight Beginners Metal Detector is an all-terrain metal detector that does more than just a metal detective. It also offers new and exclusive technology that makes it more suitable for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry and even gold nuggets as it provides the best chance to get kids out of the door away playing video games.

It is armed with a highly sensitive search coil that allows the metal to be detected as soon as it approaches near it. It provides audible beeping sound to alert the user.

Equipped with an accurate pinpointer which prevents false alarms and signals, however, the plumbing and metal appliances in a room will affect the test results such that it is highly recommended for outdoor uses, i.e., beaching or while doing trail monitoring.

It has an adjustable stem, and the coils at the end are waterproof so that you can search for the lost metal items at the bottom of a shallow pool or stream. It allows customization that permits the user to adjust its 27.5 inches body.

Every single part of this set is designed with your comfort and convenience, from the adjustable metal shaft and comfortable arm-supporting handle that make sure this metal detector gives its best find.


  • High Sensitivity
  • Has Low battery indicator
  • Comes with big carry bag
  • Waterproof and durable


  • The depth gauge is often not accurate
  • Has a flimsy outer cover
  • The signal can be weak sometimes