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Fulllight Tech R20 Trail and Game Camera Review

Features and Benefits

With its eight megapixels image resolution, Full light Tech Trail Camera can produce high-quality pictures and videos. The high-quality full-color resolution gives you a perfect day and night images. The 5MP optional image resolution offers bright photos each time motion is detected.

It has a fast trigger speed of 0.8-1.2 seconds per trigger. It is armed with 720P high-definition video resolution with audio record up to 20 seconds. Full Light Tech Trail Camera is efficient in producing astounding video during daytime and nighttime.

During daytime, it will capture colored photos while black and white are presented during nighttime. This device is motion activated with IR night vision that will give you every detail of the footage. On the images, the date and time that you’ve set are displayed while the moon phase can be seen in the video.

This device has a built-in passive infrared sensor that made it capable of reaching 50 feet of the detection area. Its detection area can cover 50°in Width, has a built-in 24 pcs IR led for night record. With a camouflage low-glow exterior, this device has a weatherproof coating.

It can focus 5ft to infinity with high precision multi-layer glass lens with a coating. The effective viewing angle is 50 degrees; PIR detection angle is 50 degrees, and the effective detective distance is about 30 feet.

This trail camera is perfect for the surveillance of reptiles and amphibians. It has a long standby time and must be powered by at least 4AA batteries but equipped with 12 pieces battery slots for extra use. The battery lifespan can last up to one year. It saves power consumption as well as storage. This trail camera support up to 9000 pieces of photos without taking a break if the memory is enough.


  • The instruction attached to the package of the trail camera is simple.
  • The images and videos that are produced are clear during daytime and black and white at nighttime.
  • It is a weatherproof game camera, and it can be used to any steady weather condition.
  • This trail camera is easy to transfer images and videos to the computer.
  • The camera itself is easy to use and easy to set-up.
  • It is convenient, durable, and reliable.
  • When reading it with the computer, it comes formatted from the factory with a FAT32 file system.
  • It gives an easy operation with a manual that is easy to understand.
  • The video quality is excellent during daytime and excellent at night.


  • The camera sometimes is not cooperating as it only produces images and videos during the day and is difficult to use during nighttime.
  • The lifespan of the camera itself lasts for a minimum of five years depending on how you handle it with care.
  • The camera’s infrared light doesn’t seem to work all the time.

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Full Light Tech Trail Camera has camouflage low-glow exterior which is also intended for its weatherproof feature. It is good for sports and fitness, hunting and fishing, hunting, game tracking and trail monitoring.

It supports ample storage of SD or SDHC memory card with 16 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes. The size of the images produced varies according to the chosen image resolution; for 12MP- 4000×3000 and 8MP- 3264×2448. The Full Light Tech Trail Camera uses LCD that would give you a great viewing experience. It is powered by 4AA batteries with low power consumption.

The SD memory card is not included in the package of this trail camera. This camera is a helpful device in any activities, whether it be indoor or outdoor. The cost of the camera is two times the reliability you may experience in using it. You will not miss any even the most unnecessary footage of the recording with this trail camera. Handling it with care can increase the camera’s lifespan into many years.

Researchers, wildlife hunter, and filmers are the best customers for this product. They are the ones who need this device to complete their works or make it easier.

Its reliability and excellent performance in outdoor activities made it a suitable device for hunters and researchers. Whether you need a hunting camera or a security camera in your house, this device would be a good choice. It has a multi-application in-home surveillance and wildlife observation.

Full Light Tech Trail Camera is best recommended to the researchers, hunters, or everyone who wants to have an excellent resolution of their images and videos. It is also best for the people who need convenience as it can be left in the area even when the weather is changing.


The Full Light Tech Trail Camera has excellent outcomes regarding videos and images captured. It offers different features that would exceed the user’s expectation. The reliability, durability, and the convenience that it gives to all the users proved that this trail camera is valuable.

This trail camera could give you the satisfaction you need for the research and other matters. The overall exterior design of this camera will provide you with the calmness and hassle-free hunting when you leave the device in the area for how many days.

This trail camera is not only for hunting wildlife but also used in home surveillance and any activities. Full Light Tech Trail Camera would give the satisfaction that every purchaser is expecting.

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