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Browning Strike Force HD 2-Pack Camera Review


Strike Force – sports and outdoor camouflage camera. This gadget is best used for game tracking and trail monitoring, anywhere, no matter what the weather condition is. You could see fine even with rain, snow, and fog. Captures pictures and records videos well during both day and night.

A sound notification is produced when you are recording videos and capturing images. It can be run 24/7 for time-lapse recording. The camera itself saves pictures in a .JPG format and the videos in a .avi format.

Strike Force detects wide angle, has excellent flash range, fast recovery time, quick trigger, and has long battery life. It requires six AA batteries and includes a Browning Buck Watch Software for the time-lapse viewer. And, the setup of this compact camera is easy and is done via small LCD screen and buttons.


The gadget features a small size of 4.5” x 3.25” x 2.5” that can take decent pictures regardless of its size. It has 10 MP infrared LED illumination with 1280 x 720 video option and a 100’ nighttime flash range. It can capture clear black and white photos at night.

It will take IR photos as far as 100 feet, and it will detect motion at about 45 feet. It also has a Zero Blur technology that helps in eliminating the motion blur from moving objects. Other than that, the Strike Force has a Time-Lapse camera mode with IR triggered images.

It will trigger on any movement, including blowing trees and branches, animals, etc. Count in the 0.67-second lightning trigger speed. Strike Force has 6 picture time sequence feature. And, it has a connection port, and it can be utilized as SD card reader by connecting USB cable (not included) to PC or TV.


Strike Force has a terrific quality of daytime pictures you take. It can capture a Bobcat on the run with incredible clarity. It even works well in reasonably thick timber. It has good IR flash range that a deer or any animal at 50+ ft. can be seen well because of enough light flash.

Animals do not seem to be bothered by the flash of small red light or by hearing something from the camera when it takes pictures. It is considered to be one of the best on the market because of its lightning trigger speed of 0.67 seconds.

The burst mode and timing adjustability come in very handy. Other than that, the camera has a good night quality. Photos taken at night are black and white, but the IR flash often highlights antler details. The videos can be a little grainy, especially in twilight conditions but are still very clear.

The detection range is wide. It will detect motion at about 45 feet. You can monitor the camera’s battery life and the remaining photo memory. These are displayed on the screen for you to know the battery life and memory status of your camera.

You can get 1,000 movie recordings on a one 16GB SD card when your 720p video is shot on ‘High’ which is 1280 x 720 and 16 MB movie files for every 10 seconds of recording. Include also its excellent video quality and the superb battery efficiency that could last and run 24/7 recording.  The batteries may take about 300-500 shots, mixed day and night and may still be at about 50%.

The camera has a straightforward setup, is easy to use, and has simple menu options. The mode button changes the menu option. The arrow keys cycle through the options. And the enter key confirms your selection. Aside from that, it has plenty of modes to choose from. Count in the rapid-fire mode that is a must when wildlife is moving through the detection frame.

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On the contrary of the pros, Strike Force has a cheap plastic latch that breaks quickly. The latch being broken is a critical part as that will keep the sensitive electronic components protected from any weather conditions. The motion range is slightly more full than the camera.

That means with a fast trigger and speed, you get some photos taken before the animal is coming into the frame. With that, you might get a couple of extra blank images just prior the animal comes into frame. It also seems that this camera has more blurry night pics compared to other brands.

The camera will perform at temperatures ranging from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And beyond that range, the batteries will likely give you some problems. The batteries might run out quite quickly, just a few weeks. If you got poor battery life for Strike Force, you are recommended to purchase a new set of quality batteries – especially if you intend to run the camera out every night, the batteries tend to run low if that is the case.

Another thing is that the disk is difficult to insert or remove from the unit. Especially if your hands are cold, it might be completely impossible to remove the SD card without tweezers or needle nose pliers. It might be hard if you are swapping SD cards in your camera and you forget the tools to get the card from your gadget. It takes a lot of effort and time.

You might also encounter a lot of problems with your 0kb files. Say, for example, if something would trigger the camera such as deer, or any other animals, the camera would take a picture but the file would not write to the SD card, and it would be in 0kb in size. This problem might be due to the number of MB/s cards you have. You might want to acquire more new SD cards that should work well.

Moreover, the detected range is much lower than what is indicated. The box says it will take IR photos as far as 100 feet and detects motion at about 45 feet. But you might found it missing smaller animals like a 30-pound dog would not trigger it. And something as large as a human being or a pickup truck has to be within about 115 to 20 feet before it is detected.

You might also take the night time video quality as very poor, jumpy, and grainy. And the images, blurry. If you plan to utilize safety purposes, the visibility of the IR flash might be a con. Also, if the camera is located in an area where potential thieves may notice the flash, they might attempt to steal the camera or break it.

Lastly, this little camera does not have a field viewer. There is no viewer to preview photos while you are in the field, or to check the alignment. There is a USB connection port, but the USB cable is not included in the package.

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(2) Browning BTC-5 Strike Force 10MP Infrared Digital Game Trail Camera
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  • 100' nighttime flash range


Strike Force is best for those who do want a convenient, small-sized camera. It is recommended for the people who wish to trail monitoring and game tracking. Also, if you do not have a lot of SD cards for swapping and if you will not mind if the photos at night to be grainy, as long as the objects can still be identified and classified, then this product is for you.

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