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BlazeVideo 2-Pack Night Vision Wildlife Camera Review


Capture wildlife with the camouflage digital Blaze Video. The gadget takes good quality colored images in daylight and black and white photos at night. This camera’s interface includes TV out (NTSC), USB, SD card slot, and a 6V DC external. It will work with 4 AA batteries that are also expandable to 8 AA.

The standby current is 0.15 mA and its standby time is 3 to 6 months using 4 AA or 8 AA batteries. It consumes the power of 200 MAH at 6V DC when it is switched on, and up to +800 mA when the IR LED lights are up.

The device will notify you if its battery gets low and when it reaches 4.2V. Within 5-10 minutes of no keypad controlling, the camera will turn off automatically. The operating temperature of this gadget is between 22 ~ + 158 ° F/-30 ~ + 70° C.

The memory storage supports 8M-32GB SD Card which is not included in the pack list. The camera is a low glow device and has a low red infrared LED flash that can reach up to 65 feet when it takes pictures at night. It is waterproof and has the rating of IP56.

It also has a 2.36 inches TFT color LCD screen. The operating keypad has five keys and one switch. Picture sizes varies from 16MP, 12MP, 8MP; 5MP (default), 3MP, or 1MP. And 1280x720p(default), 30fps, 720×480:, 30fps, 640×480, 30fps, 320×240, or 30fps for the video sizes.

You can choose from high, normal, or low, for the PIR Sensitivity adjustment options. The PIR sensing angle has a wide range of 60 degrees and can be taken at 65 feet or 20 meters below 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Fahrenheit at the normal level. It has a trigger time of 0.6 seconds when using a 2G SD card.

The camera’s trigger interval is from 5 seconds to 60 minutes. The shooting numbers are 1-3, and it has a video length of 3 to 30 seconds.  You will have 8 times of playback zoom in. You can turn on and off the time stamp and the timer. You can also secure your camera by putting a 4 digit password. For the language, you can choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.


The Blaze Video features a High Definition photos and videos and PIR function. This camera can be triggered by a sudden change of ambient temperature caused by any movement of human beings or animals.

The motion of these objects is detected by a highly sensitive passive infra-red or PIR sensor in a specific region or area of interest. It has a wide range of 60 degrees and can capture images as far as 65 feet or 20 meters during both day and night.

The camera then captures images and records video clips and automatically saves into your memory card. The camera will stop saving information when the SD card is full.

The camera offers an interesting time-lapse feature. This game hunting camera takes clear pictures and videos regularly and automatically at a specified interval time. You can consider this very useful when you are observing cold-blooded animals like snakes or any other type of animals.

Aside from that, you can also use this in observing life processes of the plants like from pollination process and until the new breed of plant grows; birds that are building nests for their eggs; even in monitoring attended or unattended properties such as parking or backyards. This camera’s feature can also be used together with a timer feature to meet your timetable.

The camera also offers a stealth design which is the same design that makes this a real stealth camera. The stealth design is ideal when you are scouting for outdoor animals and when you are securing your home, making it security surveillance. It can also be used for office monitoring.

You can set a 4 digit password and serial number as another feature for this camera. This security feature protects your camera from users who do not have an authority to scan, preview or delete your files. The serial number function enables you to code location in the pictures. It helps the multi-camera users to identify the location when they are reviewing the photos.

Additionally, Blaze Video has an easy setup. The device is easy to switch automatically from taking pictures to recording videos, and from daytime to nighttime. It takes colorful photos during the day and monochrome images in night vision model at night.

It is also easy to view pictures on your personal computer via USB if you are downloading the photos or videos. Anyone could download images or video clips from the SD card and view or playback the files on a PC easily. The camera can quickly acquire more applications through multi-recording, time-lapse, timestamp, and more other settings.

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This camera serves many purposes may it be for game tracking, trailing monitoring, hunting, and even surveillance or security. It might be useful for you if you want to see what is up in your attic that keeps on moving around at night.

You could mount it in areas around your house to see who keeps on coming around and to see what happens in your surroundings at night. Or through this, you could see who’s sneaking around your property.  The camera has low red light in the darkness when it takes pics or videos.

If there are human beings, there is a significant possibility that they could see it, but you could hide it if it is for surveillance, but the animals may not be so sensitive to notice the camera. This could not give any disturbance to animals, and it does not intrude their habitat.

When an animal is moving in front of this camera, it still could be detected by its highly sensitive passive infra-red sensor even when the animal is 65 feet far away. With that distance, the camera could still capture high-quality pictures or video clips.

You may found out that at about 5 to 6 feet high, it works best at about 20 to 30 feet from the target area. The trigger sensor seems to work well in the standard setting.

You might consider switching it to the low setting because the camera is triggered even in the slightest breeze.  The camera does pick up tree movement from quite far away off so you might get a lot of blank photos. However, it doesn’t take too long to clear the empty images off on a computer.

Other than that, this camera comes with a single mounting strap which seems durable. For best results, you may use the high-performance alkaline batteries for power supply. The double feature might meet your need for it takes 1-3 pictures and the video for 10-30 seconds. The clarity of images and videos is assured even during heavy rain.

You might also be surprised by what this camera has trailed for you. Say, for example, you are living in a relatively densely populated suburban area, and you never expected to find so much wildlife outside your suburban home. You could also use this in remote areas.

If you do, bundle a power bank with the camera will be a good choice, or you can use 8AA batteries to make sure there will be enough power. Through this hunting camera, you might have known things you’ve never known long before it was being trailed.


This trail camera does not come with internal memory, so it will not work without a secure digital or SD) memory card or SDHC card while SD card recording. Take note that before inserting the SD card into the card slot, please make sure the write-protect switch on the side of the SD card is “off” not in the “lock” position.

Also for the camera locking system, you might wish to have it plastic molded so that it can be inserted with the locking cable through the back of the camera especially if you are mounting or hanging it onto the tree. This locking system is only for the door. To make it work so nobody could steal it, you might have to use a small padlock and then run your cable through the padlock and then wrapped it around the tree.

Another thing, the batteries might shake loose when you carry it around. And you might need to check it regularly to make sure they are snug when you hang it in a new location. The camera has no charge function. But you can use a battery charger to charge the batteries and then put on back the recharged batteries.

You cannot also just leave this camera to video garden overnight like a CCTV camera. The camera is motion activated, and if you want a monitor like function, you might want to set the shot time shift. With the shot time shift, the pictures it will take and the videos it will record will be nearly continuous.

Other than all the cons, this trail camera cannot stand by itself. You need to use the strap provided, or might have to prop it up. You might also find that the nighttime IR pictures are a little blurry.

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The Blaze Video is recommended for all those who want their wildlife hunting and game trailing hobby become more fulfilling. Aside from hunting purposes, this product is also suitable for those who needed some security or surveillance camera at night.

This is recommended to anyone who wants to know what is going on their property. And if you do not mind a camera not having an included internal memory, then this product is best for you.

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