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Distianert Infrared Game and Trail Camera Deer Camera Review

Product Description

If you want a game camera that you can easily carry then the Distianert Infrared Game and Trail Camera Deer Camera can be one of your options.

It weighs 1.4 pounds which make it easy to bring with you anywhere you want to go and anywhere you want to use it.

It is manufactured by Distianert itself and requires 8 AA batteries so it can work and function well. It is favored by many users as evident by its 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

This camera is built to be perfectly durable and reliable for when the user is hunting or documenting in the jungle.

With its 12 MP camera, it can capture high-quality and high-resolution colored images, and this can even capture a highly defined video qualities with 720P.

Distianert camera suits well in gaming and trailing for it has a 65ft flash range which is designed with an 850mm long-range infrared flash built and is a Low Glow Night Vision which is profound for a safe and fun experience especially during night time.

What makes your experience with this Distianert camera is that it is built with Waterproof IP56 which can be used whether it is raining or shining.

This camera is also made to have a blistering shutter or triggering speed of 0.6-0.8 seconds which is perfect for capturing precise and accurate moment along with your documentation and saving up memories worth keeping for you to look forward to in the future.

This camera has been made to have LCD with 34 x 14mm x 4 x 8 LCD panel that enables you to view your captured images and videos immediately with an internal memory storage of 8Mx16 SDRAM which can be extended with a TF card up to 32 GB.

Features and Benefits

Consumers itch to purchase the durability of those seamless products that make their every penny worth it.

This camera would achieve every user’s expectations especially when talking about durability and reliability for this camera is designed to be a Super Power Saving one.

The whole package of this product is known to be energy-efficient just so it is capable of saving your time and money. The 4 AA batteries last up to 8 months and activate delay picture mode by 8 AA batteries.

This camera has an astonishing picture-perfect crystal clear blindsiding display for it contains 12 MP HD quality capturing images and 10 s interval 720P videos with sounds.

This camera can be used as a reliable monitoring device which is impeccable for hunters trail when in the jungle.

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This camera is user-friendly for it can be easily installed attached to the manual that is easy to read and follow with.

You may install this anywhere you wanted it to be either on ceiling or trees in just as fast as 1 minute, and you may also use this as a surveillance camera for its clear quality images and high definition captured videos.

This is also somehow informative because any of your captured images and videos may be programmed to have the image or video itself labeled with stamp information like Moon phase, Serial number, Temperature in ̊C and even in ̊F depending on your desired program, date and time, and a lot more based on your preference.

It also comes with a 24-Month warranty and you are guaranteed that this device is made to be safe and installed with trusted electrical parts and body casing for it is made to be waterproof.

It is capable of working even through tough environments like deserts or tropical rainforest. Also, manufacturers and producers of such product had issued the 24-month warranty to be replacement-free and refund warranty with dedicated and passionate customer service and technical support.


On the contrary of every good thing that this product has brought to us are several suggestions which may somehow improve the products quality itself.

Unlike those of most cameras which only requires those standard memory cards, the Destianert camera needs to use TF memory cards or those micro mini cards, and additional charges may be charged when a micro card will be included in the purchase. Other than that there’s not much to worry about the product.

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With its dimension and weight, it is easy to bring with. Any consumer is assured that you can bring it anywhere and anytime you want.

With its 12 MP camera, it is fit to capture a high-quality and high-resolution colored images, and this can even capture a highly defined video qualities with 720P and 0.6-0.8 seconds triggering or shuttering speed you are guaranteed that you would never miss a single moment with this camera.

You might need to spend a few extra bucks to buy a micro sd card, but this would then be a perfect partner for anything you want to capture.